Prayanam Telugu Movie Review— This Prayanam is Just OK

mr-inkentiUnder any normal or ordinary circumstances I will never watch a film that stars Manchu Manoj or his brother. Add to this what I read in some discussion forum that given the backdrop of an airport this film might be a freemake of Tom Hanks The Terminal; I just couldn’t have got myself to watch Mr. Manchu Manoj do a Tom Hanks. But I still saw the film in it’s 5th week only because my wife saw it while I was in Mumbai and actually didn’t mind coming again—now, this is big. Secondly, the director’s name bodes well for good classy films. And thirdly, given that a Manchu Manoj film is playing in to it’s 5th and 6th week towards 50 days means it must be decent enough. And sure enough, Prayanam is decent enough.

Prayanam_PosterIt turns out that Prayanam has nothing do do with The Terminal except that it too is based entirely in an airport, the Malaysian airport. Dhruv and his two friends have come to Malaysia and are on their way to Singapore when they decide to do bizarre things like climb a bridge and get busted by the cops for that. There is no need for such an intro, really. The three are back at the airport to go to Singapore when they meet Harika  (Payal Ghosh) and her friend who are going to India for Harika’s pelli-chupullu. It is love at first sight for Dhruv, but has only two hours to know the girl, get her to like him, make her fall for him, and say yes to marry him. Great premise, but unfortunately the journey from here on does not really take off. What could have been a major fun ride is made to continue like a film without much action, fizz, fun, twists, and jhatkas (essential for small films which want to be different from the mainstream). The only highlight of the film is Brahmanandam—-if not for him the film is a total loser on it’s own. The story could have been packed with so much more, but it is only limited to episodes between two highly talentless actors called Manchu Manoj and Payal Ghosh. Again, where are the characters? An airport is a Universe in itself, why would anybody want to make a movie without many characters? it would have been so much fun…the possibilities are limitless.

The analogies between bus stations and rail stations to life are quite natural and common: each train is an opportunityprayanam_poster2 in life, people come and go etc etc. The movie story, however, does not do justice to the title. Instead, the movie is only about showing Manchu Manoj’s (lack of) acting skills and several silly attempts by the hero trying to win over the heroine in those two hours. Not to worry, towards the end the hero and heroine get together! Yes! After all the silly attempts by the hero, one such silly attempt (of writing something at the back of a baggage trolley) makes the heroine 30 minutes before boarding her flight want to test out the hero by giving him a survey. He answers it, submits it through a passenger and lo and behold the heroine and her friend come out of the flight to accept the hero! Yes, to the movie’s credit…it is clean, light, and has it’s share of funny moments. Check out the Tiger-Man episode of Brahmanandam and also the Bomb episode…truly hilarious. However, Manchu Manoj just cannot act for nuts, he struggles hard and he must quit trying to do a Pawan Kalyan from Khushi. The heroine looks okay, but looks dumb at times. Her characterization also is dumb because any decent girl in her place would have slapped the guy one on his cheek.

I must also mention here that I really liked the background music, although the first song was totally unncessary even if it wanted to showcase Mr. Manoj as a rising hero (i couldn’t get myself to use the word star). Frankly, coming from Chandrashekar Yeliti who earlier gave films with strong scripts like Aithe and Anukokunda Oka Roju, Prayanam‘s script is weak. However, given that most films today either give you a heachache or make you curse yourself, Prayanam offers some relief and simple time pass. The dissapointment is more because of the potential that was lost from the concept and of course why Mr. Manchu Manoj in this film?—a better actor would only have helped the film.

Mr. Inkenti’s Movienomics Verdict: Only One Thumb Up, and that too for Mr. Brahmanandam becaue of whom most movies are watchable today.


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  1. Swetha said

    read couple of your reviews.. like them in general, but regarding “prayanam”, I felt you grossly under-played the excellent acting of one of the hero’s friends (the guy with spectacles).. i feel that half the credit for the comedy goes to him.. also, as you understand, attempting to write such a script with limited locations, situations and characters (5 to be precise) is quite a challenge in itself.. the writing was very fresh – none of the usual joke-book rip-off jokes .. also, i feel you were quite harsh with regard to Manoj.. i am not a fan by any count, but going by the new-telugu hero standards, he can pass. Also, pavan kalyan appeared very fake when he tried to pull off a cool-dude image in kushi with his irritating body language.. ofcourse, most people liked him for that – that’s a different issue..


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