Dil Bole Hadippa! Review— Another Dud from Yash Raj Films!

mr-inkentiIt is that time of the movies at the box office when a Yash Raj Film arrives and falls flat on its face. I saw the first trailer of Dil Bole Hadippa! (DBH) in a Cinemax at Mumbai when I had gone to watch New York. My first reaction when I saw it: over-action, pakka flop. My reaction after watching the film last night at Ramakrishna Glitterati, which by the way was not House Full on its first day: over-action, pakka flop, no story. The review can end right here, but I will have to present at least a decent write up about how Yash Raj Films continues to finance, produce, and distribute silly movies with no head or tail like Dil Bole Hadippa!

dilboleHadippa_Poster1The film has all the usual suspects of a YRF film: punjab, over-the-top punjabiness, two jokers who talk and practice India-Pakistan peace, cheesy messages, and actors delivering over-action in order to convey the energy. Now, if the story is in place then these elements are not irritating, but in DBH it is only these elements. Based in pind or somewhere in Punjab close the border everybody is always energetic and happy as though they are a deranged lot. Veera (Rani Mukherjee) is a cricket fanatic and is a fan of Sachin pajji. However, she cannot enter the male dominated world of cricket. Meanwhile, there are two totally deranged jokers on either side of the border–Dilip Tahil from Pakistan and Anupam Kher in India—who meet once a year at the Wagah border with their teams to talk about peace and connecton between the two rival countries. For the past 9 years the Indian team has been losing. To win the next match Anupam decides to call his son Rohan (Shahid ‘Kamina’ Kapoor) who is also is a star cricket player in England and lives with his separated wife. When the team announces for selection Veera decides to transform as Veer (yes, you’ve seen the posters) to pass off as a male to enter the cricket team. During this process, just before the Intermission of the film Rohan sees Veera naked/in-a-towel in the male dressing room when he goes searching for Veer and he falls for her! Wow, whatte a twist! He begins to confide in Veer about Veera. Meanwhile, Veera begins to change Rohan and gets him to fall for India (yes, the typical i-love-my-India kinda song). Towards the end of the final match Rohan realizes that Veer is actually Veera (in Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi style) and totally flips out and almost derails their chances of victory. Anyways, they finally win the watch because our Veer hits, hits and hits.

It honestly takes guts to produce such a movie and I admire Aditya Chopra for funding such scripts. It also takes dilboleHadippa_Poster2infinite imagination for a director, Aashish Singh, to make a film with no story and make it last for close to 2 and 1/2 hours. There is absolutely no story and 30 minutes in to the film you can feel how empty this film is and how it is being dragged. What is it about?—India/Pak, gender, love, cricket? What is even more daring is that the director borrows from all the latest flop films of Yash Raj…you can see and smell these scenes sprinkled all over the film; from Aaje Nachale to Rab Ne to DDLJ. The number of times the prayer, Ik Onkar, is repeated gets you irritated. The heights of silliness of the film is the India-Pakistan peace talks and messages and ofcourse the gender discourse. According to this film, even women who are as good if not better than our present players should be allowed to be part of the Indian cricket team. Shahid Kapoor is a total idiot in this film. What is the need for him to act like Kabir Khan of Chak De! India? His hair style is awful and he is basically made in to Rani’s side artist. Rakhi Sawant and Sherlyn Chopra are wasted, but good for these two D-grade models who are not part of a YRF production however idiotic it might be. Rani Mukherjee must have seen the potential of doing a dual role and decided to make this her comeback film, but with no story to bat for what is she going to do? As Veer, Rani Mukherjee packs in so much of incredible energy! Quite often we see this in Telugu films, where without a story a film runs entirely based on a Star-hero powered with fights, songs, and comedy—this is exactly what Rani Mukherjee tries to do in this film. Her dance steps are superb and energy infectious, but there is no matter in the film. All that the film has is loads and loads of typical YRF elements that simply get on your nerves.There is no chemistry between Rani and Shahid. Typically, in South Indian films we have an old hero with a young heroine to make the old guy look young…it is the opposite case here.

It does not the matter if the film resembles other films as long as it entertains. Given the theme and idea of Dil Bole Hadippa! the potential to churn out a laugh-riot is immence, but it has been totally wasted. It is unfortunate that producer Aditya Chopra is systematically de-valuing the Yash Raj Films brand with one stupid film after another silly film. Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi was equally stupid, but only Shah Rukh Khan and the songs saved the film. YRF is probably the only full fledged India-based production and entertainment studio, but the rate at which it is presenting the silliest possible films without a head or tail will soon bury the brand. In my view, it is already burried.

Mr. Inkenti’s Movienomics Verdict: Thumbs Down. Families, you might be tempted to watch this film, but you will disappointed. Watch it on cable.


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  1. Ahlam said

    hi every body im Ahlam (girle) frome Algeria im 17. like this filme so muche “dil bole hadippa” specialy the music it’s true that i don’t understand but i like it and shahid kapoor make a great job with rany moukharjy i like her also
    pleas send me somthing im waiting

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