Oye Telugu Movie Review— Oye….Couldn’t You Find a Better Story?!

mr-inkentiAgreed, I am getting repetitive while reviewing movies (particularly Telugu) while stating that designer posters are corresponding to badly designed movies. But what else can I say? When I first saw Oye‘s posters with a smart, handsome Siddharth in googles, bag back, with a guitar and a tag line that reads “his first love called him…”, I thought this one would be a Smash Hit! You expect that something different will be dished out: what is his first love: music, life, travel? Add to the expectations, some really cool compositions by Yuvan Shankar Raja. By the time you are reaching the middle of the film you wonder where the coolness is and by the time you hit interval you hit your head in despair: is this is the film? Frankly, Oye dissapoints.


OyUday (Siddharth) is a cool dude kinda guy with a fat friend Krishnudu (the lead of the sweet film Vinayakudu). For Uday, life is short, rich, and needs to be enjoyed with a party. Wow! such a different characterization for a hero given our Telugu movie standards (sarcasm, by the way). The girl, Sandhya (Shyamili) is the exact opposie with simple tastes, big values, and full of discipline. On a new year eve bash at a pub to which Sandhya is forced to come by her friend who is a mother of three kids, she bumbs in to Uday who is all keen to flirt with her. However, Sandhya gives him her deal of life and the next day when our hero Uday’s father dies with googles and white dress standing near to his father’s body, he decides that he loves Sandhya and wants to pursue her. From this point on till the interval Uday is trying to get friendly with Sandhya by living as her paying guest upstairs and concealing from her his true ultra-rich identity (yes, like Ghajini). Fortunately for the audience this part of the film, although without much characters, is quite funny and provides some decent time pass. There is also a forced and unrelated comedy track of Sunil as an insurance agent. Just before the interval, in her master health check up Sandhya is diagnosed with cancer. For some strange reason the director does not want the heroine to know this.

The second half is all about fulfilling Sandhya’s wishlist, which include a trip a Kasi and also watching the first day first show of  Pawan Kalyan, the Power Star, film (the theater erupted in screams upon hearing this reference). The first day scenes in Kolkata for Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s Annavaram film will be a treat for Mega-Power fans! Uday convinces Sandhya to reveal her wishlist by giving a dumb reason that both will die in a week. Thus, they go by ship to Kolkatta and from there to Kasi and back to Hyderabad in a helicopter. Some comedy thrown in here and there. Finally, towards the end Sandhya finds out about her illness. Thankfully, the ending is well shown: they show both together sitting on a bench and the next shot in the next year they show only Uday. The director tried to do a modern Gitanjaali, but the attempt simply falls flat on it’s face. Nothing is in order in the film: the story, characters, or the characterizations. The director, Anand Ranga, needs to know that he cannot just get away by such cheap senti-stunts of showing the heroine with cancer and say that a few of the audience cried so it is sentimental. Much has changed in the field of Caner since the days Prakash and Geethanjali were diagnosed with cancer in 1989 in the classic Geethanjali. There is no need for not telling the patient about the illness, there is advanced medicine now. The saddest part of the film is that it has been so badly developed that you just don’t feel the sadness Uday is feeling and in fact you can hear the audience heckling and predicting.

There is nothing in wrong in making a film about a serious medical condition, but the film must have it’s heart at theoy2 right place. Unfortunately, Oye cannot handle the sentiment it wants to potray because it’s story is just that much under developed. My next question: where are the characters? You need characters to make a memorable film. Coming to the performances, Siddharth is his usual self with nothing new to offer except that we know he loves Ray Ban glasses. It’s possible you might think he plays a blind man in his film because on every poster he has black glasses, but he not playing such a role. His face looks too thin and haggard at times. Five out of six who went for this film didn’t like the heroine, Shyamili, but I really liked her. She reminds us of the Jhyandala movie-type heronies: being simple is being beautiful. After I don’t know how long I get to see a heroine in a film who is fully clothed, looks decent, pretty, simple and someone you can relate to. She acts well too, but how I wish she got a better story. The songs are really good with the first two being the highlight: Seheri and Oye…first love. Seheri…simply rocked when I saw it in full dts blast at Sudarshan 70mm.

Hardcore Siddharth fans can watch this film because at least the songs are enjoyable. I was really hoping Siddharth would give something different to Telugu audience, but he offers the same old stuff badly packaged. For those who want some entertainment will be in for a dissapointment. Yes, the songs are the only saving grace.

Mr. Inkenti’s Movienomics Verdict: Thumbs Down.



  1. Sudeep said

    Are you by any chance a movie director? Have you ever wondered why directors, especially debutants, make movies with tested and tried story plots? The reason is simple – it’s the producers who decide almost everything. See how the movie is made – that shows how good a director is. I think Anand Ranga has tremendous potential, some scenes of the movie make U think it’s a professional who has directed the movie – not a debutant director.

    • hanam said

      I think this film is copy of Kannada “Amrutdhare”

  2. Anonymous said

    Extremely disappointing movie. Lucky, I did not pay money to watch this. Not worth a penny.

  3. funky said

    The above review is completely wrong…… Covering whole life in 3 hours is not a joke. In this movie the director did an excellent job………. and charcters are good. It’s a clean movie without too much romantic seens.

    Finally, TRUE heart understands the theme of the movie………

    Thank you YUVAN SHANKAR RAJA becz the music is outstanding………

    I really enjoyed allot………………….

    Hearly congrats to OYE team………… continue the same thing……..

    Dont get upset with the above meaningless comments………….

  4. anonymous said

    well.. I agree with almost every comment you made.I strongly disappoints and more than any thing story doesn’t seem to be complete and artificially made to show a cool guy falling in love with a dolice girl shamili. You hopes reach a new height after first hr but strong get disappointed by the story line of remaining part of movie which forcefully follows from the first part to give mix of emotions to the movie. I pity the telugu industry for lack of braveness to come out with something new and not bother about having traditional mix of comedy…senti…love.

    I would also like to leave a comment on the fans of telugu movies.Rather than cheering the aged stars and their offsprings also encourage talented young newcomers without godfathers.

  5. sri said

    you hit the nail on the head when you said the movie couldnt portary the sentiments it wanted to portray. That done nicely the movie wudve been good. 🙂

  6. Ritesh said

    what a outstanding music by YUVAN SHANKAR RAJA..really he is one talented music director..he’s got that music sense that we youth need and he tries his best and most of his work show his competency and we need more of his music.. Yuvan you rock man!!!

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