DEVELOPING STORY: Sudarshan 70mm, AC, dts, Being Demolished

While at the breakfast table today, my dad read out “Its curtains down for Sudarshan 70mm…”. At first, I though he was joking, but I saw the paper to believe what was happening.

I am heart broken on reading this news. Truly, devastating news.

Will blog on this latter.

Friends, post your comments.


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  1. whatdafish said

    another one bites the dust,they are all coming down one by one,sangeet,maheshwari-parameshwari,skyline-sterling and now sudershan,some of them are going to be just commercial complexes,i dont think i would have said it before hope they atleast build multiplexes,ironic but atleast there’s a theatre of somekind there to relive the memories

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