Daddy Cool Review— Please Bury This Film Foreover!

Mr.InkentiI saw the trailer of Daddy Cool during the intermission when I went to watch Anjaneyulu at Sapna 35mm.  In this day and age of super-hype for even the silliest of films, you can imagine how surprised I was to see the trailer of what looked like a potent crazy comedy film. The film has no actor worth the mention who can pull audience to the theaters except for maybe Rajpal Yadav and the crazy trailer. I went because it is from is from Indra Kumar (the makers of Masti and Dhamaal). The film’s tagline is come…join the fun-eral. I never thought of the word that way, but 20 minutues in to the film you wish the film is burried in the same funeral . The film totally dissapoints.

DaddyCoolPoster1It will be criminal on my part to waste time and energy to write the story of this film. I just fail to understand why and how this film was made. There is absolutely no story, no plot, no comedy, and there were hardly any laughs in the theater. The film begins with a coffin arriving at a big mansion and Sunil Shetty identifies that the dead body is not his father—this scene is plain and this was shown in the trailers as one of the highlights. One by one family members arrive for the funeral and as expected each of them is crazy in their own way. The wife of one wants to buy a new apartment and leave the house as she can’t stay with mother-in-law, younger brother is a writer (15 hit novels apparently), one of the cousins is hitting on the other, Kim Sharma is always doubting her husband Javeed Jaffery, one model mistakes Javeed as Carlos and thinks he is the one who wants to sleep with her, Chunky Pandey mixes drugs in a tablet called Relax-O, which is consumed by mistake by Aftaab who behaves like a crazy nut through out. Meanwhile, Rajpal Yadav blackmails the two sons of the dead father by showing photos that prove their father and he were lovers! Yes, there is also Prem Chopra on a wheel chair and he always abusing. It includes one scene where Javeed Jaffery has to carry him and put him on a toilet seat, but his hand gets stuck and is soiled with shit.

This film could have been one really whacky crazy comedy with loads of adult comedy as well, but alas our film makers are proving to be totally incompetant. The absense of a story and plot also can be excused if the film has hilarious and laugh-out-loud sequences. The atmosphere at Ramakrishna Gliterrati 35mm was without any fizz. Nobody was even laughing. The way the film begins itself is on a dead-pan note and 15 minutes in to the film you know it is a dead film. Not only is there no comedy even the actors involved belong to the highest class of incompetance.  The film is 12 reels, but I walked away after around 8 or 9 reels. I know, Kaminey is no fun and you might be tempted to go for Daddy Cool as it looks like one of those crazy comedies….but no…Daddy Cool has no comedy. I wish we can bury this film in Bollywood’s graveyard so that no DVDs or CDs are made for this film and it leaves Bollywood without any trace.

hmm…come to think of it…this Bollywood Graveyard is a fine concept. Several movies can qualify to get burried here so that there are no traces of it for posterity.

Mr. Inkenti’s Movienomics Verdict: Two Thumbs Way….Down! I really thought this one would be a total mass comedy with loads of crazy comedy, but there is none.



  1. mansi said

    Oh my god!…mr, inkenti…i can’t beleive you actually have gone to see this film. just from the looks of it we can know that it is avoidable. and there was no publicity at all.

  2. daddy_is_not_cool said

    inkenti…i share the same view as you. I too thought it will be super mass comedy with full non-veg masala jokes like masti film, but it was bekar.

    i didn’t even laugh through the movie.

    continue writing regular reviews like this. there are very few genuine blogs/sites like yours which are unspoilt by ads and commercial elements.

  3. ppp said

    hmm….i like this 15 minutue rule of thumb that you use to review films. If in the 15 mins nothing much is happening the film is bound to tank…

    …there are no movies to watch at all…it feels scary to watch any as they may give you a big headache.

    how come Quick Gun Murugan didn’t release in Hyderabad? any info?

  4. fenilseta said

    Great review Inketi. However, I cant understand why someone gave me the link of your review and said your view on Daddy Cool is better than that of Taran Adarsh’s. However, the views of both you guys are the same!!


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