Quick Gun Murugun Review— Disappointing Movie…I Say

mr-inkentiOne look at the poster and you know what this film will be like. It is not rocket science to figure out that this one will be nothing more than an extension of the MIND IT…yanna rascala…episode from Om Shanthi Om. Financed by a Hollywood brand studio, starring an extremely talented Telugu hero, releasing in four languages, finally in Hyderabad after a delayed regional release and promising to be an out-an-out comedy I had high hopes on this film. Alas, the Quick Gun Murugun is disappointing I say as it does not rise above the labels on its posters.

quickgunmurugunPoster1Yes, there is a concept, but the treatment and story are bad. Murugun is pure vegetarian cowboy from the 70s when Rice Plat Reddy (Naseer) a bad rowdy fellow is ruthlessly converting all vegetarian hotels in to non-veg. Murugun is the only guy who can stand up to him and defeats Gunpowder who is Rice Plate Reddy’s point man.  Oh yes, Murugan is super fast with his guns and thus the name. However, in one such shootout, Murugan is killed and goes to hell where he requests Chitragupt (Vinay Pathak in an insignificant role, which he does great as usual) to be sent again to take revenge. Chitragupt also feels that vegetarianism is the “need of the hour” and transports him back to Earth in to present day Mumbai. Now, Murugan needs to find out about Rice Pate Reddy (RPR). By this time, RPR is a major business  rowdy running a non-veg dosa chain called McDosa. RPR and his gang of rowdies are busy kidnapping all the mummies of Mumbai to get the best receipe for dosa as their scientist has failed to make a perfect machine-made dosa. Meanwhile, Murugun has a locket which has his lover’s photo and he keeps talking to her. In addition, he begins to fall in love with Mango Dolly (Rambha, a Souther-Siren) who takes a liking to Murugan and also happens to be RPR’s mistress or in Murugan’s words “keep”. Mango Dolly helps Murugan in chasing and catching up with RPR and finally after a heavy gun battle everything kids well.

While the concept is fine (veg/non-veg battle, re-birth, south indian backdrop) the story is ultra childish and thequickgunmurugunPoster2 treatment is just plain Bad with a capital B. There are no funny or hilarious sequences. The only supposed-to-be funny moments are when the North Indians in the theater laugh at the South Indian accent and choice of words like MIND IT….what is this I say, all you mummies etc.  Some of the dialogues and sequences are best suited for comedy bits in a film, but to make an entire film based on these comedy bits just does not work. There is also excessive display of violence. Rajendra Prasad is a Numero Uno hero when it comes to comedy films and is an extremely talented actor down South, particularly in the Telugu film industry. Perhaps, he accepted this film because of the Hollywood branding associated with this film because the film has nothing other than making fun of South Indians and their accent. Clearly, Shashanka Gosh the director is a childish man who loved the yanna rascala episode from Om Shanthi Om. Heroine Rambha is hot as usual. There is really hot scene to which the audience in the theater cannot but react. Suddenly we are shown  Rajendra Prasad and Ramba sitting side by side and Ramba is wearing only the blouse and langa…this scene in my view is the only highlight scene of the film where you can feel Ramba’s juicy body and her sensousness. Alas, there is no such heroine today.

Although most hindi critics seem to have given favorable reviews to this film, the truth is Quick Gun Murugun is childish, immature, lousy and totally disappoints. The film is a flop. Avoid and do not expect anything creative here.

Mr. Inkenti’s Movienomics Verdict: Two Thumbs Down! A few laughs here and there, but definitely not worth a trip to the theater. Watch it on cable.

PS–it is essentially a Tamil film with lots of Tamil in it and English here and there too. Subtitles present.



  1. mansi said

    absolute wast film. keep away!

  2. nikred said

    Shashanka Gosh was not inspired by om shanti om. It his original concept which he used in channel [v] way back in the early 90’s. Its a parody movie, its supposed to be juvenile and immature. That’s the whole point of the movie.

  3. Ash said

    Absolute trash if you ever see one. Reeks of Mumbai prejudice towards South… atleast the MTV quick gun murugan concept was innovative for its time… Rajendraprasad was horrible, I am not sure why he cannot seem to find roles that fit his age… he seems to think this is Hollywood…. this is simply Bollywood masala trash… I watched the first 10 minutes of this carp online…

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