HOUSEFULL Review— Nothing HOUSEFULL About It!

For any moviegoer, one of the highlights of going to a movie at a single screen is to see the HOUSE FULL board or stand on display at the gate. The meaning of the term HOUSEFULL is not only about tickets being sold out, but also about the movie’s reports being positive and total masti within the house [all this is applicable at single screens only]. So, when you have a film titled HOUSEFULL from a director who believes in mass entertainment with 6 big stars and models releasing at the onset of the summer box office season your expectations are expected to be high. As I drove into Ramakrishna Gliterrati’s parking lot in its first day, the classic HOUSEFULL stand that is almost always on display for a big film on its first day 6pm show was missing: the Rs 30 counter was still selling at 5:45pm (my father pointed out to me, clearly disappointed). Although Sajid Khan has tried his best, the film lacks the punch a HOUSEFULL show typically carries.

The film is scripted keeping Akshay Kumar’s character of Aarush at the center. Aarush and all those around him believe that he is a walking bundle of bad luck. He is called in to the casino to derail the winning streak of any lucky visitor. Aarush now believes that his luck can change if he marries his true love. He leaves for London to be with his childhood pal Bob (Ritesh Deshmukh) who is married to Hetal Patel (Lara Dutta) and both work at a casino owned by Kishore Samtani (Randhir Kapoor). Bob and Hetal arrange for Aarush’s wedding with Samtani’s daughter Devika [Jiah Khan]. Just when Aarush is celebrating his good luck in Italy where they are honeymooning he finds that Devika already had arranged to elope with her boyfriend! Upset with his luck, Aarush jumps into the sea only to be saved by Sandy [Deepika Padukone]. Sandy thinks Aarush’s wife died and so she begins to fall for him, but our hero manages to convince her and wins her heart. So next is what? Sandy has an anna (Arjun Rampal) who is heading the Indian Intelligence services and has previous boxed Aarush on his face for proposing to his other sister. Hetal has a father in Gujurat by name Batuk Patel (Boman Irani) who finally decides to break this silence and visit his daughter and son-in-law. The entire second half is about how the two couples cooperate with each other and play with lies and handle comic situations to convince their respective father and anna that their respective bridegrooms are indeed rich and wealthy when they are really not. The first half of the film is slow and the film fails my 20 minutes test [no plot or story is communicated within this time]. The second half with some hilarious sequences saves the film from drowning.

The biggest problem with the film is that there is no solid story to tell and more important there is no plot. Perhaps, Sajid Khan thinks that the story he is telling is that of an unlucky man called Aarush. First half songs are poor and second half songs are okay [papa jag jayenge and the remix]. Again, why on earth must this film be based in UK? Why are the heroines always in skimpy beach clothes showing us their bones and boobs even during normal scenes? Having said all this, there are plenty of scenes that will make you laugh: the vacuum cleaner, the sher-bazaar se sher, the monkey boxing, and plenty in the second half: the African baby, the homo scenes and others. Almost all the comic scenes can be linked to some English movie [from Mr. Bean to Night at the Museum]. The climax at the Buckingham palace with laughing gas is a total let down. However, I can’t think of a better climax for a movie that had no logical conclusion anyway given the way it began and proceeded.

An impressive star-cast is wasted, notably Akshay Kumar, Ritesh, and Boman. Ritesh as usual is good and Akshay’s role designed to be dumb giving others the upper hand, but everything is made to revolve around the hero. Arjun Rampal is cool. Deepika needs to put on some weight or she needs to put on some clothes as it is getting difficult to see all her bones. Lara Dutta is looking like aunty. Jiah Khan is smokin hot particularly in the suhag raat song, but is totally sidelined thereafter. Else, she would have overshadowed the other two ladies.

I am not sure how Sajid Khan wanted to make a masala movie without blockbuster songs, dances, villain, and some action and of course some plot. I am writing this review the next morning and I am not still not able to figure out why the film is titled HOUSEFULL. The only possible explanation is that Sajid Khan also is a hopeless romantic about movies and single screen experiences [like me] and just loves the HOUSEFULL board. If only Sajid consulted his sister while finalizing the script. We do not get directors like these today who are hell bent on making mass massala entertainers, but why can’t they do it right?

Mr. Inkenti’s Movienomics Verdict: Thumbs Down. Well, on the bright side: summer is in, holidays are back, there is nothing else at the theatres right now which can make you laugh so HOUSEFULL can definitely be your choice of film if you want good some time pass.


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  1. junglebe said

    thats a nise review. balanced i aould say. but what is this single screen . hope to c more reviews from you

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