The Comeback Post

I know, I shouldn’t be doing this. So what if work gets busy, does that mean I must stop making blog posts? There was a time when I was blogging away, but now I don’t get the time and more importantly space to blog. The good thing about this is that it means now I have work at office and, more importantly, I am doing it! Even now, I am in office and there is work, but there is a sense of uneasiness in me that I am not blogging. So, here I go.

Although my last post was on April 10th following a disasterous film I watched, I have been seeing movies regularly (I am able to squeeze time for that, but not for writing the reviews), watching the news, and following the affairs. So take it one by one:

1. I voted! Yes, for the first time as a Citizen of India. Even as many I knew were struggling to register to vote, my voting card was ready for me by the time I came back from the US. When the Govt folks came home to register, my dad found a passport sized photograph of mine from the late 1990s when I was in High School—big busy curly hair, even thicker eyebrows, side locks, lean face and depressed cheeks. I still look more or less the same, but—the curls are a little less thicker, eyebrows more diciplined, not side burns, and the face is not that lean anymore and you can feel the cheeks. Oh yes, the photograph is in my high school uniform.

2. I voted for the guy to whose tunes I’ve danced to and for whose movies I’ve screamed, whistled, became hysterical, and threw papers for in theaters (even in the U.S.). Needless to say, the biggest blockbuster event rolling on in the State of Andhra Pradesh are the Elections. Who Will Be the CM?—-that is the big question. The chase seems quite close, lets jsut wait and see who wins.

3. Yes, I’ve been watching movies. Firstly, there are nothing worthy playing right now. Bollywood and the Multiplexes are in a stand off, and Telugu films as usual are making B-grade, C-grade material. Single screens at Hyderabad are bringing back the good old classics.

4. The heat is crazy, but where are the mangoes?

Ok, this was a warm up post,will do more, I am sure.


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