IRON MAN 2 Review— A Disappointing Sequel

With simply no film in Bollywood or Tollywood to be excited about this summer, it is but natural to get all hyped up about IRON MAN 2. I was almost 100% sure that the sequel will hit bulls eye. I even got IRON MAN 1 for my wife to see and be ready for the sequel. There is excitement in the initial reels and the way the title letters I R O N M A N 2 rotate is ‘wow’ and on the large screen and deadly Dolby of PVR-Hyderabad the thrill of watching a Hollywood summer blockbuster is at its peak. So far so good…and a little more than one hour in to the film at intermission I am just not satisfied with the content of IRON MAN 2, which simply does not want to take off.

We are first introduced to the villain in Russia who wants to take revenge on Tony Stark/Iron Man [Robert Downey Jr] and begins to build some lethal hardware in his home-based lab. Meanwhile, Tony Stark of STARK Industries has just kicked off the STARK Expo and he is full of himself and the Iron Man who has been playing [according to the film] a key role in world peace and protecting America. Now, the US Government wants his technology, but Tony is not willing to do that insisting that the Iron Man technology is 20 years ahead and giving the Government the technology would tantamount to surrendering himself. Meanwhile, the same Iron Man technology [lithium-based] is eating away Tony Stark with death in the near future being certain. In one face-off with the villain–we’ll call him Electric Man because he develops two metallic wires of raging electricity— it is shown that Iron Man is not immune to being damaged. This villain guy has the Iron Man technology. Electric man is now taken in by Tony Stark’s rival Hammer industries who wants to sell Iron Man technology to the Government. With death almost certain, Tony Stark is depressed and becomes careless and reckless: drinks, dances, fights, and you feel you are watch Will Smith’s HANCOCK.

Out of nowhere we have Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) who is dressed in black with an eye-patch and has come to help out Tony Stark regain his lost glory. Apparently, thats his job and he seems to be from some sort of secret intelligence agency keeping peace all over the world or something like that. This agency even places one of their agent [a hot secretary], Natasha Rommanoff [Scarlett Johansson], to keep an eye on Tony Stark. Tony then begins to digg up his father’s chest and finds an element that can keep him alive and going. Anyways, the climax fighting is like diwali with too much of 10,000-wala type sound effects. All the bad guys are killed, Tony and his secretary Pepper kiss and are ready to marry, and finally we are told that Iron Man is great, but Tony Stark is not…surely, this will be continued in the next. Robert Downey Jr. is simply superb, and Scarlett Johansson is hot and her stunts are the highlight of the film. Nothing special about the special effects. Sure, the touch-screen monitors are cool, but they are common now.

The problem with the film is that it is too full of itself. Okay, we all know that Tony Stark is a cool guy, but his characterization is overdone. The villain is shown as being even more intelligent and cooler than Iron Man, but then suddenly the film drifts away and the plot is forgotten. Like I said, the film’s proceedings seem too pre-occupied with Tony and Iron Man. Some of the sub-plots just do not have sense and are simply put to make it appear that there is story. Sadly, there is no story and no depth in this sequel. I say this even without comparing it to any other super-hit sequels like Spiderman or Batman or Transformers. The trailer will excite you and the stills will entice you, if only they all added up to an entertaining film. If you are a IRON MAN 1 fan, then you will surely watch it, but if you are not into Hollywood super-hero blockbusters then there is nothing in this film will entertain you.

Sure, the best line in this film from Tony Stark is “…i have privatized world peace”.

Mr. Inkenti’s Movienomics Verdict: Thumbs Down. Wait for it on DVD or cable.

Mrs. Inkenti’s Rating: 3/5 being totally fida over Robert Downey Jr.



  1. suraj said

    hhaa…i like how you have described the film as being too full of itself. I too didn’t like it that much. IRON MAN 1 is so good and there is some thrill in that film. part 2 is a drag.

  2. watdafish said

    its pepper potts not pepper kiss stark’s executive assistant

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