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Attarrintiki Daaredi Audio Function: The Making of Power Star is Now Complete!

inkenti logoTo fully understand and appreciate a phenomenon in its live context, it is best advised to visits its antecedents. The phenomenon I examine in this article is the making of Pawan Kalyan as a Power Star in the context of his latest film directed by Trivikram Srinivas titled Attarrintiki Daaredi. My first encounter with Pawan Kalyan was when I watched Badri at Sandhya 35mm, RTC X Roads–it had way passed the 100 days mark by then. In fact, the reason why I sauntered into the theater was because of Ameesha Patel [remember Kaho Na Pyaar Hai…?]. I laughed at one of the banners that read loud and clear: POWER STAR PAWAN KALYAN and remarked to my friend that Telugu hero fans are nuts…every silly hero seems to have a star title. However, 30 minutes into the film and I have been a Pawan Kalyan fan since then. This was one the eve of my leaving India to pursue undergraduate studies in the United States. Thirteen years or so have been passed since then and now Pawan Kalyan has been made into a Power Star, there are apparently now Pawanisms and now his fans are Power Star fans, not Mega-Power fans anymore. How did this happen?

johnnySeveral factors—intended and unintended—have contributed to the making of the Power Star. Firstly, I am not sure if there is any other hero or actor whose stardom has grown every year with every movie that failed to reach its box-office expectations. You will notice that none of Pawan Kalyan’s films ever formally introduced him as Power Star; the first time I remember seeing this was when Annavaram released. Both the journey up to Kushi [2001] and from Johnny [2003] to Panjaa [2011] are unique in Tollywood—he was the super-duper star at the time of Kushi [2001], then he delivered an all-time disaster which is considered by many of his hardcore fans as a classic, Johnny [2003], and then all the way till Panjaa [2011] his movies didn’t deliver at the box office the way they were supposed to, but with each movie  his stature only grew. This filmography makes Pawan Kalyan a unique entity. It was precisely during this period of 2003 to 2011 that the Power Star was made and remember, this was happening even as the unmaking of the Mega-Star was unfolding. A void was being created and simple laws of nature would suggest that any void has to be filled and this was being filled by Pawan Kalyan. It finally took a young fan and director, a crazy and young producer, another crazy young music director and a Hindi film whose soul was essentially a south-indian film to fully and completely resurrect Pawan Kalyan after almost a decade. And what a resurrection it was! what a pleasure it was for one and all to see Pawan Kalyan in his elements in Gabbar Singh. By now, the unmaking of Mega-Star was completed, a definite space existed to be filled, and with the universal success of Gabar Singh…the making of Power Star was complete.

Once this process is complete, then everything that Pawan Kalyan did in the past becomes legendary and can be used to construct and consolidate the current pawan_kalyan_gabbar_singh_sstature. For this, I want you to listen carefully to Trivikram’s speech [here is the link the five encounters with Pawan Kalyan. More than films, it is Pawan Kalyan’s character that is constructed to be full of sincerely and integrity, which are the sources of his power. Notice that his character elevation is in direct contrast to that of this elder brother’s [who along with this brother-in-law merged his political party with its opposition, remember?] whom he once openly revered. Today, every act of Pawan Kalyan’s however irrational it may have been when it happened is now part of a perfect script that made the power star he is today—whether it is Johnny or the Common Man Protection Force. Today, a Pawan Kalyan fan is a proud Power Star fan, not a Mega-Power fan, and the space necessary in the industry to host this heavy weight star-power has been created. Ram Charan and Allu Arjun have not taken off as they seem to busy hacking people to death rather than focussing on stories at this young age. Mahesh Babu’s five year haitus from movies only helped Pawan Kalyan’s star power. Jr. NTR too seems confused as to how to move forward. With Gabbar Singh and with an apparent unconditional love for Pawan Kalyan from the movie masses…he is all set to become the Numero Uno Star.

What makes Pawan Kalyan’s star shine ever brighter with each movie [hit or miss] is that he simply forgets about the movie after its release and is just busy gardening. He literally implements the Bhagwad Gita philosophy….only hard work is in your hands, not the result. So we didn’t see him support Johnny neither did we see him boast Gabbar Singh. In this hyper-active media society, a media-shy star is even more alluring to his fans. Simple economic theory, right? a scarce resource is more valuable: that is why fans just will not let him speak when he holds he microphone! for more than a minute fans cheer him and his apparent shyness adds to the emotions. We saw this happen during the most recent audio function as well . Notice, however, that Pawan Kalyan’s presence at functions is slowly rising, but his presence and his speeches are considered special. It is baffling for fans to see how a stage-shy person can set the silver screen on fire with energy and whose actions are so unconditionally based on a value system.

wp-7atharintikidaaredi800Thus, the construction of Pawan Kalyan as a concept is complete. He is now a Power Star. A solo star who in the eyes of the masses is someone who helps the needy, has a simple life, and more importantly now is keen to build a career post-Gabbar Singh. A star who is not interested in amassing wealth, does not care for records and stands for his values. Yes, of course, the lion looks clean shaven, smart and ready to kick-ass at the box-office. By the way, does anyone remember that Ram Charan’s movie is releasing a week before Attarrintiki Daaredi? No? thats what I thought. Also, be sure Chennai Express from Mumbai to Rameswaram will not have any passengers the weekend of August 7th in Andhra Pradesh.

I will continue to write this series of articles up till and after the release of Attarrintiki Daaredi.


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TEENMAAR Movie Review— A Face Saving Effort

Like many of his fans, my patience had waned and with Komaram Puli I was disgusted. Brand Pawan Kalyan was almost over. Somebody should learn from the man as how to systematically trash their career. For those who are invested in Pawan Kalyan, the stock has never reached the highs of Kushi and it is close to a decade now. What do you do with a stock like this?—SELL it, ABONDON it! I was ready to sell this stock, but then Teenmaar’s songs gave some ray of hope. To begin with, I didn’t like Love Aaj Kal, which I thought was such a yuppy movie and was dismayed to learn that Pawan Kalyan has agreed for the remake. But the man is most famous for making changes that click [more on this later]. With six good songs on hand, I decided to hold the stock, went for the first day first show at Odeon Deluxe [was disappointed it was not at Sandhya], threw confetti, cheered and by 1:40pm that day it was clear that the entire team has put up a face saving effort [read average].

The concept of the film is great: to compare and contrast the process of falling in love from two different eras; unlimited potential. The hindi version was produced by Saif Ali Khan so it was meant essentially for a multiplex crowd–get your collections in the first weekend and thats that. Going into the film, I was expecting to see some significant changes, but was shocked to see that Teenmaar is a faithful remake of its original. Did the team [read Trivikram] really think that just by having a Kasi backdrop, it will provide the nativity?  I saw the first 30 minutes in absolute horror: the movie moves slowly, without a story, no interesting scenes and why the f**k was Pawan Kalyan doing the spot dubbing [the Johnny ghost definitely has not gone]? The film picks up pace only when Arjun Palwai enters and then again picks up steam towards the last 20 minutes only thanks to Trisha’s superb performance.

A gem of a concept has gone wasted. Perhaps, Pawan Kalyan was too petrified to suggest changes given his track record since Johnny. The only saving grace of the film is the music and full credit to Manisarma. Zero points to Jayanth for simply copy-pasting, zero points to Trivikram for just thinking that writing witty one-lines will make the film click, and zero points to Pawan Kalyan for being an ass with the spot dubbing and over-acting. Of course, thank you Trisha for being the only beautiful thing about the film. With no major changes to adapt it to the local context and devoid of any interesting sequences, the film barely manages to satisfy. We are shown Pawan Kalyan’s parents only in the first 5 minutes, what happens after that? I can’t even think of any blockbuster [Hindi or Telugu] where the parents/family element does not play a critical role. Next, what about the comedy? Can a telugu film succeed without comedy?—in fact, it can succeed with just comedy and no story. Ali is only there for a few minutes and makes us laugh. Next, what was the need to have a Cape town backdrop? don’t youngsters in our Indian metros date?

Content-wise, the movie suffers big time and it just cannot sustain itself. To its credit, the story shows Pawan Kalyan in a way that will make the fans happy: Arjun Palwai’s character, Basti Dorasani song [thanks so much Pawan for shaking your leg], and the really smart suits in New York. Even with all this disappointment, I have seen the film thrice only because there is a sheer pleasure of seeing Pawan Kalyan on screen. Indeed, there is a certain charm about him and thats what helps him sustain his stardom. At one level, I feel bad for Pawan Kalyan—his career till Kushi is the envy of any hero, but that after that he is just a mess. I still say Gudumba Shankar would have clicked had it released four-six months after Kushi. Clearly confused after that he did movies that he just didn’t believe in [mafia don killing people in Balu, applying gandham on face and hacking people to death in Annavaram, and a seema-backdrop film called Bangaram]. Only God knows why he did Puli. At least, in Teenmaar it is clear that Pawan Kalyan is enjoying what he is doing and it shows.

At the box office, the movie will recover costs to all parties concerned, but fans will be disappointed as it cannot become a super-hit, leave alone being a hit. While at Odeon on the first day, I was talking to some guy who was telling me why he thinks Pawan Kalyan is a Power Star. He said that during Kushi, Sandhya 70mm sold black tickets till the 50 days or more and today those guys who sold black tickets are proud owners of autos! My secretary recalls that during his inter days he and his friends would visit Sandhya 70mm to see Toliprema once a week and dance on the seats! Will these days ever return for Pawan Kalyan and his fans and for the audience in general? It hasn’t for a  decade now, but I will still hold on to this stock. I really wish Pawan Kalyan does different movies: his Shadow with a Tamil director in lines of a thriller is a welcome change and then there is the remake of Dabang, which is already pre-destined to open with a bang! [i really hope they make the right changes]

Now that the Big 4 have faded [Chiru, Balakrishna, Nagarjuna, and Venkatesh], Pawan Kalyan (was and) is the next best bet among the remaining asses that Tollywood has to boast off.

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Jalsa time for Pawan Kalyan— Gets His Divorce from Nandini!

You can be sure that Pawan Kalyan….even as post goes to press…must be singing…galli lo telinatunde…gunde pelinatunde….nandini tho divorce pondaka hai ga unde…! yes, it is jalsa time for Power Star Pawan Kalyan who finally got the divorce from his first wife Nandini. Now, he can proclaim his married life and give his name to his son. Officially, we hear that Pawan Kalyan has paid 5 crores in cheque to Nandini for a final settlement.  Perhaps, some extra money too must have also exchanged hands behind the curtain.

Pawan Kalyan is looking deadly with that army cut and thick mustache…the look he will sporty for his powerful role in Pulli (expected to release in December 2008). This is really a great year for Pawan Kalyan—this Jalsa is the biggest box office grosser of 2008 and not only that it officially ended Pawan Kalyan’s drought for a super-hit, he got the much needed verdict in his legal struggle, his brother will most likely float the political party, and his second film in a year will release!…his fans must sure be exited.

anyways, enjoy Pawan Kalyan and we are looking forward for Pulli!

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Celebrating Jalsa on it’s 101st Day

Last night I was at Hi-Tech Theater in Madhapur to watch Hancock. During the intermission, as I got up to attend nature’s call the theater wala started playing My Heart..My Heart…from Mantra. As i was entering back to take my seat I could hear a few whistles and claps. As I took my seat, a few rows in front of me, in the Rs.10 stand, a guy (obviously drunk) was swinging to the number.

Next, after this song..the theater guy decided to have more fun so he played…Sa re ga ma…pa da ne sa…karo karo zara jalsajust as the introductory music began there was pandemonium in the theater! The  guy already dancing was accompanied by others too while there were cheers from the crowd “power star pawan kalyan!” Then after this, the lights were further dimmed, the sound increased, and Jennifer Lopez song began….the frenzy in the theater continued. There were several North Indians who were probably wondering what is going on, but for folks like me….we knew this was the effect of Jalsa’s music and the Power of Pawan Kalyan.

Truly, even on the 101st day…the hangover continues. The introductory music of that title song…and the way Pawan Kalyan is shown in the song is etched in our memories….it will generate screams whenever and wherever.

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Jalsa 100th Day at Sandhya 70mm— High Voltage Hungama!

I have a dream…of watching a Chiranjeevi or Pawan Kalyan film on the 100th day. The legends are true…the legends of the 100th day hungama at the main theater. I’ve heard and read about them, but always thought of it as a secret society that comes together on the 100th day to celebrate. They also say that you must be destined to fulfill your pilgrimage of making it to the 1st and the 100th day of a Chiranjeevi-Pawan Kalyan film. On 10th July, 2008, on the 100th day of Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s Jalsa my dream came true, the legends unfolded, and the pilgrimage is completed. Ladies and Gentlemen, I saw Jalsa on the 100th day at the main theater, 9pm show, had dum biryani at Bawarchi and came home.

Although received by mixed reviews, Jalsa did blockbuster business at the box-office and is considered the official return of Pawan Kalyan and gave him that elusive ‘hit’. For the last seven years, post-Khushi—the all-time Tollywood Blockbuster Classic and the Gold Standard for an Industry Hit, Pawan Kalyan’s films have for some reason or the other derailed at the box-office and could not be termed hits in the public eye. What is unique of Pawan Kalyan is that his “power” star status grew with these movies. Even though they were not a hit with the public, the business generated could give the hit films too a run for their money. But all this would soon change with the arrival of Jalsa’s music on the stands. The music of Jalsa created such a wave that all Pawan Kalyan fans, those stood by him and those who were angry with him, anti-Pawan Kalyan fans, and general public were engulfed in to it. It would not be an exaggeration to say that so far in 2008, Tollywood was bereft of any mass hysteria until the music of Jalsa arrived.

It was Jalsa everywhere and it was firmly believed by the trade that if the story clicks then this film will take just about 50 days to break Pokiri’s total run records. Now, that did not happen. Rest of the story is predictable—the story was obviously tampered with, a hotch-potch product was served with great music and fights, and still the film did great business. Personally, it did not satisfy me. As for Pawan Kalyan, in spite of his turbulent personal life, he is now a bigger Power Star. The high voltage mayhem and frenzy I witnessed on the 100th day is testimony to that.

After fighting through choked roads all over the city and spending 15 minutes just to get through the RTC X Roads signal, my friend and I made it to the theater at 9:15pm. As I got off the car I saw the floor covered with paper, police constables making rounds, people climbing walls, a police car outside, the HOUSE FULL electronic board displayed, frenzied crowd screaming, throwing confetti, and setting off fireworks. My heart sank to find that there were no tickets even as I eagerly searched around for black tickets. Even as I was sad I was overjoyed to see this craze. My friend put his hands on my shoulder and said, “this is power star power”. Fortunately, we located a guy selling in black and I bought two tickets—Rs. 30 for Rs 150.

Stood in the long line and as we were going in to the vortex of crowd near the door Trivikram Srinivas, the director of the film, was being rushed outside. As we entered the Rs. 30 Upper Stall it was total mayhem…an ocean. The official 100 hundred days function had taken place as I could see the media men and some folks on the stage with badges. Soon the front benchers took center stage and started distributing the cake in to the air. The crowd was bezerk!. In addition to the confetti the sound of the frenzy and excitement of fans was deafening. Slowly, as the curtains began to roll up the decibel levels doubled. As the censor certificate appeared the frenzy tripled and as Power Star Pawan Kalyan was shown…I thought the roof will come down.

The full blast dts sound was absolutely inaudible, now go figure the excitement the frenzy inside the theater. Everybody was dancing, screaming, throwing confetti to the songs of Jalsa in a state of ecstasy. The front benchers hijacked the stage and the entire theater was on its feet and on the seats. The theater with a capacity of close to a 1000 had become easily the biggest dance floor in the world. It was one heck of a party for the boys. The theater walas were all standing on the stage with large canes in their hands. But who is in a state to heed their words?

At one time the theater manager came into the audience with his cane to show the masses who the boss is, but was booed away. Following the songs of Jalsa, Chirutha and Shankardada Zindabad songs were screened. We were all hoping that at least one song from Mega Star Chiranjeevi’s Indra or Tagore would be screened, but it was a disappointment. To add to this further, the sound kept fluctuating when the songs for Shankardada Zindabad were screened. This really pissed off the fully drunk guys who were dancing on top of the seats with their shirts off. And then it came…from the balcony and we all looked up….the crackling sound. And somebody whispered, “they are breaking the chairs” and slowly we saw it happening in front of our eyes. The guys were on a rampage screaming and crushing down the chairs. Then again the theater wala started playing the same songs from the first. The crowd was dancing, but the fizz had gone. Sandhya 70mm had disappointed us big time. The party lasted one hour.

I do not know how it feels to be at the center of a storm with high velocity winds crashing down on the doors, but I know how it feels now. It is an unforgettable experience. Even as we came out of Bawarchi, which is on the opposite side of the street, the wind was blowing along with it the confetti from Sandhya 70mm on to the streets. The week of April 2nd when Jalsa opened it broke all existing opening weekend and first week box office records. Yes, it did run out of steam post-50 days, but it finished its innings in grand style.

Hits and misses do not matter to him. He makes a film and people line up to watch it. He is peerless. Period. He is the man….the King of Andhra…Ladies and Gentlemen…he is the Power Star Pawan Kalyan.

ps–in all this, i forgot to mention and thank somebody…Mr. Devi Sri Prasad for providing such blockbuster music. It is because of you that Jalsa will always be a ‘jalsa’ for Chiru-Pawan fans. Every time Sa re ga ma….telsa telsa telsa…jalsa starts there will be a scream.

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Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na Review— But Yeh Tho Enjoyable Hai Sala!

Looks like its more taare amir khan productions parLagaan, Taare Zameen Par, and now Jaane Tu. This time around, Amir teams up with his Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander and Akele Hum Akele Tum man Mansoor Khan as producers. To launch his nephew, Amir ropes in Abbas Tyrewala–the man behind the most famous dialogues for the cult classic Munnabhai MBBS—and gives him his first break as director. Lets not forget the man who can elevate any film with his presence A R Rahman. With such creative talent behind a film, it is but natural to expect a gem. First, the flip side—the film is not a gem in the sense that it there is nothing new or daring about it. The good news—this highly creative and talented team dish out quite a delicious dish that is enjoyable!

The film is about Jai Singh Rathore (Imraan Khan) and Aditi (Genelia Dsouza), their friendship, ups and downs, and finally a journey into realizing their love for each other. Jai, Aditi, and gang are cool and yuppy. College is just finished and the gang is trying to come to terms with it and decide what to do next. Jai and Aditi are the best of the friends and everybody around them thinks it is the most natural thing for them to get married. However, Jai and Aditi insist they are just friends and decide to find each other a partner. The clause being the new partner must accept their friendship. And thus begins their journey in which they find, lose, love, get jealous, cry, laugh, and finally realize the love for each other. Yes, there is no story at all, but the proceedings move at a good pace (though they slow down in the begining of the second half), treatment is fresh and strikes the right cord with the youth. What works best is certain characterizations and threads that are connected towards the end.

Following are some of the enjoyable characterizations and threads:

1. The dreams that Jai gets about a rider clad in black on a white horse in a desert committing ruthless acts.

2. The Rathore Brothers (Arbaz Khan and Sohail Khan) coming to the disco on their horses.

3. The dead Amar Singh Rathore (Naseerudin Shah) talking to his wife through his portrait about how she is making his son a loser and how his son will one day become a man!—To become a man a Rathore must (i) ride a horse (ii) be behind bars (iii) and break somebody’s bones.

The climax at the airport is one of the high points of the film adding the much needed punch [read heroism]. The biggest super star in the film is A R Rahman’s music. Kabhi Kabhi Aditi (received with thundering applause and confetti) and Pappu Can’t Dance along with the background music brings alive the film. Genelia, having honed her acting skills in Tollywood, as Aditi is simply superb. It is because of her expressions and acting that we can connect with unrealized feelings between Jai and Aditi and eventually makes us root for them. Imraan Khan as Jai is effective and delivers a spirited performance. He too has potential to be a good actor, but his ultra-smooth chick look will limit the scope of his future roles. The rest of the casting is simply perfect and performances great, for example, Ratna Pathak as Savitri is first rate.

Some other highlight scenes from the film that the audience connects with:

1. Jai, who is a Ghandian non-violence man, picks up a fight with Sushant for Aditi.

2. Jai realizing that his mother has been fabricating stories to him about his brave and daring father’s cowardice.

3. Meghna telling Jai that she thinks the problem is he loves Aditi; but when she says it is a joke–Jai says that Meghna is actually correct (thunderous response in the theater)

4. Savitri and her friend watching Jai ride the horse in the middle of the night.

Full credit to Abbas Tyrewala for making this film such a joy ride. For those who know much about Telugu cinema will also recollect that Abbas Tyrewala is a close friend of ‘Power Star’ Pawan Kalyan. Abbas Tyrewala was the script consultant for Pawan Kalyan’s Gudumba Shankar (the scene where Jai helps Meghna by telling the goons that she has a dreadful disease that she wants to spread is straight out of Gudumba Shankar). The film is based in a urban yuppy setting (too much discos, looking for a partner in a disco, wanting a partner just for having one, women drinking and getting drunk in pubs), which not many can relate to. However, because the emotional quotient of the film is high and most importantly, audience connect to some of the universal feelings shown in the film–love, jealousy, friendship etc,—the film is saved.

However, the film will not become a cult classic like Dil Chahtha Hai. which is also is based in a urban yuppy setting. The reason is because Jaane Tu has shades of blockbuster love stories…from Kuch Kuch Hota hai, Nuvve Kavali (telugu) to Aashiqui. In fact, more than us the makers of the film are aware that there is nothing new, daring, or path breaking about this film as they echo their view in the opening scenes of the film through the conversation among the group of friends at the airport. One of the group members talks about the mundane love stories that are about friends falling in love and airport climaxes. But then, her friends tell her that she will begin to believe in the magic of love after hearing about Jai and Aditi. No matter how big a hit this film is in the cities and how intelligently it is packaged, Jai and Aditi cannot replace Rahul and Anjali (from Kuch Kuch Hota hai ) who define and describe the love-friendship equation.

Well, it is intelligent on the part of the film makers to downplay their film and thereby elevate its simplicity. The bottom line is—the film clicks with the youth and at a time when there is nothing enjoyable in Bollywood it is like a shower of joy.

Mr. Inkenti’s Movienomics Verdict: One Thumb Up! Definitely worth a watch.

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Allu Arjun Parugu Music Review

Stylish Star Allu Arjun (AA) always gives something special to his fans in the midst of his shootings. Coming just one week after the release of Jalsa, the release of this audio is also meant to capture the Jalsa musical euphoria and sail along with it. Read On.

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