BADMASH COMPANY Review— Yash Raj’s Bakwaas Company!

It has been over two weeks since we saw this film and the review of a Yash Raj Film should have been written, however, I had better things to do then. Many movies have flown since, but I feel compelled to finish writing up this review and beat the thrash out of Mr. Aditya Chopra. Another Yash Raj film has been made and how I wish this film could have been a spoof on their own Bakwaas Company!

A few days prior to the release of this film, the director of this film spoke a lot about “writing” the story in 4 days and how he wrote it in frustration. Bottom line is, the focus for this film was on the writing. Hmm…i thought to myself; can there be so much of writing in a film being produced by Aditya Chopra and directed by one of this pals from DDLJ days? And of course, there was also buzz about a kissing scene(s) between the lead pair. The reality: (i) there is no story worth the mention of writing (ii) there are no hot kissing scenes; what exist look like watching teenagers kiss from shows like 3rd Rock From The Sun or That 70s Show. The story? Shahid has a gang of three friends including Anushka. The film is supposedly set in early 90s when Reebok shoes from abroad were a craze and when import duty was 120% [according to the film’s writing]. Shahid does not want to grow up like his father and earn an honest simple living so he devices badmash plans to become rich with the help of this friends.

How? They go to Bangkok, buy thousands of shoes, then send two different consignments to two different ports in India each containing only one side of a shoe [right or left]. The goods are now useless so in fake getups the members of the company do not pick up the shoes leaving for the customs auction. Here they pick it up for dirt cheap prices as no one wants only the right or only the left shoes and make a killing profit by selling the jodis together. Next? there is a song splurging the money. Next? they move to US to do more badmashi. They fool around in gloves the same way they did with shoes. Next, they fool around with banks and home mortgages. As they make money they spend it in songs. Finally, there are ego clashes, they split, Shahid is shown undergoing a tough life after prison, and finally they patch up again and make some money on the stock market while reviving their uncle’s garment company.

In the meantime, all the smooching between Anushka and Shahid leads to her pregnancy. Perhaps, to add in some new age sentiment [pre-marital sex and babies with Yash Raj sentiment]. Oh…almost forgot…Shahid and Anushka and once smooching in the car when it is raining with tip tip barsa mani palying on the tape! Appreciate the director Parmeet Sehti’s writing: economic reforms in 1991 and tip tip barsa pani in 1994! Shahid Kapoor as usual performs well, but again selects an idiotic film. Anushka looks odd trying to show off 80% of her skin [and saying “f-off”]. I wonder which girl would wear her skirt three inches below her navel in the early 90’s. The film lacks a convincing story. do the film’s posters, wallpapers etc even bear the look of early 90s? was Aditya Chopra snoring when the film was being made with his dad’s money? Songs are average. The lead pair are such good dancers, but there is not a single dance number. Although the story is stupid, the director can be given credit for not dragging the film. The Dhoom-type episodes carry the film and for young male teens, Anushka’s boob-show, cleavage view, and 80% skin exposure at few select scenes will make the film good for one time viewing [perhaps the reason why it is still playing in its 3rd week in Hyderbad].

Phew…how long will Aditya Chopra continue to make such Bakwaas films!~

Mr. Inkenti’s Movienomics Rating: Thumbs Down. Watch it on cable, even DVD rent is a waste for this one.

PS–Did any of you notice how just before the film’s release, Anushka and Shahid started appearing in Vaseline ads? and that ad was also shown on [the film’s media partner]. I tell you…Bollywood’s pathetic attempts at promoting the trash they make.


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