Kambaqkkht Ishq Hindi Movie Review— A Kambaqkkht Of A Film—Yucky!

mr-inkentiI had no intentions of writing the review of Kambaqkkht Ishq so early or in such haste, but reading initial reports on boxofficeindia.com and indiafm.com about “bumper” openings for film caused a lot of concern in me. Concern because reading these reports other moviegoers might be prompted to actually watch this movie, which is without doubt the shittiest film of 2009 yet. Not only is this film shitty, the marketing of the film is misleading. In fact, Kambaqkkht Ishq is a freemake of a Kamal Hassan starrer (Tamil/Telugu film). To put the record straight, Kambaqkkht Ishq is one of the crappiest films, which should be avoided at all costs in order to save you from a headache.

KI_posterThe film’s posters introduce Akshay Kumar as a stuntman and Kareena Kapoor as a super model. The makers of this film ought to be ashamed of themselves for such cheating. If you see the film you will find that Kareena Kapoor is actually a surgeon/medico! who is in designer model outfits when she is not in her surgeon gown. In one instance, when she needs some money to pay her registration fee she does a model act in Italy. Thats it. Secondly, the film is shamelessly taken from the comedy film Brahmachari (January 15th, 2002 in Telugu) starring Kamal Hasan, Simran, Sneha. Now, coming to Kambaqkkht Ishq–Viraj (Akshay Kumar) is a stuntman for Hollywood action films and is a player who loves to ‘play’ with women. Bebo/Sim (Kareena Kapoor) desists men because she feels they all like to only ‘play’ with women like her father and sister’s husband. Thus, Viraj and Bebo hate each other calling each other “bitch” and “dog” in generous proportions. Bebo goes all out to wreck her friend’s Kamini (Amrita Arora) marriage to Lucky (Aftab). The film tags along with is ridiculous story (if you want to call this a story) when Viraj meets with an accident. This will be Bebo’s first surgery and by the end of it she drops her musical watch inside Viraj’s stomach and stitches it up! Thus, every hour Viraj and those around him get to her mangalam song and Bebo is in a fix as if this incident comes out in the open it will affect her career. Now, she plans to get close to Viraj, act as though she loves him, get him to the operation table and remove the watch. After soem drona dhona and idiotic sentiment, Bebo realizes that she was wrong and that Viraj is a good guy at heart. They both get married.

The film’s humor is in really bad taste—homosexuality, gender bashing etc including a scene which shows a big fat black woman wearing gloves and putting it deep in to Akshay Kumar’s ass to search for drugs! In terms of Star image, this film will badly hurt Akshay Kumar; this is one of this worst films and is in poor taste. Kareena Kapoor is her usual self…thin and sick looking with no acting talent. Rest of the cast is idiotic. There are a few Hollywood actors who make an appearence, but it made me wonder how useless they must be do accept such roles in a such a film. And does Akshay Kumar really need to show off with foreign models just becuaes his producer buddy decided to treat him to them and foot the bill? There is really no need for the film to be based in the USA and no need for Hollywood actors. Music is stale.

The film’s posters are misleading and the film is bound to tank as the days go by. The only reason why the film got big openings is because after such a long gap audience thought they can laugh away, but instead have been ill-treated with such a bad film.  I am shocked how Taran Adarsh supports such films. With this film, Akshay Kumar is a much reduced star.

Mr. Inkenti’s Movienomics Verdict: Two Thumbs Way Down!…..Please Avoid.

PS–i could have written a lot more, but did not want to waste my time and energy on this film. Hope I did my service by informing you about not watch this film.



  1. Atul said

    Abe sale.. thera kya jaata hai. Saale, film banaye kisi ne, mehnat kya kisine, paise lagaya kisne, thu hijre …. apna khujli band rak. Tuje pasand nahi hai theek hai… saale dusron ki roti pe kyon ulti kartha hai… saale din raat mehnat kartne junior artists, jo in picturon se jude hote hain. Inka next project, ek hit pe joda hota hai… especially in an industry filled with superstition….they dont want people that may be associated with a failure.

  2. Mahima Jain said

    thats crap reasoning mr. atul…lets all make a movie in 1 month and ask every1 to watch it and make a hit on moral grounds. the viewers cant be taken for a ride. this is business. they are paying money to be entertained and not to get head aches!

  3. Vishwas said

    I agree with Atul on some of his thoughts. There is a limit to everything. Don’t force your opinion on me, you have the right to convey your opinion. I am thankful to you for that…. On the other hand, you don’t have right to abuse others, verbally or physically.

    We indians are good are over exaggerating everything. Be it cricket or entertainment celebrity, while we dont ourseleves to such lofty scales.

  4. Vishwas said

    oh.. ms. Mahima, if you thought u can make a hit movie within a month…. then isnt that what u should be doing? Tell you what, Ms. Genius, there is a lot of money waiting for you to made of your talent. I hope you can leverage it and benefit from it.

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