3 Idiots Box Office Collections and Public Talk—Aall Izzz Extraordinarily Well!

The city of Hyderabad is erupting in joy. As of now, the Telangana issue seems to have slowed down allowing life to go back to normalcy. Even a day before its release uncertainty over the screening loomed large. However, on Christmas Day the agitators decided to take a break. The by now classic HOUSE-FULL stand was not in display for the 11am show and tickets were still available at Ramakrishna 70mm. Uncertainty remained about the next few days as well, but now all is certain: 3 Idiots is a Massive Sensational hit, with a capital M and S. As it enters its 3rd week, 3 Idiots will play in 24 single screens (daily 4 shows) and is playing 5-7 shows/per day in each of the handful of multiplexes of the city.

I am yet to meet a person who liked Ghajini, but still with increased multiplex fare hikes and mega-hype Ghajini stands tall with a net of 115 crores,(that same year, 2008, releasing just after the Mumabi terror attacks Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi opened to mixed reviews, but grew to collect 85 crores nett). Now, 3 Idiots in two weeks time has surpassed these collections. Kudos to the team!

I agree with Taran Adarsh when he says that nobody in the trade or industry expected the film to emerge as victorious as it has. In fact, I would further state some who have seen the movie are surprised as to what is there in this film for it to be such a hit?! The plot is missing, songs are missing and so is the love story (typically, these are the main elements of a sensational mass-hit). In spite of this, the film is a total winner because the theme of education is universal and it is loaded with entertaining sequences that ensures repeat value. More important, there is not only an absence of any other alternative hindi film for the entire family, but it has also been close to a year since the time an entire family could venture in to a movie theater and just have simple fun. Yes, thats why we go to the movies…to have fun. Full credit to the entire team of 3 Idiots, including Mr. Chetan Bhagat.

As for the public talk: I am yet to meet someone who has not liked the film. However, what I do not agree with is the silly articles that ibnlive.com puts up about Aamir Khan being the #1 hero of Bollywood. No, just a couple of hits does not make a hero the #1 star. Read on.

Why SRK is (still) the Numero Uno Hero of Bollywood. The Shah Rukh Khan versus Aamir Khan debate will be settled once and for all now. I leave subjectivity aside and focus only on the facts. Let us get one thing clear: every decade has a super star and during this super star’s reign there will be several actors and hero who will deliver box-office hits and gems. Just because a particular hero delivers a sensational hit it does not mean that he has taken the spot of the super star. Lets take the time period from 2000 to 2009. It began with SRK versus Hrithik Roshan, then some time in the middle it was SRK versus Akshay Kumar, and towards the end of the decade it is now SRK versus Aamir Khan, and of course SRK versus Salman Khan is a favorite pass time for many. I am not belittling the stardom of Hrithik Roshan, Akshay Kumar or Aamir Khan, but just because they deliver a super-hit does not make them No. 1. The fact remains: SRK has ruled the decade of 2000 as well at the box-office. Now, coming to the heated debate on who is Number One: Shah Rukh Khan or Aamir Khan. I settle the debate. Read on.

Why Shah Rukh Khan beats Aamir Khan. Needless to say the following: God bless SRK and Aamir Khan. If not for them, Bollywood would be a boring thing to watch. It is pointless to have a debate about who is better because opinions differ and everybody is entitled to their opinion. But to say Aamir Khan is the number one star of Bollywood with just two back-to-back super-hits is silly. Between 2000-2009, Aamir Khan has played the lead in 9 films out of which 7 are box-office hits. In the same period, Shah Rukh Khan played the lead in 21 films (32 if you count all the guest/special appearances), out of which 13 were box-office hits—thats what you call ruling the box-office. Aamir Khan fans will argue over quality of movies. Of course, with just one movie a year, you are more likely to have relatively better quality and a better percentage of success. Any super star of movies, Telugu or Tamil, is characterized by the quantity of movies and the total power at the box office.

When we crown a star with the Numero Uno position, we do it for a period of time and not on a per-movie basis.

That SRK ruled the 1990s is a given, but it is also true by the sheer volume and box-office stamina of SRK that he ruled 2000-2009. My Name is Khan, Happy New Year, and Ra1 begin the third decade of super-stardom for Shah Rukh Khan. No doubt Aamir Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Salman Khan, and Akshay Kumar will give their share of hits and super hits, but Shah Rukh Khan is the Numero Uno Super Star of Bollywood. Period.



  1. protik said

    SRK only know how to convince people with his CHICHORAPON attitude.he is noway in compare with amir khan.not as actor as well no as human being.

  2. umar said

    awsome write up………………..totally agree

  3. aamir ka balatkar said

    Dude Mr. Inkenti,

    this is a deadly write up. I wish some major media site picks it up for discussion! Aamir Khan fans will be gunning for your head…firstly, you have managed to prove that the mega success of 3 Idiots is more because of lack of any other option for entertainment. and secondly, you have more or less proved your point that SRK is Number 1!!!….21 movies as lead means look at the volume of business…production budget, allied sectors, etc….super!

    Needless to say SRK is more popular than Aamir. I am sure Aamir Khan’s Dhobi Ghaat (his next film) is sure to bite the dust

  4. srijana said

    hey, it is interesting to note the way u desperately want to prove SRK as the numero uno…great effort.but i am not convinced. no one has stopped srk from making quality movies.that is his choice not make them,he cannot though….
    and more over, the number of new directors or producers he has worked with is very miniscule.the variety of scripts he has opted for is minimal.he plays safe,and the so called king of bollywood is only restricted to making the mundane stuff….no dont point say chak de india was a hatke one,any other take.
    i dont want to say that aamir is the no 1, but i dont accept srk is the one.
    and for practical purposes, king should not be seen in the public so frequently,giving in safety concerns…pun intended.

  5. puBlic said

    dis….disgusting..rediculd guy…Mr.Inkenti ..sounds like slave of Mr Sharukh khan…dis dunky dosnt knw,,wht is d meaning of quality and quantity n d importancy of quality..n i feel shame to read his aricle…BEWKOOF ye aadmi…

  6. abhijeet said

    Hey Inketi
    Its nice to here the positive comment on SRK and that of negetive on Aamir.
    I believe that SRK fans will give you basketfull of sweets for you and your family.
    Why Shahrukh is more popular than Aamir despite of giving number of flops.
    The only answer is media.
    SRK is very friendly with media just because he knows that if media is not there then he wont exist. Media is the KARTA-DHARTA of shahrukh.

    Aamir is the living legend. I agree the the films delivered by him is too less in comparison to Shahrukh but he delivers the quality. Aamir deals in social, econmy, political issues which is very practical and only Aamir is the personality to have such movies in his hand.

    The films like Billu barber,Kabhi alvida na kehna, etc are bullshit. How come SRK be the no 1????????????///

    So write good to be good…..its a suggestion to you…mind it.

    tu to khush hoga hi…tera Shahrukh peeche jo reh gaya hai…hi hi hi

  7. SRK said

    mr inkenti, hm hm hm
    thanks so much for your kind words for me hm hm hm
    but i have to admit that Aamir hm hm hm
    is much better than me

  8. Manchest said

    Who the hell do you think you are!!!
    Some fools like you just talk senseless things and believe that the world will follow you. Lets get some facts clear, before we even talk more.

    1. There was never a SRK-Akshay or SRK-Hrithik comparison. Infact the comparison was created by baffoons like SRK and Karan Johar themselves

    2. Aamir Khan entered the industry 2-3 years before SRK and TILL DATE has delivered more hits than SRK. Please check the records for your satisfaction

    3. The total gross collections of Aamir Khan movies is much much higher than the total gross collections of SRK movies. Infact, the total gross collections of the last 7 Aamir Khan movies is higher than the total gross collections of all the SRK movies put together

    4. 3 of the Aamir Khan movies have been nominated for the Oscars, out of which one of them made it till the last 5. Only 1 of the SRK movies has been nominated for the covetted statuete and that too perhaps the worst movie of all times

    5. Aamir Khan’s last 7 movies were all direct hits (Infact mangal Pandey was also a big hit, but was ot declared as one – please read articles in indianboxoffice.com

    6. Just by saying that SRK is the numero uno and blah blah blah! will not prove anything – So I would stronly recommend that you shut the …. up and get your statistics correct before commenting

  9. rajesh said

    I am following your blog since magadheera review … your reviews are awesome and most of your thoughts matches mine many times … but not this time … Aamir rocckss maannnnnnnnnn …. his latest movie, for that matter his last 5 movies are big duds dude … Don’t compare stars with actors … Aamir is actor … he is the BEST …

  10. udonwannaknow:) said

    Heh…..get a life bro.
    SRK rocks and is absolutely best at stammering/overacting. For evertything else its….. AAMIR!
    For his dedication, watch him on Gajini where he looks real hefty and follow it up with 3 idiots where he is a college kid: Let me know when SRK comes close to that!

    Anyways, guess who I am!!

  11. zebra said

    nice well written …manchest your points are wrong srk is highest grosser and more succesful

  12. jatish said

    it is well said by someone that winner never complain about the trophy means srk is the winner bcoz he doesnt care about gross of the movie .On the contrary amir is a actor who depend on a good concept without that he would be in the category of fardeen khan,aftab means flop category.HE thinks he is expert in all department of cinema such a egoistic person

  13. john said

    aamair is best but i cannot give whole credit of 3 idiots success to aamair,it is because of whole unit of 3 idiots worked hard + aamair works, thank you 3 idiot team for such a wonderful movie,and also thank for the people to making understand about “excellence”.

  14. sahaj shetty said

    hi inketi,
    the whole debate about shah rukh khan being better than aamir khan can be settled by the very fact that aamir is adopting a policy that shah rukh adopted way back in the 90’s era most of his box office blockbusters were either yash chopra or karan johar films and were released during the diwali period (october),…now that aamir is finding sucees releasing movies in december ….its causing a lot of pain in the butt for all srk fans…..a middle finger for all srk fans

  15. Aakash said

    FO- to mr Inkenti who says Rukh Rukh Khan is better than The Versatile Perfectionist Aamir Khan because of these reasons:
    1.He acts in the same typical stereotype roles and does not know what acting is
    2.He is a bloody proud and lousy person who thinks he is always the best.
    3.He keeps taking FilmFare awards for his flop films.
    4.He is a lucky person.
    1.Aamir is the considered as the best actor in Bollywood
    2.Aamir always attempts different kinds of characters in his films and gives full perfection and does justice to his roles
    3.Though Aamir does not attend Awards except National Awards and Oscars ,He Recently Got Padma Bhushan award and got No 1# spot in Filmfare Power List.
    4.If Shahrukh Khan Is more Lucky, Then Aamir Khan is more Hardworking.
    And Aamir will overtake The No 1# Position In Bollywood And Maintain It Forever.AAAALLLLLLLLLL IIZZZZZZZZZZZZZ WELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLl

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