NEW YORK Hindi Movie Review— Yash Raj’s Crappy Trip to NYC!

I’ve been in Mumbai over the last two weeks and have seen 5 movies so far, including New York last night, but it hardly feels like I am watching movies in the so-called Capital of Indian Movie Industry. An average day is characterized by almost-zero crowd at the plexes, hight ticket prices (you seriously begin to think if it is worth spending such money on such hopeless movies) and a total absence of any excitement because you probably will get your tickets even if you land five minutes before the show time. True, you might say this is probably because of the multiplex-producers strike and lack of any new Hindi films, but anecdotal evidence suggests that that might not exactly be the case. What is interesting to note is that it is because of these multiplexes that we have movies like New York and vice-versa. The outcome: Hindi movies today don’t even understand the pulse of the masses (read the majority), a chain of corporate multiplexes with exorbitantly high ticket prices that has brought Bollywood to its knees. So producers make movies for the multiplex audiences and NRI audience (supposedly), but they end up falling flat on their faces just like New York.

Alight, enough of my multiplex-bashing and lets get to the point of Yash Raj’s first film of 2009. Honestly, this film could have sparked up the box office as it is coming from Yash Raj Films (YRF) and at a time when moviegoers are starved for entertainment. However, once again producer Aditya Chopra has it all wrong and adds one more crappy film to YRF’s library catalog. At a time when audience would have lapped up candy floss romance, comedy, songs etc…we are shown YRF sponspored dissertation of America’s Homeland Security policies post-9/11 directed by Kabir Khan. Unlike what Taran Adarsh has to say, this film is about 9/11 and borrows heavily from Khuda Kay Liye. Samir/Sam (John Abraham), Maya (Katrina Kaif) and Omar (Neil Nitin Mukesh) are good friends who are shown only playing rugby, visiting pubs by which time they have finished two years of graduate school at New York State University without even opening their books even once! (the direction is really dumb) Trust me, going through graduate school will not be so easy. Sam and Maya are Indian Americans, Omar comes to pursue graduate school form India and they all become good friends. Yes, it is a triangle so Omar begins to like-like Maya, but later realizes that Maya loves Sam. In fact, so intense is his love for Maya that even as the entire college community is shocked with the 9/11 events, our man Omar walks away from that scene as he is more disturbed looking at Maya resting her head on Sam’s shoulder and crying. Seven years later, Omar is set-up by the FBI, detain him, threaten him and Irfan Khan as the FBI man convinces him that actually his former best-friend Sam is running a sleeper cell in New York City (NYC) and Omar needs to use his previous friendship network to break in to that network.

Omar does not believe it first, but later agrees only to prove the FBI guy wrong. Wow! watte friendship! So after 7 years of disappearing from his love (like how Kajol did in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai…) he re-appears, but now Maya and Sam are a family with a kid. Omar now has to win Sam’s trust and see if he really is what the FBI is saying he is. It turns out that he is, but the system made him one. He too was detained as a suspect and to take revenge he wants to give it back to the system that treated him like an animal. Anyways, our man Omar then finds out that even Maya is aware of Sam’s activities, but is hoping that he will come back to normal life. Omar, who know enjoys FBI status, negotiates to arrange amnesty for his girl friend’s husband, but it is too late as Sam is busy planting cell-phone bombs all over the FBI headquarters at a time when his wife is negotiating with the gora FBI boss. The end?—Sam and May have their last talk on the terrace a few minutes before snipers in FBI black copters come and shoot them down. Please don’t ask why Katrina also was shot, but she is. So Omar is left the kid and his FBI friend.

The movie is crappy with several nonsensical direction moments, which I cannot list as it is beyond the scope of this review. To the film’s credit, it starts bang-on and the first couple of revelations do catch your interest, but after that point the film hits a plateau in terms of story and all counts that qualify for a film that entertains or engages. Coming to the performances: John Abraham is his usual wooden-expression self, Katrina Kaif is average and to make it appear that she is acting the director decided that they will not apply any make-up (the climax scenes), Neil Nitin Mukesh is good, but he is too white to succeed as a Bollywood hero. In fact, Neil has more role to play. Irfan Khan is the only good actor in the film. Can I please request Mr. Kabir Khan to stop making movies on American foreign policy or homeland security policies?  Kabir Khan wasted YRF’s money and tortured the audience with Kabul Express and now again with New York. The worst part of the film is that it does a major disservice to the cause of Human Rights—the audience are found mocking and laughing at the characters instead of feeling for them, their condition, and the entire issue of Human Rights in the backdrop of fighting terrorism in all nations of the world today.

It simply beats my imagination how Aditya Chopra accepts to produce such scripts. How can you make a good film on a sensitive issue by casting a set of models (John, Katrina, and Neil)? don’t you need actors like Irfan Khan? and why is the title of the film named “New York”—is it for the NRI audience who will flock to the theaters furing the first three days? and a very basic question: why do we make such films which are far removed from what concerns our masses? I am sure by the end of the preview show, Papa Chopra must have put his hand on his head in despair wondering why on Earth his son continues to produce such idiotic films—why can’t he just sign up the top stars, have good songs, romance, entertain and just get done with it.

Mr. Inkenti’s Movienomics Verdict: Thumbs Down! Don’t waste your money on this one, wait for it to come on TV.

PS: By the way, we are requested to stand up in respect for the National Anthem, and everybody actually stands; thats something amazing about Mumbaikars. Apparently, this is the practice in Mumabi. I highly doubt if anybody will be as civil in Hyderabad.



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  2. Sadia said

    What the hell r u talking abt?? I saw this movie and i think its one of Yash Raj’s best movies ever. Its realistic unlike most bollywood films. I guess ur not used to seeing film that actually have a story

  3. pat said

    you are spot on..SHITTING MOVIE..just DL it for free or wait till it comes on tele ..THUMBS DOWN!!

  4. Vaibhav said

    Yaa thats what we are tryin to say…Its the best movie from Yash Raj sarcastically speaking. He cannot come up with sumthin better than this which has been proven over years.

  5. Bob R. said

    This is a totally biased movie that actually sympathises with terrorists and their ways. Probably funded by arab $$ just ike the rest of Bollywood.

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