SIMHA Review— No Balakrishna Jokes This Time!

Until five days ago] Balakrishna-based jokes were as good if not better than Sardarji-based jokes. Even till the Friday of Simha’s release most people were afraid to watch it fearing what rubbish they will be subjected to. A friend of my wife who was keen on going for this film with us just to have a good silly laugh at the hero was thoroughly disappointed to see that brand-Ballaya is missing. By all standards Simha is a low-grade Telugu film, but it is suddenly enjoying an elevated status because it is not as bad as previous Balakrishna films.

Sriman Narayana (NBK) is a hot-blooded upright professor who cannot stand any nonsense. So almost all the time he is involved in car chases and bashing up the rowdy elements in his college. In one such clean-up exercises he begins to help Sneha Ulal and slowly finds himself in the middle of her family turmoil. It is revealed to us that Sneha Ulal’s father and Sriman Narayan’s father go back in time as family members. In a flashback we are introduced to Laxmi Narasimha [the Balakrishna you see on the posters with a big moustache]. Simha [we will refer to him thus] is London-return doctor and a zaminder. Simha’s family is the good one and there is also a bad family led by Kota Srinivasa Rao. The bad family goes on mercilessly killing villagers and chopping them up like vegetables and Simha responds by killing and chopping up their family and gang members. In one such killing and chopping session, Simha and his wife are killed and the grandmother escapes with the son to the city. Now, Sneha Ulal is being chased by the son of the bad guy who killed Sriman Narayana’s father. So back to the village setting for another killing and chopping session where the evil is chopped and buried.

Balakrishna actually delivers a good performance. The dialogues are good and the delivery is restrained and well done; never going over the top and never making you laugh at them. He looks quite fit and for that age the energy he displays is impressive. Given that the Telugu film industry today is seeing only kids as the hero of a film, it is indeed refreshing to see a total mass-n-macho figure as the male lead and that too quite a flamboyant one flanked by hotties. Speaking of hotties, the highlight to the film is Namitha [who is still suffering with obesity] who plays a college faculty looking juicy in airy dresses. Wow, with such lady-bombs as faculty I am sure the attendance of boys will be close to 100%. Sneha Ulal is a poor choice. Nayantara looks weak and dresses up in Arundhati style.  In terms of a Balakrishna film this one is quite refined: the first night scene with Nayantara and the songs are all are missing the trademark mass-brand of Ballaya. In a way you miss the vulgarity as Balakrishna is one of those big heroes who can engage in vulgarity in style.

It is sad to see that our censor board even allows such violent films with or without a A certificate. The storyline is either wafer thin. Too much of violence [Robert Downey Jr. may feel that Simha is more powerful than Iron Man] and the film is way to loud in its decibel levels and chances are high that you will come out hammered in your head with a headache. This is not a film for the family and definitely not for the kids. Why is the film getting a positive talk? Because it is not as bad as previous Balakrishna films. Even the fans seem refreshed for not being subjected to trash and hence are terming this low-grade violent film as a hit. At the most this is a 50 day film and in many centers with the support of the yellow flag that appears towards the end of the film, it will be dragged towards 100 days. Although this can be viewed as a decent comeback film for NBK, it lacks the large scale canvas and a story of epic proportions to herald a solid comeback.

Such films with senseless violence that demean human dignity should be banned and not allowed by the censor board. This is not a summer flick. Avoid.

Mr. Inkenti’s Movienomics Verdict: Thumbs Down. Watch it only if you are Balakrishna fan. If you are not, but still want to watch it for fun to make jokes on Balakrishna then forget it as that will not happen.



  1. Guest said

    great review,:) Mr inkenti what you mean bala krishna jokes.

  2. rameshsrirangam said

    Very Good Review Sir.Well Concluded.

  3. warnie said

    Ballayaa antha piccha naa koduku, waster naa koduku inka world lo yekada undadu…

  4. balu said

    super hit movie. never chase any body.

  5. megafan said

    donga recordla ku nandamuri herolu pettindi peru below avarageni super hit ani siggu lekunda cheppukuntunnaru

  6. Modi Eid said

    I liked what I read here, great work, I’ll be back later to read more

  7. sid said

    I have never seen a mentally retorted man playing roles in movies.

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