LIVE BLOG: 81st Annual Oscar Academy Awards

10:24am: all the cast and crew come up on stage. including the real stars of the film: the kids!!! they are all there! The producer thanks everybody. Says it was a collaboration, when they started they didn’t have money or stars, but had a solid script and a genious of a director.

Bollywood’s song-dance-drama is truly King of Cinema. I always believed it in it, and now even the Oscars acknowledges it. Thank you so much Danny Boyle.

This is not India’s dream run as some Indian web sites are calling it, this is only thanks for Danny Boyle and Christian Colson the producer.

10:23 am: Best  Picture nominees annonced!: Slumdog Millionare wins it!!!!

9:51am: Danny Boyle gives his acceptance speech. Honestly, I couldn’t understand much of what he was talking because of his British accent and he was very excited because of which he was talking fast. He thanked Mumbai and also the guy who choreographed the Jai Ho dance; apparently, that guy’s name was forgotten in the credits and Danny Boyle only realized it 2 weeks back.

9:50 am: best director nominees are announced. Danny Boyle wins for Slumdog!!!

9:30 am: ARR wins for Jai Ho (along with Gulzar for lyrics). Again, ARR gives a short and simple speech. He was on stage as he has just finished performing live. He comes, smiles and thanks Danny Boyle for this opportunity. The camera shows Danny Boyle as he is covering this mouth with his hands (i think he was emotional). ARR also says that Slumdog is about hope and optimism and says that all his life he had a choice between hate and love and he choice love–thats why he is here.

Earlier when ARR won his first Oscar it was an emotional moment for my wife and I. I am really happy for ARR—i’ve been his fan since a kid for his music and now the guy has won the Oscar.

However, i felt ARR could have done a better job with his acceptance speech. He didn’t dedicate the award to India; perhaps, he was too nervous.


Bollywood color added to the Oscars as O Saya is performed with indian south indian dancers and drums. Followed by a song from Wall e

now, Jai Ho is being performed. simply superb!

9:25: ARR WINS!!!!!!!!

as usual his speech was simple, short and sweet. he said that the last time he was nervous was when he was getting married. he thanked his mother and his team. then said somethiing in Tamil about God is Great. i was hoping he will talk more, but we know the guy he doesn’t speak much.

9:22 am: It’s Monday morning, it’s a holidy for my wife and I and we’re sitting in front of the TV since morning watching LIVE & EXCLUSIVE on Star Movies. Eagerly waiting for A R Rahman’s live performance (is it over?). The funny thing both are tensed and anxious about Slumdog. It looks like the film is sweeping the awards.

When the film won for best editing for some it was a little emotional when the guy (who looked like an Indian) dedicated the award to his country and the word Om.

Among the audience, I don’t see ARR and the film’s kids. A live orchestra is being performed; lets hope ARR does one too. o wait…slumdog theme is being shown with music. ended with the frech kiss scene from the movie.


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  1. Shwetha said

    Mr Inkenti, you are the best film critic……I really appreciate your great work…. I am your fan….

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