Ganesh…Just Ganesh Movie Review— Stupid…Just Stupid

mr-inkentiOne of the silliest interviews I have ever read in recent times is that of hero Ram’s that appeared on a couple of days prior to the release of the film Ganesh (…just Ganesh). Hero Ram claims that kids in India and USA loved his performance as spider man in Ready and asked him when he would do a full length kids movie ( this is the heights of stupidity). If this is true, then hero Ram and his producer uncle Ravi Kishore have taken this silly appreciation a bit too far. The result: they made Ganesh with the tag line just Ganesh and just about everything about this film is Stupid with a capital S from the tag line to the story to the treatment.

Ganesh_Poster1Neither is there any story nor is there anything interesting happening on screen. The movie begins with a chase where Ganesh (Ram) is introduced saving a baby sitting on the back of a vegetable truck (savior of kids kinda message I guess). Ganesh is supposed to be the ideal kinda friend who does anything for friends. His close lady friend is in love with a guy, but that guy’s father has given a word to his dieing father that he will marry his son to his sister. On the other side, the sister too gave the same promise. So what is the issue you ask? apparently, both brother and sister think the other must be the first to ask for marriage and there does not seem to any specific reason why it should be problematic. Fine, we accept that the director has no story in mind and just wants to play out some fun, but where is the fun? The entire movie is dedicated to kids and it really gets annoying. Make no mistake, although all other web reviews are talking about the 26 kids artists this is not by any measure as much fun as Mr. India or JVAS. Now, Ganesh plans to make the sister’s daughter, who happens to be (Divya) Kajol Agarwal, fall in love with him as he pretends his love. The point of all this? to show to the respective parents that both the boy and girl are in love with others so get these two lovers married. If you thought this stupid…then read on. Ganesh then plans to settle down below Divya’s apartment, but he realizes that the entire housing complex is dominated by a set of kids who are notorious. So Ganesh makes them beleive that is Super Man…yes, Super Man, just so that he has their trust and meanwhile he can make Divya fall in love with him.

He succeeds in making her fall in love, but then she overhears a conversation where she finds out that all this wasGanesh_Poster2 drama. But of course, by this time our hero is genuinely in love with the heroine. So the second half is all about he proving his sincerity. Oh yes, shouldn’t there be fights for our hero Ram? so there is a villan by name Mahadev who gives loans to middle class. Most of his debtors default upon which Mahadev decends on them to break their hands etc. So our hero also fights with Mahadev, again, to prove to the kids that he is indeed SuperMan. And believe it or not there are sequences in the movie, which actually show the hero in the SuperMan get-up! Gosh….hero Ram has some super-hero fantasy! The movie is maha long. Just when you feel there should be an interval a song pops up and it takes a full one hour and thirty minutes before the interval. The movie is totally insane and boring to the core. The kids do not behave like kids, but are made to behave much older than their age. This is common in most Telugu movies. Up to a point, some sequences with the kids is okay, but it just gets on your nerves as nothing else is going on other than the silly episodes of Ganesh, the kids, and the silly super man thing. Hero Ram is full of overconfidence. He continues to act like Pawan Kalyan whenever he can and he seems to be the same in all his movies. He must understand that Ready was not a hit because of him and thats why Maska was average and now Ganesh will flop for sure. He feels he is full of attitude, but he needs to select good stories and do some variety. His dances are just okay as he tries too hard to do MJ all the time. Fights are total crap. He says in his interview he learnt some japaneese martial art for this film…he needs to stop day dreaming. Kajol Agarwal is just average and it confirms that Magadheera is a flash in the pan for her. Music is okay with one really good song. Brahmanandam comedy is the usual routine fare. He too needs to quit these routine roles where he feels like a hero, but then gets beaten up.

Clearly, M. Saravanam who is credited with story, screenplay and direction has his brains parked in his butt! To even think of making something like this he must be a total idiot. Either that or hero Ram himself must have done everything himself. If that is not true, then the producer has decided not to use his brains at all. Either that or he wants to make sure hero Ram’s career is closed once and for all! My wife and I walked away 15 minutes after the interval as there was simply no point sitting through this really childish and boring movie. It looks like the one point aim of this film is to show Ram as a kids hero, but I have message for Ram: please stop this torture on the public and save yourself the embarassment. Families BEWARE…don’t be lured with the whole kids thing…the film will bore you.

Mr. Inkenti’s Movienomics Verdict: Two Thumbs Down. Hero Ram, can you please re-invent yourself or just quit and get a new job, will you?



  1. raventh said

    hey…me and my friends also got up and left a few minutes after the interval unable to bear the torture….

    what the shit is this film?….the silly kids and the entire super man thing wanted to make me vomit! this is what entertainment is for telugu movie makers these days?

    • sanjay said

      heyyyyyyy this is really beautiful film.I enjoyed fun with childern.kajal is very beautiful.superrrrrrrrr film………..

  2. teja said

    iam teja ganesh movie i like so much i like so much songs small elements kuda chala bagunnayi, pray for patient hero use the word full of intellegence like somuch. i wanted to meet u ramgaru i miss u a lot of

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