AWARA Review—Boring Ride from Bangalore to Bombay

First things first. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a hero, an actor, a star…and this guy is better than the sum total of the following Tollywood jokers: Allu Arjun, Ram Charan Tej, Manchu Manoj Kumar, Naga Chaitanya, Rana, NTR jr, etc. “Yuganiki Okadu” Karthi has charm, style, attitude, and talent to act. He is cool. Although Yuganiki Okadu was  a weird sort of film and we saw Karthi in all forms and colors, looking at Awara’s posters, my wife and I wanted to watch this flick just for Karthi and for the lead pair Karthi-Tamannah. After several misses, finally we both saw the film only to impressed by Karthi, but bored by the film.

Siva [Karthi] is a cool-dude sorta guy who does not care for anything…even to wear formals for his job interview, even to put the top butten! It is love at first sight for him when he sees Charu [Tamannah]. One fine day, while at the railway station he stumbles upon a distressed Tamannah with her uncle missing their train to Nellore. Just to get a chance to be with her, Siva poses as a taxi man and gives the ride. Soon the uncle is left on the road and lover man is all set to take his love to Bombay from Bangalore. So there is a group from Nellore chasing Tamannah; obviously for a forced marriage which she does not want. Meanwhile, there is also a gang chasing our hero Karthi from Mumbai whom he had a panga with when he went to Bombay recently for a job interview. Songs, and fights with each gang a few scenes of suspense-catching-chasing-driving etc while going to Bombay. Finally, Karthi bashes up all the goons for the last time and gets to hug Tamannah at the end. When they said the Tamil original Paiyaa is a big hit, I did expect some story, but this film has no story to write about. The fights are all too unreal just showing Karthi as a macho mass hero. The songs are good, but not chartbusters.

Tamannah looks gorgeous in most of her outfits, but is kept silent for majority of the film. Somehow it is uncomfortable to watch her in two-bits [up short and down long–like in the poster here]; perhaps, because she looks too much like a kid. The highlight of this film is Karthi. He is just cool and he will impress you in every frame. His expressions reminded me of young Venkatesh. His dance steps too have the right attitude and needless to say he is a super actor. Minutes before writing this review, I read up on him: his debut film Paruthiveeran in 2007 [with Priyamani] in Tamil has won 13 different awards [from South Filmfare to Berlin Film Festival] including Best Actor. There is scene in this film where Karthi has arrived in Bombay and is walking up to his friend’s car…even such a simple scene is made special with Karthi’s walk, attitude, and expressions. His presence makes an otherwise boring film rather enjoyable–the characteristic of a Star. Although the fights are unreal, Karthi is simply deadly in them.

It is a shame that Tollywood does not have a decent actor nor a decent movie. Hollywood dub and Tamil dub movies offer greater variety and entertainment. I am not against star-kids, but cummon now…just look at all Tollywood heros…total jokers [as an aside, Sharwanand is probably the best of the lot, which reminds me that I have written Prasthanam‘s review] The last time I saw a hero and felt he is awesome, irrespective of the film, was when I saw Pawan Kalyan in Badri [saw it at Sandhya 35mm, RTC X Roads]. Of course, (Chiranjeevi has been there since childhood) Now, again, after many years I am seeing a film where I felt a hero is a hero. And it only adds to Karthi’s awesomeness that his crown already has awards. I wish Karthi all the very best.

Yuganiki Okkadu, although not a super hit in Telugu, is a decent hit. It seems to be doing re-runs at various single screens in the city. Awara will definitely not be a hit, at best only average. There is considerable amount of curiosity factor among cinegoers about this film and the makers are doing a good job with the trailers and posters all over city.

Mr. Inkenti’s Movienomics Verdict: Thumbs Down. Watch this film for Karthi, beautiful Tamannah, and good songs. Else, the movie is boring.



  1. karthi_Fan said

    Karthi is awesome! i wanted to watch this film…too bad it is boring. but songs are good. tamannah is too tasty…!

    true, it is sad tollywood is in-breeding only jokers within families and making idiotic films.

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  3. watdafish said

    seriously,whats with all the hero bashing,karthi maybe good,but for cryin out loud even he come’s from a filmi background( father and brother),i think pawan kalyan overacts,he’s like balayya when it come’s to overaction,coming to the movie cool fact 101-have you seen the fights everytime karthi’s in a fight someone hits him with a metal rod,i can hear a thunk,like metal against metal,he never picks any of those to hit the villains,he just hits with his hand.

  4. srijana said

    heyyyy….totally accept with ur list TFI jokers….but,object to the junior ntr being in the list…

  5. Eusen patel said

    lively article and loved to read:

  6. sweta said

    ” The last time I saw a hero and felt he is awesome, irrespective of the film, was when I saw Pawan Kalyan in Badri [saw it at Sandhya 35mm, RTC X Roads] ”

    thats sums it up buddy…..if that wimp pawan kalyan blew u away then here’s wishing u all the best. Yendukraa nee taste ilaa undhi, chaaa. v sad man.

  7. hero said

    Jr ntr and karthi comparison aa wtf ….jr ntr is way better actor and dancer ask karthi himself

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