PRINCE Hindi Movie Review— Watch It and Get Surprised!

My cousin from the US had come the other day and told me that my last post was on 3 Idiots. Every time we watch movies or discuss, my friends ask if I have made a blog post. The past four months have been totally crazy, both at work and at home. I still can’t believe that four months have gone by in the year of 2010. Work load has increased with the result that any free time I get I am better of studying and on top of that if time permits Mrs. Inkenti and I catch a movie. Of course, we do discuss and give our ratings. Unlike most other aspects of our relationship, we tend to agree on the movie rating! In addition to lack of time, there is also the point of the movie industry being in a state of depression. Although I have been watching movies, there have hardly been any worth writing about–good or bad. Then one day I convinced my wife and our friends that we must watch PRINCE as it felt like a typical summer-flick. We went for a 10:20pm show at BIG Cinemas and nobody slept…PRINCE is good fun.

After ages we have a Vivek Oberoi solo-hero film and the first time I saw the posters I felt Vivek as usual is trying to copy SRK [Don-style posters]. What caught my attention is the box office update on that PRINCE did well at the single screens in its opening days. Now, that is a movie that I will not want to miss. Finally, I got the group to agree and went for the film. The initial reels of the film truly have a hollywood-finish and the first song [O Mere Khuda…] simply blew me away!…i just don’t remember the last time i fully enjoyed a hindi-movie song full of beats, dance, and a catchy tune. As the movie went on, the songs were super-duper, the twists were good and overall the film is good fun.

Prince [Vivek Oberoi] is the thief of all thieves. He also has a cellar with all the cool gadgets like Iron Man. One fine day, he wakes up with a bullet wound in his hand and he does not remember anything: who is he, where is he, and what on earth is going on?! So far so excellent! At this point, the story is at its peak and slowly it starts descending, but thankfully the descend is slow and after a while it stabilizes. His mission now is to find out who he is and what is going on. He  begins to get calls from his girlfriend Maya who wants to convey a message to him. He gets calls from two such Mayas and by interval he meets the third lady who says she too is Maya. There is only one Maya to trust, but who is that one? and everybody—from Maya to the bad guys to the good cops are all asking Prince for the “coin”. It turns out that the Indian Intelligence have invented a device that can fully extract your memory and then manipulate you. There are bad guys in South Africa who want this and finally do get it with the help of Prince. And then they go on to erase Prince’s memory, but Prince escapes with the coin,which is the key for making the memory extraction device work. So everybody is after Prince because Prince only knows where the coin is and he does not remember a thing. Watch this film to see how it unfolds…

There are plenty of characters: bad guys, good cops, bad cops, and hot babes who are hell bent on filling up their chest with air and making sure that their cleavage and breasts are right in front of the audience! The action sequences are good and twists are good too. Of course had this been a hollywood flick the action and twists would have been a greater scale, but for Bollywood this one is damn good.True, you will see several elements of other Hollywood flicks, but thats not a problem.  The best thing about the movie are the songs and Atif Aslam’s rendering. The songs are simply superb! The songs are a massy-tune, great melody, and super beats…total chartbusters! The last song Tere Liye is the highlight song of the film and will straight make to your all-time hits list! Vivek Oberoi delivers quite a respectable performance and at many times during the movie I felt for this actor. I mean…if Saif Ali Khan can make to the A-list, then why couldn’t Vivek Oberoi? Perhaps, this question is worth a doctoral research. Had this film starred another A-Lister and three A-list babes, along with such chartbusters the film would have created havoc at the box-office at least for the first three days.

Produced by TIPS, the film upholds the strong and steady of good songs from the house of TIPS [i notice that films produced by production houses with history like TIPS, VENUS etc have better songs that the ones produced by the corporate-MBA production houses]. The songs are lovely and will appeal to the masses, but how I wish to story could have been more appealing to the masses. When you make are a blockbuster, there are certain must-add elements like: mother/father/grandparents/friend sentiment, a close aide, a well-grounded love story just to name a few. These elements are common to movies like Spiderman. Take my word for it and just watch the film keeping aside all reviews written by pseudo-intellectual bloggers and reviewers who want to write-off any film that has mass or chessy elements.

Also, buy the CD. I have been playing the songs non-stop on my car’s full blast dts system. Songs 1-6 are all good, the remixes are superb (#15, #11,#8) while Tere Liye (#2) is an All-Time Hit [capital A, T, and H].

Mr. Inkenti’s Movienomics Verdict: One Thumb Up! Its not the best of the thrillers or not purely original stuff, but it is total fun.


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