Jalsa 100th Day at Sandhya 70mm— High Voltage Hungama!

I have a dream…of watching a Chiranjeevi or Pawan Kalyan film on the 100th day. The legends are true…the legends of the 100th day hungama at the main theater. I’ve heard and read about them, but always thought of it as a secret society that comes together on the 100th day to celebrate. They also say that you must be destined to fulfill your pilgrimage of making it to the 1st and the 100th day of a Chiranjeevi-Pawan Kalyan film. On 10th July, 2008, on the 100th day of Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s Jalsa my dream came true, the legends unfolded, and the pilgrimage is completed. Ladies and Gentlemen, I saw Jalsa on the 100th day at the main theater, 9pm show, had dum biryani at Bawarchi and came home.

Although received by mixed reviews, Jalsa did blockbuster business at the box-office and is considered the official return of Pawan Kalyan and gave him that elusive ‘hit’. For the last seven years, post-Khushi—the all-time Tollywood Blockbuster Classic and the Gold Standard for an Industry Hit, Pawan Kalyan’s films have for some reason or the other derailed at the box-office and could not be termed hits in the public eye. What is unique of Pawan Kalyan is that his “power” star status grew with these movies. Even though they were not a hit with the public, the business generated could give the hit films too a run for their money. But all this would soon change with the arrival of Jalsa’s music on the stands. The music of Jalsa created such a wave that all Pawan Kalyan fans, those stood by him and those who were angry with him, anti-Pawan Kalyan fans, and general public were engulfed in to it. It would not be an exaggeration to say that so far in 2008, Tollywood was bereft of any mass hysteria until the music of Jalsa arrived.

It was Jalsa everywhere and it was firmly believed by the trade that if the story clicks then this film will take just about 50 days to break Pokiri’s total run records. Now, that did not happen. Rest of the story is predictable—the story was obviously tampered with, a hotch-potch product was served with great music and fights, and still the film did great business. Personally, it did not satisfy me. As for Pawan Kalyan, in spite of his turbulent personal life, he is now a bigger Power Star. The high voltage mayhem and frenzy I witnessed on the 100th day is testimony to that.

After fighting through choked roads all over the city and spending 15 minutes just to get through the RTC X Roads signal, my friend and I made it to the theater at 9:15pm. As I got off the car I saw the floor covered with paper, police constables making rounds, people climbing walls, a police car outside, the HOUSE FULL electronic board displayed, frenzied crowd screaming, throwing confetti, and setting off fireworks. My heart sank to find that there were no tickets even as I eagerly searched around for black tickets. Even as I was sad I was overjoyed to see this craze. My friend put his hands on my shoulder and said, “this is power star power”. Fortunately, we located a guy selling in black and I bought two tickets—Rs. 30 for Rs 150.

Stood in the long line and as we were going in to the vortex of crowd near the door Trivikram Srinivas, the director of the film, was being rushed outside. As we entered the Rs. 30 Upper Stall it was total mayhem…an ocean. The official 100 hundred days function had taken place as I could see the media men and some folks on the stage with badges. Soon the front benchers took center stage and started distributing the cake in to the air. The crowd was bezerk!. In addition to the confetti the sound of the frenzy and excitement of fans was deafening. Slowly, as the curtains began to roll up the decibel levels doubled. As the censor certificate appeared the frenzy tripled and as Power Star Pawan Kalyan was shown…I thought the roof will come down.

The full blast dts sound was absolutely inaudible, now go figure the excitement the frenzy inside the theater. Everybody was dancing, screaming, throwing confetti to the songs of Jalsa in a state of ecstasy. The front benchers hijacked the stage and the entire theater was on its feet and on the seats. The theater with a capacity of close to a 1000 had become easily the biggest dance floor in the world. It was one heck of a party for the boys. The theater walas were all standing on the stage with large canes in their hands. But who is in a state to heed their words?

At one time the theater manager came into the audience with his cane to show the masses who the boss is, but was booed away. Following the songs of Jalsa, Chirutha and Shankardada Zindabad songs were screened. We were all hoping that at least one song from Mega Star Chiranjeevi’s Indra or Tagore would be screened, but it was a disappointment. To add to this further, the sound kept fluctuating when the songs for Shankardada Zindabad were screened. This really pissed off the fully drunk guys who were dancing on top of the seats with their shirts off. And then it came…from the balcony and we all looked up….the crackling sound. And somebody whispered, “they are breaking the chairs” and slowly we saw it happening in front of our eyes. The guys were on a rampage screaming and crushing down the chairs. Then again the theater wala started playing the same songs from the first. The crowd was dancing, but the fizz had gone. Sandhya 70mm had disappointed us big time. The party lasted one hour.

I do not know how it feels to be at the center of a storm with high velocity winds crashing down on the doors, but I know how it feels now. It is an unforgettable experience. Even as we came out of Bawarchi, which is on the opposite side of the street, the wind was blowing along with it the confetti from Sandhya 70mm on to the streets. The week of April 2nd when Jalsa opened it broke all existing opening weekend and first week box office records. Yes, it did run out of steam post-50 days, but it finished its innings in grand style.

Hits and misses do not matter to him. He makes a film and people line up to watch it. He is peerless. Period. He is the man….the King of Andhra…Ladies and Gentlemen…he is the Power Star Pawan Kalyan.

ps–in all this, i forgot to mention and thank somebody…Mr. Devi Sri Prasad for providing such blockbuster music. It is because of you that Jalsa will always be a ‘jalsa’ for Chiru-Pawan fans. Every time Sa re ga ma….telsa telsa telsa…jalsa starts there will be a scream.



  1. jai chiru said

    JOIN to say JAI CHIRU at http://www.jaichiru.com

  2. vijay said


    wat a co-incidence
    even i was there at sandhya yesterday……..
    it was rocking
    comon guys
    “an open challenge”

  3. GANGADHAR said


  4. C.M.UDAY said


  5. yejri said

    pavan kalyan he is the king of andhra

  6. rahul siva said

    best of luck to chiru annayya.
    he is king of world

  7. satish said

    hi pawan is great guy.his styles are amaging.he is eally king of andhra.

  8. Mahesh said

    Pawan is great no body can reach to his foot also and mahesh babu is world worst actor

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