How To Train Your Dragon Review— A Must Watch For All

When you see the preview of a film that is coming for the makers of Kung Fu Panda, you just watch it. No questions asked. Somehow it took me 4 weeks to watch this film; instead I was watching junk made by our desi film makers. I finally caught it at INOX 3-D [I wish Prasads IMAX had it] and have only one thing to say: How To Train Your Dragon is a beautiful film.

On the island of Berk, killing dragons is a way of life and coming of age for Viking teenagers. But Hiccup, the son of the tribe’s Chief, is unlike any other Viking. He is think, meek, weak, kind hearted, intelligent, and deemed unfit to be a Viking. However, Hiccup is always trying to prove that he is capable of killing a dragon. In one such bizarre incident, he manages to capture alive the rarest and most evil of all dragons—the nightflasher [I think that’s the name, but I couldn’t be wrong although close]—but cannot kill it and ends up setting it free [beautiful sequence!]. From here on begins a friendship between a dragon and a Viking; the two sets have been fighting and killing each other for the past 300 years.  You too begin to root for Hiccup as he is trying to hide his friendship with the dragon from the village. Hiccup engineers a part of a fin for “toothless” [the dragon’s new pet name] to help it fly and slowly he begins to learn the ways of dragons only to realize that everything their ancestors wrote about the dragons is wrong. Once Dragon Training begins, Hiccup is suddenly the village hero as he is able to tame the dragon even without a weapon. However, the paths of his father who is waging a war against dragons and the son who is showering love towards them is bound to come face to face. In the climax battle, Hiccup shows his father that the dragons can be won over with love and from there on the Vikings and Dragons will live happily ever after together.

Reading the above paragraph, you might think that this is a cheesy tale or a moral-studies type story. Dragon is a film with a powerful message, good story and screenplay, heart-warming characters and sequences and plenty of action, thrill and suspenese as to how the story will unfold. The initial sequences between the dragon and Hiccup will raise your heartbeat and the sequences of their budding friendship will touch your heart. Watch out for the dragon’s expressions [the eyes]. Those of you who have pets will want to hug, kiss and pamper the dragon and those without pets will want to the dragon as your pet. The internal conflict within Hiccup is effective portrayed: caught between his father’s values and his own realization and belief about dragons.

As I was watching the film I was struck by the message. Based on beliefs and systems that are centuries old, families, communities, and individuals fight and kill each other. Do we ever halt to think that these could be wrong? Why cant we make peace with our enemies when both parties have the same fears and love in their hearts? Parents watching this film with their kids must talk about the importance of love, compassion, and non-violence that are highlighted through this film.

Those who are fans of other animated films will find some of the themes similar to Shark Tale [the vegetarian shark that can’t kill] and Monsters Inc. [can generate electricity by making babies laugh instead of making them cry] etc. Dragons does not delve in to the world of dragons like Finding Nemo [the world of fish]. It is more focused on the relationship between the two entities who have a history of enmity. Dragon will make you smile and cheer, but unlike Kung Fu Panda it is not a laugh-out-funny film. Enjoy this film with your entire family, Hiccup and ‘toothless’ are bound to win your heart.

Mr. Inkenti’s Movienomics Rating: Two Thumbs Up!

Mrs. Inkenti’s Rating: 4.5/5—she wants the dragon—toothless—as her pet!



  1. srijana said

    night fury is the name…

  2. karthi_Fan said

    this is a beautiful film…must watch

  3. watdafish said

    i really liked this movie,while we are at it check prince of persia,its no PRINCE,i know u liked that movie but there’s loads of action and the ending was nice in prince of persia,the fights were repetitive,but like a friend was saying paisa vasool,cause every fight was like a climax fight with loads of action

  4. sharu.....kahn said

    amazing movie…….i think its a must watch for kids………toothless is a discovery…….love you toothless.i named my car toothless after watching this movie

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