Neninthe Review— Avoid This Worst Film

mrinkenti1I’ll be upfront here. The only reason I was keen on seeing this film is because of the posters that showed a ‘healthy’ heroine in some hot poses with hero Ravi Teja in a film directed by Puri Jagannath. Given the pitiable state of affiars at Tollywood, one would expect Puri Jagan-Ravi Teja combo to deliver a knock-out entertainment blow with comedy and spice. To add to the hype, there was buzz that the film has movie industry as it’s backdrop. If you put all this together, you surely expect a joy ride. However, Neninthe is one of the lousiest films this year and Puri’s worst effort.

neninthe_poster1Ravi (Ravi Teja) is an assistant director with noted director Idly Viswanathan (Brahmanandam) who aspires to be a director one day. Next, we have a chorus dancer, Sandhya (Siya), who is constantly threatened by her uncle (Krishna Baghvan) that she will be sold off one day. Yes, like a prostitute. Sandhya comes as Ravi’s neighbor and they become friends and slowly fall in love. Oh…i forgot mentioning the main thread of this film—a goon by name Yadu (Supreet), from begining till the end, has a one-point-aim of wanting to rape Sandhya, but is controlling himself because he loves her. He tries to get her uncle to sell her to him in marriage. In the meantime, just before the interval Ravi gets a chance to direct his first film and he also helps Sandhya become a heroine. Towards the end, Yadu comes in to finance Ravi’s film and wants to use his power as financier to sleep with the heroine Sandhya. Yes, he is killed at the end and all ends well. By the way, there is no Ali’s comedy in this Puri flick. Mr. Puri Jagan, did you really write and direct this piece of sh*t? Bujigaadu–Made in Chennai was bad and this is even worse.

The film is disjointed and the messages (for the industry, audience, fans, youngsters) are not weaved well. The film is not even about the film industry or about the journey of an assistant director to become a director, but it seemed to be all about Yadu and his insanity to sleep with Sandhya. I fail to understand why this Yadu character is given such prominence. Can’t we make a film without goondas, mentions to rape, and without slapping the female artirst at least 10 times? The film is loaded with messages that keep flowing in regular gaps. There is talk about how– web reviews are adversely affecting telugu films, producers are getting bankcrupt over film finances, fans are destroying themselves, their families in the name of ‘records’, female artists are being physically abused and emotionally tortured through website gossips, youngsters should conduct their relationships etc. Phew…everything under the sun. Generally, the film talks about the deplorable state of affairs plaguing the Telugu film industry and the narration style is extremely poor. Ironically, interestingly, or funnily it is films like Neninthe that are responsible for the pathetic state of the industry.I strongly suspect that this film too has been directed by Puri Jagan’s assistant director and financed by ‘Yadu’.

Mr. Inkenti’s Movienomics Verdict: Two Thumbs Down…Way Way Down!!!


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