RAAVAN [Telugu] Review— A Hopeless and Useless Film!

Mr. Inkenti’s Express Review: Some ceremonies going on at home and thus do not have the time to write a full fledged review.

In spite of the busy activities at home, managed to gather a group of cousins to watch the film at 6pm at Ramakrishna 70mm. Quick highlights of the film:

  • amazingly boring
  • no story, no depth in characterizations, no sense in the proceedings
  • disappointing music
  • too much of screeching
  • Only Vikram’s [as Raavan in Telugu version] performance is good [can’t imagine Abhishek Bachchan’s incompetent acting in this otherwise incompetent film]
  • It is an insult to compare this piece of crap to the epic
  • a few good locales
  • Mani Ratnam should re-invent or quit making movies. and surely must stop making movies with Mr. and Mrs. Bachchan Jrs
  • an utter flop film
  • after the film, while walking out you can hear all the audience expressing disbelief over how Mani Ratnam could have made such a bogus movie

Mr. Inkenti’s Movienomics Verdict: Two Thumbs Down!


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  1. srijana said

    where r u these days…looking forward for ur reviews…kind of got used to them

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