PRINCE OF PERSIA Review— Dissapointment of Persia

I insisted that we watch Prince of Persia (in Telugu) at Sudarshan 35mm, RTC X Roads, but my wife too insisted that we watch the English version at PVR. All set I was…for a roaring adventure and a roaring Dolby sound at PVR Cinemas, but both disappointed. When Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer come together, the film is expected to have action, adventure, thrill, music, and excitement. Alas, Prince of Persia only has action and nothing else.

Story is set hundreds of years ago in the deserts of Persia and begins with commentary on the usual elements of a Hollywood hero-centric epic- adventure: destiny, choice, etc. It is about the brave King of Persia who has two own sons, a brother, and one street-rowdy-kid he picks up and adopts. The third Dastan, is of course, our hero. In one such invasions, the family is about to invade the holy city of (i forget the name)  believed to be supplying arms to Persia’s enemies. However, there is doubt if this is true, but uncle Nizam [Ben Kingsley] (no, not of Hyderabad’s Nizam club) insists that the spy’s report is accurate and so they invade [remembering the Iraq invasion?]. Turns out that there are no such weapons, but what they are actually looking looking for is a dagger that contains the Sands of Time. The possessor of this dagger can control time, turn it around, play with it, and thus rule the world forever. Turns out unlce Nizam is after this and the sets up the brothers against each other. Dastan escapes with the dagger and the lovely princess who is guardian of the dagger. In all this running around, Dastan’s father is killed and the murder is on his hands. Now, he has prove his innocence and expose the evil uncle to this brothers.

A few twists here and there and loads of action all over. The princess is a total flop, surely, the makers wanted to save on the budget. The entire film is about fighting for the dagger. Couple of times the dagger is used to change the events. At the end, the entire movie goes back to where it began as our hero uses the dagger. Aha…it just struck me…the sequel will be begin again from the beginning! (walking out of the theater I was wondering what the twist is…now while writing the review i got it!). The movie gets routine and stops to impress you after a while. The twists are average and do not elevate the story. Background score is ok, but nothing to remember about. Jake Gyllenhaal is good as Dastan and thats it. The action scenes with bows and arrows is good fun. The film would have been better in Telugu, a lot more fun for sure for this otherwise fizzless film.

All the magic and snakes should go down well with the local moviegoers. In fact, given how ridiculous our Hindi and Telugu movies are, any Hollywood or Tamil dub is likely to be a better bet!

However, I am disappointed with Prince of Persia; it just does not have the stamp of a Jerry Bruckheimer adventure film. Yes, I am comparing it with Pirates. Films like these need to have good music, comedy, characters, and sub-plots [over and above twists]…Prince of Persia has nothing only bows and arrows.

Interestingly, in Hyderabad the film is being promoted as from the house of Narnia, but in the US [see the main poster above], it is from the house of Pirates. I am not too surprised to know that the film debuted #3 in its first weekend [Shrek 4 was #1 followed Sex and the City-2]. Although, Prince of Persia was #1 steady for the first two weeks in the international market. Yahoo Users give it a A- and critics C. It is rare that I don’t like a film where the Yahoo! User is above B+, but this one is a exception.

Mr. Inkenti’s Movienomics Verdict: Thumbs Down. Watch it purely for time pass. I would still recommend it over any Hindi or Telugu movie currently playing.

PS–the sound at PVR Cinemas too did not impress. Same was the case when I watched Awara . I told the theaterwala that the seats should vibrate…that is how the sound should be!


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  1. whatdafish said

    what did the theatrewalla tell you, after your free advice on seat vibration and sound

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