NAAYAK Movie Review and Box Office News

These days I am suffering from inertia. Unless a strong external shock shakes my system, I am not prompted to write. So I saw Naayak on the first day at Inox breaking my RTC X Roads tradition purely out of convenience. The distributor’s hapless agent was selling tickets right outside the box-office. First things first, the movie is total nonsense and is a typical VV Vinayak movie to get a severe headache. But even this did not move me to write the review—today I read on websites that Charan is “thrilled” with the response. Let’s take some time to digest all this.

First, the review of the movie. Are you bored of your  peaceful life and wish to induce some pain? If the answer is yes, then go watch any average Telugu movie.  If your answer is a resounding and thumping yes, then go watch VV Vinayak’s and Charan’s desperate attempt to strike big at the box office: Naayak. Charan is a happy go lucky software guy [though they never show him working in the office], falls in love with a local goon’s sister. When the goonda decides to teach Charan a lesson for romancing his sister, he sees Charan kill the DGP in broad daylight. It turns out that the killer is a look-alike of Charan who has a flashback in Kolkata. The family’s Kolkata fixation continues. Second half provides more violence, more goondas and more headache with a few laughs thrown here and there.

It appears that the only point of the movie is to make Charan appear like a young super-duper hero with a special concern for the society. Basically, he wants to repeat his father’s fake image. There is absolutely nothing new in this movie. The sequences between Brahmanandam, Charan and Kajal are straight from VV Vinayak-Ravi Teja’s Krishna, the double-role of hero like Vinayak-NTR Jr. Adurs etc. In fact, there are more goodas in Vinayak’s world than there are characters and sub-plots. V V Vinayak’s specializes in showing goodas and thugs in a comical way in addition to gory violence, which he surely thinks is action. If you want to torture anybody you don’t like in this world please show them these movies back-to-back: Krishna, Adurs, Badrinath, Naayak.

As for Charan, they guy has some serious identify crisis. He first needs to consider this face, body and height before scripting his own hero roles. And my sincere request is for him not to remix his father’s classic hit songs. I was never convinced of him playing Magadheera and equally not convinced of him being a mass-hero. I feel his entire jaw-line has been re-structured as it looks really fake. I fail to understand why he can’t make movies worthy of his age and physical attributes. This movie is totally over-kill for him. As far as I am considered, Racha and Naayak are flops, Orange is not really a movie and Magadheera is Rajamouli’s movie.

Now, coming to the box-office results. Even Prabhas’s horrendous movie Rebel set a Day-1 record. The strategy is simple: the distributors just buy and block the tickets on the first day ensuring full collections. But seriously, is this the kind of movie Telugu audience deserve? and have hailed this movie as a mass-entertainer—really? how Sad. So mass means goondas, violence, gory killings, senseless screenplay consisting of patch work, hero in each and every scene, no role for heroines etc. How about other movies like Rangam [just an example]: wasn’t that a mass entertainer? i.e. didn’t it entertain the audience? There is also a scene in this movie where Charan is praising the goonda that he uses his name to get respect in the society [and get tickets on the 1st day for Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s movie]—at a time when the nation is grappling with issues of hooliganism is the right message that should be sent out? are movies depicting reality or popularizing goondas and thugs?

I recently saw Midhunam. Such a beautiful movie and it had some meaning. It was so refreshing to watch a movie without Sumo’s rushing and goondas. Charan’s PR machinery may be working over-time to write that movies like Racha and Naayak are commercial hits, but the truth is even the masses feel that it is just about worth one time watch and that if Brahmanandam and Jayaprakash Nayaran was not there the movie is unbearable. I hope Charan is equally thrilled to hear this, but I trust the sycophants around hero’s like Charan will never reveal an objective view. So as long as hero’s like Charan think that numbers don’t lie…this drama will go on.

Mr. V V Vinayak should now invest this money in a fixed deposit account and enjoy the interest; his career has hit rock-bottom. Charan should seriously look out for movies that suit his age and body.

Mr. Inkenti’s Movienomics Verdict: Two thumbs down! Kindly spare yourself the headache.


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