Attarrintiki Daaredi Audio Function: The Making of Power Star is Now Complete!

inkenti logoTo fully understand and appreciate a phenomenon in its live context, it is best advised to visits its antecedents. The phenomenon I examine in this article is the making of Pawan Kalyan as a Power Star in the context of his latest film directed by Trivikram Srinivas titled Attarrintiki Daaredi. My first encounter with Pawan Kalyan was when I watched Badri at Sandhya 35mm, RTC X Roads–it had way passed the 100 days mark by then. In fact, the reason why I sauntered into the theater was because of Ameesha Patel [remember Kaho Na Pyaar Hai…?]. I laughed at one of the banners that read loud and clear: POWER STAR PAWAN KALYAN and remarked to my friend that Telugu hero fans are nuts…every silly hero seems to have a star title. However, 30 minutes into the film and I have been a Pawan Kalyan fan since then. This was one the eve of my leaving India to pursue undergraduate studies in the United States. Thirteen years or so have been passed since then and now Pawan Kalyan has been made into a Power Star, there are apparently now Pawanisms and now his fans are Power Star fans, not Mega-Power fans anymore. How did this happen?

johnnySeveral factors—intended and unintended—have contributed to the making of the Power Star. Firstly, I am not sure if there is any other hero or actor whose stardom has grown every year with every movie that failed to reach its box-office expectations. You will notice that none of Pawan Kalyan’s films ever formally introduced him as Power Star; the first time I remember seeing this was when Annavaram released. Both the journey up to Kushi [2001] and from Johnny [2003] to Panjaa [2011] are unique in Tollywood—he was the super-duper star at the time of Kushi [2001], then he delivered an all-time disaster which is considered by many of his hardcore fans as a classic, Johnny [2003], and then all the way till Panjaa [2011] his movies didn’t deliver at the box office the way they were supposed to, but with each movie  his stature only grew. This filmography makes Pawan Kalyan a unique entity. It was precisely during this period of 2003 to 2011 that the Power Star was made and remember, this was happening even as the unmaking of the Mega-Star was unfolding. A void was being created and simple laws of nature would suggest that any void has to be filled and this was being filled by Pawan Kalyan. It finally took a young fan and director, a crazy and young producer, another crazy young music director and a Hindi film whose soul was essentially a south-indian film to fully and completely resurrect Pawan Kalyan after almost a decade. And what a resurrection it was! what a pleasure it was for one and all to see Pawan Kalyan in his elements in Gabbar Singh. By now, the unmaking of Mega-Star was completed, a definite space existed to be filled, and with the universal success of Gabar Singh…the making of Power Star was complete.

Once this process is complete, then everything that Pawan Kalyan did in the past becomes legendary and can be used to construct and consolidate the current pawan_kalyan_gabbar_singh_sstature. For this, I want you to listen carefully to Trivikram’s speech [here is the link the five encounters with Pawan Kalyan. More than films, it is Pawan Kalyan’s character that is constructed to be full of sincerely and integrity, which are the sources of his power. Notice that his character elevation is in direct contrast to that of this elder brother’s [who along with this brother-in-law merged his political party with its opposition, remember?] whom he once openly revered. Today, every act of Pawan Kalyan’s however irrational it may have been when it happened is now part of a perfect script that made the power star he is today—whether it is Johnny or the Common Man Protection Force. Today, a Pawan Kalyan fan is a proud Power Star fan, not a Mega-Power fan, and the space necessary in the industry to host this heavy weight star-power has been created. Ram Charan and Allu Arjun have not taken off as they seem to busy hacking people to death rather than focussing on stories at this young age. Mahesh Babu’s five year haitus from movies only helped Pawan Kalyan’s star power. Jr. NTR too seems confused as to how to move forward. With Gabbar Singh and with an apparent unconditional love for Pawan Kalyan from the movie masses…he is all set to become the Numero Uno Star.

What makes Pawan Kalyan’s star shine ever brighter with each movie [hit or miss] is that he simply forgets about the movie after its release and is just busy gardening. He literally implements the Bhagwad Gita philosophy….only hard work is in your hands, not the result. So we didn’t see him support Johnny neither did we see him boast Gabbar Singh. In this hyper-active media society, a media-shy star is even more alluring to his fans. Simple economic theory, right? a scarce resource is more valuable: that is why fans just will not let him speak when he holds he microphone! for more than a minute fans cheer him and his apparent shyness adds to the emotions. We saw this happen during the most recent audio function as well . Notice, however, that Pawan Kalyan’s presence at functions is slowly rising, but his presence and his speeches are considered special. It is baffling for fans to see how a stage-shy person can set the silver screen on fire with energy and whose actions are so unconditionally based on a value system.

wp-7atharintikidaaredi800Thus, the construction of Pawan Kalyan as a concept is complete. He is now a Power Star. A solo star who in the eyes of the masses is someone who helps the needy, has a simple life, and more importantly now is keen to build a career post-Gabbar Singh. A star who is not interested in amassing wealth, does not care for records and stands for his values. Yes, of course, the lion looks clean shaven, smart and ready to kick-ass at the box-office. By the way, does anyone remember that Ram Charan’s movie is releasing a week before Attarrintiki Daaredi? No? thats what I thought. Also, be sure Chennai Express from Mumbai to Rameswaram will not have any passengers the weekend of August 7th in Andhra Pradesh.

I will continue to write this series of articles up till and after the release of Attarrintiki Daaredi.


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