Magadheera Main Theater Release in RTC X Roads, Hyderabad

The other day when I was at Sandhya 35mm, after having a deadly plat of Bawarchi Biryani, to watch Current, I asked the guy where Magadheera is releasing hoping that it will be Sandhya 70mm. Nopes, he told me it will most likely be Sudarshan 35mm.

When I went to watch Oye at Sudarshan 70mm, I walked across to see the posters on the walls of and there it was…the mighty poster of Magadheera with the classic movie-lingo poster titled 35mm COMING (35mm on top and COMING at the bottom), which unfortunately I couldn’t get on my 2 megapixal cell phone camera. The film is expected to release on July 22, but I wonder why Sandhya 70mm will choose to run a flop film called Ride. The original bangaru kodipetta played at Sandhya 70mm so I thought it would be nice if the new one too played on the very same silver screen, but Sudarshan 35mm seems to always do a great job in brining home the blockbusters. Oh well, enjoy the poster and lets hope the Sudarshan 35mm sentiment works out for Magadheera as well!

God Bless the RTC X Roads culture…For those of you stuck up on multiplexes, just try these single screens to experience the movies.



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