Mummaith Khan Punnami Nagu Movie Review— Absolutely Pathetic and Unwatchable!

Another one of those instances in life when the individual is deceived. Saucy posters, juicy Item-Star Mummaith Khan, and a director who is well known for those good-old blockbusters* make Punnami Nagu a perfect outing for single men on a Friday afternoon at a single screen. The outcome: we walk out in one hour when the letters BREAK were displayed on screen. My friend and I sat on the sofa seats of Sensation after a tea at Cafe Yadgar well expecting a high-quality B grade film, but began rolling on the screen was a premium quality D grade film! Twenty minutes in to the film and my friend whispered in to my ear: I don’t think you will be able to review this film!

punnaminaguHmm…I don’t quite know what to write. Feels strange. I vaguely remember the film begining with a conversation up in heaven between two celestial beings about humans, their atrocities on Nature and how they will eventually pay for it. Hmm…wow! I thought; a Mummaith Khan film with potential for adult entertainment along with a story to do with global issues. The celestial being then narrates on how the humans can appease Lord Shiva for their redemption; apparently, this will hapen when two snakes will dance, combine their energies, and blah…blah…The female snake is Mummaith Khan. Even as these two celestial snakes are dancing, a local lady-tantric and three snake-skin traders have teamed to capture power of the world by some means. The three villians are facinated by the snake skin and shoot one down and are chided for their foolish act. Now, the chase is catch a woman who has a snake symbol or something like that on her back. This woman is again Mummaith Khan who is first shown dancing away in Malayasai. She is also the daughter of a police officer who is killed by these villains when he is investigating in to the case of the missing girls (the girls from the hostel these villians are kidnapping, opening their blouses to see if any one is the snake-lady). Mumaith then vows to take revenge on these guys. Meanwhile, there is a gang of good-for-nothing petty theives are going on about their daily lives. Describing their petty lives is beyond the mandate of this blog. Anyways, one of the gang members is Rajiv Kanakala who save Mammaith and admit her in the hospital in an incident when she is beaten black and blue by the goons. The goons find out from their tantric guru that Mummaith is the girl they need so they force the doctor to implant the celestial jewel in to her (they do it on her thigh; me thinks they should have done it on her chest).

Even though the duty doctor has told the goons that she will be in coma for six months, she walks out and enters the house of Rajiv Kanakala. She is now the celestial snake and the movie takes a break. My friend and I decided that although we came prepared to see crap, this was much worse than crap. It is simply unwatchable! Given the movie lover I am, I am still wonder as I write this blog how the film will proceed towards it’s logical conclusion. I am sure the lady snake will find it’s male partner and they will dance finally to appease Lord Shiva or whatever. It is impossible to believe that A Kodandarami Reddy* has directed this film. This director played a vital role in shaping up and directing some of Chiranjeevi’s biggest blockbusters. In fact, Chiru-Kodandarami were the blockbuster combo. And now, this same director has come up with this shameless product. I mean, what is this? It is not a horror film, not a scary film, not even a sleazy film. It is absolutely bad with pathetic direction, awful screenplay and an idiotic story.

I am even surprised I have been able to write so much of a review for this film. My dear male counterparts, do not make the mistake of watching this film with your family for it may be the end of your relationship with them or it may be the last movie together. Mummaith Khan is totally useless in her acting here.  Nope, there is no exposing either; its the same Mummaith style pelvic gyration dance steps. As for the single guys whose mouths are watering for Mummaith, just forget about this crap and watch that item song from Pokiri that Mummaith is all about.

Mr. Inkenti’s Movienomics Verdict: Two Thumbs Way Way Way…..Way Down…Down…Down!!!

*I stand corrected about the director for this film. I first wrote that the director is Kodi Ramakrishna. In fact, the reason why I ventured in to this film on it’s first day is thinking it is a Kodi-Mummaith Combo. Thanks to hello for posting the comment and correcting me.



  1. hello said

    hello subbarao, director of punnami nagu is not kodi ramakrishna of arundhati.. its A.Kodandarami reddy.. wat kinda reviewer r u?

  2. Mr Can't Can't said

    Life is full of surprises. Can’t believe you ve managed to review this 🙂

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