JOSH Review— This Josh Really Suckzzzz!

mr-inkentiJust the other day I was in a discussion how about unfortunate Telugu audience are that they are having to watch all the bekar bacchas of Tollywood’s old heroes. To this list, kindly add the name of another incompetent, joshless, hopeless, useless, and untalented baccha by the name of Naga Chaitanya. My worst fears have come true. The initial promos of the and posters eerily suggested that neither the film or the debutant will carry any josh. The possibility of coming up with an out-an-out entertainer when you have a college backdrop is limitless, but hats of for Vasu Varma’s story, screenplay, dialgoues, and direction the film Josh is not only stupid, but also is totally useless.

joshposter1Lets get one fact clear right at the beginning: it is not that there is no story worth mentioning, but it is a case of no story at all. After struggling to sit through the first half you wonder what is the point of this film. All we see in the first half is Satya (Naga Chaitanya) decides to quit college in Vizag and decides to move to Hyderabad to work and stay. God alone knows what work he did, but all we are shown is him sitting in an irani cafe and documenting the goondagiri of MGM college students. As ususal there are two warring gangs and one college alum JD (JD Chakravarthy) who is their role model–a former goonda of the college and now in politics wanting to become a youth wing president or something like that. Slowly, our hero begins to get involved in college fights. You wonder why. Then in a flashback it is revealed that Satya himself was a full-time goonda in college at Vizag. In spite of being a goonda, smoking, smashing and burning cars, his principal, Prakash Raj, will call him aside and tell him that he has talent (what did he see? oh perhaps because he is Nag’s son and the film’s hero) and requests him to reform. However, Satya is against the education system and those who educate. He gives a major speech on how the teaching methodology is outdated, syllasbus is never updated, no practical applicability, pressure on students leading to suicides and calls for a change in the system and the students will themselves change. Phew…big words for chutku, clearly he is capaigning for Kapil Sibal’s education reforms. Unable to bear this intellectual outburst he insists on going back to his foolish ways and in one such bike ride his friend dies. Then…and only then does Satya come up with another weird discovery—that it does not matter who or what changes, it is important for the student individual to realize their mistake and change (Oh God…somebody please help me!).Unable to bear the guilt he decides to move to Hyderabad and guess what…he finds that students here too are as distracted!—what did he think? he and his bunch of friends in Vizag were the only crackheads?

So this means that all along Satya wants to bring about reforms among all the distracted students of MGM College. Of joshposter2course, there is no link or convincing story connecting this message to the story of the film. Anyways, towards the end Satya unites the two warring camps and exposes JD as a man who is exploiting the students. Movie ends with the college system functioning in full dicipline and perfectly. Oh yes, there is a heroine…yesteryear heroine Radha’s daugther. The heroine looks like Naga Chaitanya’s elder sister and so there is nothing much to write about it. She is 17 years in the film and is a teacher for an elementary school and is obviously embarassed about it. This is her first and most likely last film.  I just cannot beleive that Nagarjuna invested in such an idiotic Dil Raju production. As a father, Nagarjuna has done a major disservice to his son by financing a close to 3 hours film so that Naga Chaitanya can make a major fool of himself in front of millions of moviegoers. Debut hero Naga Chaitanya has no talent and is most uncomfortable acting. It is almost as though somebody was putting a gun to his head to act. He just cannot act—-he is fine only when he is silent, the moment he opens his mouth you feel like covering your head with your hands. He cannot dance and he tries so hard to dance that he can’t get the lip sync correctly. His diction is awful. His get up and body language in the flash back also is least convincing. My advice to him would be to keep off the film industry as there are several other occupatioins available for youngsters. I have a question for his father and the producer: didn’t you do a screen test? couldn’t any of you make out that Naga Chaitanya, however decent he may look, is not gelling well with acting? couldn’t any one see that when the hero and heroine are standing next to each other the hero is looking like a younger brother? did anyone read the script or just got swayed by the heavily loaded education reform message that the director narrated? The end result: the film has no josh and is a total let down. I also fail to understand why show the hero like a super hero? and what is the need for the scene which shows college students sandwhiching a girl on a bike? for what is the scene which shows the college guy checking out adult websites? they have nothing to do with the story.

I have never seen as many college students at Sensation Sunshine as I did today for the first day first show of Josh. The crowd was highly excited: screams and whisltes even as the prayer for Lord Venkateswara began, whistles for the titles and then slowly there only mute silence. No fights, only build-ups in the first half. The opening sequence is poor and there is no reason for the first song to come. Rest of the songs are useless. During intermission you could hear audience wondering what the story is and and towards the end you could hear words like bekar. The second half of the second half offers some drama, but alas by the time the film’s highlight song comes the entire theater watches it in mute silence. There are no sequences in the film that worthy of screams or whistles and nothing in the film to excite the youth. Comedy is a total let down. JD and Brahmanadam fail to create any impact. Come to think of there cannot be any impact because the director seems to have decided to make a lousy film. It is so sad to see how movies are being made without any story. Every Tom, Dick and Harry wants to make a 3 three hour film with just a 3 minute message in their mind.

Nagarjuna ought to be ashamed for making such a pathetic movie and for not being able to recognize that Naga Chaitanya just cannot act.

Mr. Inkenti’s Movienomics Verdict: Two Thumbs Down. The film is by design bad and unfortunately for him and us Naga Chaitanya looks too much like a kid and just does not have the josh in him that is needed to set the silver screen on fire.



  1. josh_youth_suckzzzzzzzzz said

    The movie is total bekar bull shit….

    NAGA CHAITANYA IS like a .5 and should STOP acting just because he comes from NAG family he is hero…poor Dil Raju must have been crying.

    The Director should be banned from film industry for making such an idiotic film.

  2. ikanth said

    Other telugu websites are as usual not writing accurately and giving the film 3/5 and 3.5/5 for our telugu websites a 3 is minimum.

    I am glad there is at least some blogger like Mr. Inkenti who writes the truth and reports facts. Yes, it is a fact that Naga Chaitanya is totally useless, but can any website dare to write such a frank verdict?

    watch the movie for yourself to see how pathetic Nag Chaitanya has acted. but don’t waste your money on this film…just wait for it to come on TV….i am sure MAA tv will be first to air it since is owned by Nag himself.

  3. nagi said

    Hey Inkenti, why are you being so harsh and rude while writing about Naga Chaitanya.

    I agree, the movie totally suckzzz and is pathetic, but you could have conveyed the same point about the hero without saying he is “incompetent, joshless, hopeless, useless, and untalented”

    • preethi said

      Thank god…..i have seen this blog and vl not watch the movie………it seems 2 b nothing in it…….
      Thanks you Inkenti..

  4. manasa said

    By seeing all these rubbish comments I say that “idots believe idiots”..
    See the film is not bad…and I think all the above fools only love those films which have 10 fight scenes,2 romantic scenes and may be 5 0r 6 songs..
    That is not the way of deciding a film…..Who are you to say chaitanya to stop acting…He hasn’t asked you to watch the film…if you dont like him dont go and watch…..but,dont say he is not good,he has no talent and all that…everyone in andhra may or maynot like every hero who is acting….so,if you dont like him,dont go… one is caring if u watch or you dont watch….but dont write this bullshit…

    • alekhya said

      Manasa ,

      He is probably the worst hero ever , his body language is just terrible , i dont even want to speak about his acting abilities .. he has money , he has star market so he can continue acting and people are bound to get fooled by marketing gimmicks and just supp ort becoz he is nags son and kamma .. other biased reviews say his acting is incredible which means beyond belief and that his dance is superb lmao .

      Nagarjuna is good actor .

      Speaking about the film its outright stupid and silly , kedi is much better lol.

  5. satish Nanduri said

    Hi there,

    sorry for the late post. I am visiting the blog for the first time and i must indeed applaud Mr.Inkenti for an honest and daring report.

    Indeed the Telugu Industry is screwing itself by promoting the so called bachchas of the Old heroes , but they do not realise that the public is not a fool and if illogical movies are made, they will flop.

    I have read the reviews of the other telugu sites after one month of the movie release and realised that they give 3/5 for even a flop movie of a big star. They do not have the guts to criticize the movie or the star ,which is pathetic, and they too are stuck in the mainstream corruption

    However, the same people should understand that at the end of the day its them who have to sleep soundly at night as they are the ones who know the real thruth.

    God bless everyone!

    • wow said

      omg …this is by far the honest review ever written in tollywood ..hatts off to you mr inkenti …. i threw my sandal on the screen , i lost it i dint care eventhough it was a nike .

      Naga chaitanya owes me a sandals and ticket refund , and i’m going to sue dil raju and naga chaitanya for making me go through this torture 😦

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