Magadheera Music Review— Only One Golden Song, Otherwise Dissapoints!

A few hours before the petrol prices were being hiked, I pulled in to the Srinagar Colony petrol pump to fill up the tank feverishly punching through the FM tuner hoping to hear the Golden Kodi Peta song (I left the CD at home by mistake). Just as my car’s turn came up, 98.3 played up The Bangaru Kodipetta song from Magadheera and I was flooded with requests from the petrol pump guys to pump my volume (my car features a high voltage system with a 1000 watt woofer and amp)! Back in 1992, when the song first released, and even now in 2009 the number is creating a mass hysteria. Ok, I just realized that this is not a write up on Bangaru Kodipett, but a review of the film’s music. So here goes—

wp-7magadheera800Magadheera‘s audio disappoints and to put it even bluntly it SUCKS! When you first see the posters you are bound to expect that the music will be royal, but the songs have no ‘dum’. None of the five original songs composed by MM Keeravani are impressive. Add to this list the remix of MegaStar Chiranjeevi’s mega blockbuster song Bangaru Kodipetta. So a total of six songs, but one of them is a rolling titles music, which means a majority of the audience will miss this song because our single screens don’t beleive in playing through the rolling credits after the first day or two. In fact, I am so dissapointed with the songs of this film that I will not waste my time and energy on writing about them, but I guess I can mention them: Dheera Dheera Dheera…slow and boring, Panchadhara Bomma.…another below average song, Jorsey...pls skip this, Nakosam Nuvu…kindly skip, Rolling Titles Music…sounds like a left over from Simhadri. Given Ram Charan Tej’s dancing abilities and SS Rajamouli’s grand scale of mounting the film, the songs are most likely to look good on screen, but not beyond that.

The album begins with Bangaru Kodipetta sung confidently by Ranjit. While the new version retains several elements of the original song, a few dumb changes have been made–like adding some fast paced African jungle beats (for the first 60 seconds and at a point in the middle). Lets be clear on one thing…the new version is nowhere near the original, but having said that lets be easy on the young duo of Ranjith and Ram Charan; afterall, this is their tribute an iconic Telugu song. Whatever may be the case, just enjoy the rivival of this truly beautiful song because there is no semblence of such gradeur in the movies we are seeing in this day and age and neither will there ever be a song like the 1992 original Bangaru Kodipetta, even visually.

Ok, the music review of Magadheera is done—it is bad, but lets talk a little more about Bangaru Kodipetta. Even till today I remember the oil paint posters of Gharana Mogudu at Sandhya 70mm, RTC X Roads, the spectacular video of the song at the Vizag shipyard with Chiru at the peak of his heroism with a sleeveless purple shirt and white pant teasing the buxom beauty of Disco Shanti. Thank you so much Mr. K Raghavendra Rao (KRR)—you really knew how to entertain the masses. Apart from the song, tune, and dance what really makes the song special is Disco Shanthi—she really is saucy and sexy. What I like best about the song is the way Chiru pulls off parts of her dress as the song progresses and she is left with two pieces! Add to that the way Mr. KRR shows her…pacca mass masala! Just do what I did before writing up this piece—watch the original Bangaru Kodipetta on You Tube, relive and revive yourself. Such events have stopped coming by in Tollywood and with Mega Star Chiranjeevi gone a different way, such events will never happen ever again. This one reason is enough to watch this film to catch glipme of The Mega Star in the new version of the song along with his son. May Time stand still at that moment when Chiru is rivived and made to relive in this song.

As for Ram Charan Tej, he needs to find his own Bangaru Kodipetta. Ok, this time is fine, but next time around he really needs a song that will make an icon just like his father and uncle, the Power Star. It remains to be seen how the new version has been shot: who is the Disco Shanthi, will be it as naughty and sweet, will it have real dance steps or just fast camera edits? lets see. However, it could have really really helped had Mr. Keeravani come up with better tunes and grand music. To my surprise there are hardly any posts about the music review on’s disscussion board (the best place, btw, to feel the pulse of a movie). Anyways, the posters look great, the trailor aired during the audio function was power-packed, the rumored story based on rebirth seems interesting and will most likely work given Indian cinema history, and given that the industry is going some sort of a Great Movie Depression, Magadheera is all set to set the box office on fire.

Mr. Inkenti’s Movienomics Verdict: Thumbs Down! (the verdict is not meant for the Bangaru Kodipetta remix)

Mr. Inkenti’s Pick: Bangaru Kodipetta (the original, if possible)

PS—the album has an irritating Pepsi commerical.

Enjoy the original…



  1. rajesh said

    nuvvu cheppinantha ledu bosss….songs bagunnai …..

  2. vamsi said

    Songs gets good after listening few times…..probably not as expected but not as bad as u explained….by this time you too might have been thinking that you have put a wrong opinion about the songs.

  3. KK said

    Songs are really nice..!!

    the music is soothing.. and lyrics are very nice…!!

    Only thing i can see.. is you need to listen to them in cool mind so that you change your opinion and write a new interesting blog post again!!

    Petrol prices might have irritated you most so that you came to this conclusion!!

  4. Critic said

    these are the Worst songs which i heard.. very very bad ones.

  5. buzz off said

    u r a real piece of shit writing reviews… i guess u r one of those a$$ fit fr nothin….this gr8 reviewer MR.inkenti{i`d call hime Mr. a.**} finds the use of F wrd to be obscene.. see hie own wrds in DEV D review..”Characters openly use words like fuc*, sex, have you and paro done that? etc. Is is the New Cinema that critics are talking (some even raving) about? To me it is plain cheap”.. he finds this cheap.. n look wat he calls a classic …hero pulling of a vamp`s clothes n see the video he even touches her bosom…” in his own words ..What I like best about the song is the way Chiru pulls off parts of her dress as the song progresses and she is left with two pieces” .. i`d say u piece of shit go get a life… yu r a cheapo.. n so r ur reviews…

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