RAJNEETI Review— A Major Dissapointment

It can be quite frustrating when after a long day’s work you drive 50 minutes in dense Hyderabad traffic to a 70mm theater to watch 19 reels of a film that neither has a head or a tail. Neither is this film inspired from Mahabharata [in fact, it is an insult to compare], nor is it a biographical sketch of the Gandhi family; Rajneeti is a big load of crap directed by Mr. Prakash Jha who thought he can take the audience for a ride— the film is a major disappointment on all counts.

The first 20 minutes our entire group of 6 were looking at each other and discussing who is related to whom, why, and why are they so pissed of at each other? You finally reconcile that it is all one big messed up family with serious personality issues. Clearly, two groups form and each group wants to be at the seat of power. In order to do this, each group is planning on how to outwit or kill a member of the other group. These killing scenes are alternated by scenes showing one political rally after another. By interval time, I got sick and tired of these rally scenes and people shouting slogans. Show us some story man! Manoj Bajpai and Ajay Devgan are one team while Nana Patekar, Ranbir Kapoor, Katrina Kaif, and Arjun Rampal and the other team. Manoj Bajpai’s father suffers a stroke and instead of making his son the next political heir he makes his own brother [father of Arjun Rampal and Ranbir]. Manoj and Ajay kill the uncle and manage to oust Arjun from the party. Ranbir Kapoor who is currently pursuing doctoral studies abroad suddenly becomes the cold-blooded master mind for brother Arjun and begins to take on the other team. At the end of 19 reels, only Katrina, Ranbir, and Nana are left. Yes, Katrina becomes CM at the end.

So where is the Mahabharata you ask? Ajay Devgan is the first brother to Arjun and Ranbir, but because his is born unofficially he is set to sail in the river, picked up some a poor family and raised. On knowing the truth and being asked to join his brothers he boldly says that Manoj Bajpai is the one who supported him [Duryodhana types]. Naseerudin Shah is his father who is actually an old political activist; on sleeping with his student he is unable to accept his deed and thus vanishes [from the film]. I fail to understand why such an actor as Naseerudin Shah even accepted such a film [for the money or for the kiss in the rain? I must admit, it was difficult to watch the old Mr. Shah lip lock with a young girl] Nana Patekar is like the faithful family secretary always giving his council.

In terms of performance, I will rate Manoj Bajpai as the best. His get-up is exactly like that of Mega Star Chiranjeevi from Indra film. Second is Ajay Devgan. The rest all are fine. The scenes which show Katrina in a saree are just one or two and you have already seen them on the posters. The biggest problem with the movie is the bad direction and senseless storyline [if there is one]. Consider the following idiotic scenes of the famous director Mr. Prakash Jha: (i) Ranbir’s firang girl friend Sarah sees Ranbir’s brother’s goons abduct a girl in broad daylight and is shocked. The same girl, the next day tells Katrina who is now married to Arjun Rampal that her husband is such a nice guy (ii) there a total of three pregnancies in the film all of which are an outcome of just one sleep event (iii) Arjun Rampal has pulped a police officer to death and raped and killed a woman, and soon after we have his wife Katrina hug him to say she loves him.  The story is devoid of any twist or interesting sub plot that can elevate the film. What we are shown are only violence, killing, suggested rape [i think the theater guy deleted the scene], and political speeches and rallies. All the above mentioned elements are acceptable in a film of this nature provided it has a powerful story.

You wonder if this film is a about a family feud with political backdrop or a political film with a family feud backdrop? The scenes between Katrina and Ranbir [the love story thread of the film] are slow and lack fizz. One item song is shown, but again only for 2 minutes [or did the theater guy cut this song too?]. Another evidence of senseless direction: on both sides people are dieing, but for some reason when a person dies from Ranbir’s side there is more focus. It appears to me as though the director made a film for 4 hours and the editor had a harrowing time trimming it down to three! What really irritated me is the justifications given by each character for their actions. Yuck! As an aside, the only seetimaar scene in the entire film is when Shruthi Seth [a Mahila group leader wanting a ticket from Arjun Rampal’s party] walks in dropping her pallu…Otherwise, a film like this has unlimited potential for dialogues and scenes that can get the masses excited.

None of us [we were 6 in our group] enjoyed the film. Reactions ranged from “what is going on!?!” to “bad”. By the time the film reached the second half in the second half, the folks from the Rs. 30 and Rs. 10 began hurling comments on the screen. I too felt tempted, but controlled myself! I was so bored and vexed. Three hours of laud nonsense, no comic relief, no songs, interesting twists in story…nothingPrakash Jha has royally screwed up this film. At one point, I was hoping the projector guy at Shanti Cinema 70mm AC, dts [the dts  sound was disappointing though this time] would give us all a break and squeeze in a Tere Liye from Prince just for a couple of minutes!

Do not get carried away by the big posters and all the serious expressions by an impressive star cast. In fact, just this morning I was telling my friend that perhaps Kites is a better watch.At the box office, Rajneeti will do in the range of ‘ok’ to ‘well’ in the first weekend because of those who are curious about the film, but it is bound to drop from Monday. There is no repeat value for the film. Mr. Taran Adarsh has already started giving box office reports supporting this review that the reports are positive, but do not be misled. Nobody will ever watch this film three months from now. It is sad that UTV [who gave us Swades] choose to produce this low grade wannabe political thriller.

Mr. Inkenti’s Movienomics Verdict: Two Thumbs Down! Rajneeti is undoubtedly a bad film. Simply avoid this film.

PS–To watch a real political thriller with a family feud watch Prasthanam [Telugu].



  1. sharma said

    Surely, this will be better than Kites,

    but the three hours may get on your nerves. 3 hours of only serious dram is too much…if the film has to be become a hit it must have repeat value. it does not look like that from the posters…

    I wish somebody like Shankar did this film…now there 3 hours will be total masala!

    Prakash Jha should have just done a tightly packed 115 min film…

    lets see,

    mr. inkenti waiting for your review of Rajneeti…

  2. etzme said

    After COMPANY thr znt a single serious movie tht i likd in Bollywood….. fingers crossed….m hopin tht this movie wud b sumthng diffrnt unlik da routine movies tht we get to watch ……..wth gud music nd starcast( though i’m not sure hw apt ranbir n kat wud b for thr respectiv roles…..) nd a political story m sure tht ths movie can’t b rated below 2.5 for sure….it wud b great to watch a movie thts closer to reality….but again …..hav my fingers crossedddddd…..

  3. bhaskarnath said

    I too saw the film on Friday. It is a big bore….no logic and no sense. I am shocked to see how all critics like Taran Adarsh and Masand of IBNlive.com have given good ratings.

    parents pls do not take your children for this movie. too much violence.

    a film with politics as backdrop can be so interesting with full twists and turns.

    yes, as mr. inkenti as said in this review…comparing this “load of crap” to Mahabharata is an insult to the great epic.

    my rating: 1/5 and public rating of Rajneeti is 1/5

    • Rakesh Malhotra said

      if you do not have any idea, do not watch hindi movies man, i think u dont even understand 10% what was said in that movie, right

  4. whatdafish said

    I agree with you prasthanam is a better political movie with family drama,Rajneeti was ok,i felt there were no surprises in the movie,mahabharata there were characters nana patekar was bheeshma & krishna,katrina was draupadi to a certain extent,ajay was karna,manoj bajpayee was duryodhana,kunti was also there

  5. ankur tripathi said

    Mr inkenti,i would like to tell u before u review any other film just broaden the scope of ur knowledge.people r not fool around here and as per my knowledge u dont know any thing abt movies so pls dont review them,u said u were 6 of them watching the movie its shame that hardly any none of u have understand it and who told u that the film is based on mahabharat actually some of the character where picked from the the epic thats why i ask u to boarden the scope of ur knowledge.yeah i belived that were vsome ambugities in the movie but not too many.the movie is good. and pls once again dont review any other movie bcz i have come to know that u lack the art of watching a movie.

  6. mmmm said

    there was a lot of hype about the vande mataram rendition by Wayne Sharp…where did that figure in the film?

  7. yes the movie was good, apart form some ambiguities, it was fine, infact every actor played their part to their best and of course..Manoj was best…
    and it was never said that the movie was based on mahabharata.Just some characters were picked up..thats it..
    overall it was far far better than kites..
    at least i was glued to the 70 mm screen , and i am sure so do the other spectators .However mr Inkent, i do respect your point of view..
    i was confused about Rampal’s character, but that much of imperfection is allowed, in fact three idiots was also imperfect.. i won’t go for that, it is known..
    because that is not the point, the point is entertainment, and rajneeti scores in entertainment.

  8. deepak said

    Mr. Ink

    come out from well dear.
    I beleive Rajneeti is something beyond your understanding.

    you peoples like bra and panty wearing girl loving with a hero who can kill 100000000 people at a time.

    stupid fellow


    fool guy, say any thing

  9. Akash Kumar said

    Mr. Inkenti, I really pity for the self proclaimed movie critic like you who has so limited knowledge about the great epic, that you cant figure so many characters inspired by it in the film. No wonder you never understood the essence of the storyline since you are always obsessed with song and dance and comedy. Do you think people are really crap who are giving their great reviews about the film? (Look into any other review on the net). Please dont write any such review in future and confuse people. You guys are suited for B-grade masala movies only where you can whistle and dance to the item numbers. The point is you and your learned friends either dont understand hindi (being in hyderabad and fond of telugu film i presume so) or too narrow minded. there are some irrational parts in every storyline, but the important thing is to grip all these together which makes the movie different good or bad. and surely Rajneeti does not fall into the last category. Looks you are typical Karan Johar typo fond of song, dance and melodrama in some of the useless creations of bollywood. You are not mature enough to understand the league of Prakash Jha and the likes(hence buffled why did Nasiruddin Shah accept the small role?). please change your taste or refrain from reviewing movies in future.

  10. Lalit K Jha said

    Perhaps your understanding of Hindi is very very poor that’s why first 20 minutes went over your head. Leave it there..

    As far as you encouraging us to see Prasthanam (Telugu) … Telugu kya tera baap sikhaayega?

  11. Vijay said

    Hey, u .. This movie is better than any other disgusting movies released in telugu or in southern cinemas u understand….

  12. Sabu said

    This movie was not as bad as you have reviewed here. Also, you said Manoj Bjpai is best; his getup is same as that of Chiranjeevi in Indra. Is that an insult or compliment ? Agreed that Manoj Bajpai was good in this movie and not because his getup is similar to that of Chiranjeevi. If you are comparing Manoj to Chiranjeevi, you are insulting Manoj. Chiranjeevi might be a mega star as you say but not an actor like Manoj.

  13. One more crap thing is using Vande Mataram as back ground song for election rallies,when katrina comes in saaree !!

  14. prasanthi said

    dnt fight here. every film has its value.

  15. Amer Shoib said

    Rajneeti is a crap remake of a classic Hollywood movie, the film is worthless and does not work.

    Go get the Godfather out, miles better and a classic. Not a shameless rip of like Rajneeti!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. umesh said

    Hope whosoever has written about the movie review knows ABC… about Indian movies. Rajneeti is an excellent movie in all repsects. Pls. go, watch & then make comments. Dont just make baseless, crap comments…
    It has been declared a super hit. Hope you must known the collections till now. Audiences are not deaf or blind to give thumbs up to this movie. So, beaware whenever you comment on the movie. Ha,Ha,Ha

  17. Rakesh Malhotra said

    lol, watching south indian movies is like sending someone to asylum man, senseless actors, shoddy dresses, and what not, everything. better u watch them and never say someone to watch whcih kind of movies to watch for. U are from south, so obviously u will like that s-kinda and all. A calibre of a prakash jha and his films will be understood by very intelligent kind though, no guessing i am one of them.

  18. Nitin said

    Rajnitee,, its Bakwaaas film…
    its a gangwar movie….. NOT GOOD POLITICAL MOVIE
    we went to c politics, not gangwar
    boring, loud, n worthless
    waste of money

  19. etzme said

    i agree wth mr.inkenti n am glad he dint miss a point..rajneeti z total crap n complty unreal…da movie z al abt 2 families taking turns to kill ppl ….(n i said unreal coz its surprising tht inspite of so many murders n so much of voilence in da movie da police dept z no whr in da picture except for unnecessary reasons….).I knw Indian politics r worst but defntly not as worst as in RAJNEETI…n i wonder hw an actor lik Naseerudin Shah accepted da kind of role in ths movie….kat hardly has nythng imp to do except for last few minutes…on da whole da movie z a total dissapointment nd da performances were nt tht grt except for ajay,manoj n nana……probly it might b considered as a hit but m sure its dragging ppl to da theaters for da kind of star cast it has along wth da expectations….I wud say “WATCH IT AT UR OWN RISK”..

  20. meerabai said

    your thumbs down is right but your reasons are as screwed as the movie. some of your commentators see how over-the-top it is , while some dimwits continue to laud…
    Rajneeti’s ONLY plus: the acting. (everyone’s).

  21. ravinder said

    well mr inkenti, kindly see the collections of movie so far.
    u will understand ur capability to write a review. also, had u paid some attention to movie at start u and ur 6 friends would be able to understand why movie had earned 54 crore nett in first 7 days. yaar tum review mat likho……..please.

  22. Akansha said

    what a shitty biased review…who paid you to write this..a rival director??….rajneeti is a gripping film that is well made with excellent performance and an interesting plot..its a film bollywood can be proud of!Its an 8/10…only problem is its too long!

  23. Akansha said

    you south indians are so disconnected from the rest of India

    • Kalyani said

      I bet you are definitely from one of those western states who consider themselves the north Indians is it!!!!!please know the geography first before you accuse others…And also, I cannot understand one thing about Rajneeti…. Prakash Jha had to try so hard to depict Katrina as Draupadi that he had to get her married to Arjun Rampal after having been in love with Ranbir kapoor. Thank god, the latter didnt share an on screen kiss with her before the wedding….Awkward at it’s best. And the one thing that ran throughout the movie was dark scenes and pregnancy….Hilarious man!! You guys are like a flock of sheep – have to go behind the masses without using brains of your own.. Grow up Young and Developing India!

  24. nakul said

    this one is a masterpiece movie…interwoven with characters from mahabharata……the script and direction is so strong that u dont lose interest…perhaps the low sound quality of ur theatre did u in……n the actors are all marvelous….only avoidable was the disco song bt it lasted for 2 mins only..manoj bajpai, devgan and nana scores…..

  25. Mohanlal said

    I didn’t like d movie either.But d acting of d cast was superb.special mention 2 Kat,arjun & ranbir who has worked hard 2 shed their usual image

  26. rakesh kumar said

    I would not say the movie is disappointing or frustrating. Seeing the movies now a days being made in Bollywood ( in which a Superman 45plus hero dances with thousand of half naked girls at the sea beach with disgusting gestures), this film defintely has edge over the others. Yaah I also did not like veteran Nasruddin Shah lip locking a young girl, I will say this was very bad seeing white bearded Mr. Shah lip locking at this age.( I think who so ever own some respect to our cultural value and ethics will agree with me ). But still the film is successful in tie u to your seat. The acting is good, direction is tight. Of course, Kat should have given some more footage and Rampal Characters should have been more clear.

  27. Chan said


    • Madhu Patil said

      I agree with the views that the reviewer shared here. Unfortunately, despite of the hype, Rajneeti has been a huge dissappointment for this year’s movies. Other than the cast , I didn’t find anything impressive about the movie. I don’t understand why people take it so hard when someone criticizes something? Everyone doesn’t have to like every movie that comes out. If you enjoyed it, good for you. Why do you have to go so low and call names and criticize south Indian movies and actors? Every state produces their share of some really crappy movies and we North Indians are not an exception. I happened to watch some really good Telegu, Tamil and Malyalam movies that were suggested by my friends with the help of subtitles and believe me, they are one of the best movies produced in our country. They were just simple, no-nonsense,not-extravagant-but-close-to-life with some wonderful heart touching human values that we have been missing in Bollywood. They were just Marvelous to watch. Mean comments like yours just put North Indians look uneducated , judgmental and misguided. PLEASE GROW UP.

  28. meerabai said

    Your critics’ defence: the film is doing well. As idiotic as the movie I say. LOL. By the way, I’m sorry to hear all those vile comments about you being south Indian. I’m north Indian and would like to believe that these mindless divisive and discriminatory buffoons are a minority on both ‘poles’ of the country. Thumbs up to ONE INDIA.

  29. Rajesh said

    Rajneeti is a BIG DISASTER…except Manoj Bajpai, ajay devgan and nana…actors dont know how to ACT. Pathetic direction ..not expected from Mr Jha (who made Gangajal).

    I want my money back..and to those who think its a good movie..they are really dumb headed low IQ people who dont know what direction or acting is..pathetic people..

  30. Anand said

    Mr. Inkenti

    Your review of the movie is spot on. RaajNeeti is definitely one of those movies that really missed a trick. Having a story set close to Mahabharata and using actors such as Nana, Manoj and Nasseruddin, Mr. Prakash Jha seems to have completely wasted a fantastic opportunity to make a brilliant movie. Your feelings on the movie were exactly similar to mine as the movie progressed. Great review; good work on calling spade a spade, instead of buying into the hype of the other reviews elsewhere !

  31. ankur said

    mr inkenti did u ask ur six frnds to vote in favour of u if yes then pls tell me and rajesh knows well wat is direction.ask him whether he has ever seen a movie making camera and if yes then pls ask him to mention one

  32. Tanvir Zahir said

    I liked this film vert much. Arjun,Nana,ranvir,ajay all were best in their roles.

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