Aishwarya Rai’s Pink Dresses—Why the Hype?!

For the past few days I’ve been  seeing photographs (all over the web) of the various dresses Aishwarya Rai is wearing at various locations for Pink Panther 2’s premier shows. Truth be told, in the black gown she was looking like a monkey. Yes, she was awful with a plastic face. Her expressions are artificial and lifeless.

Seeing all these photos I wondered how much her role is in the film and I got curious to see how the film has performed at the box-office. Guess what? Pink Panter 2 is an utter flop at the North American box office. In it’s second weekend it slipped to #8 and it’s opening was poor.

So why all this hype over her dresses for an utter flop film? In stead, can the media please focus on the little slum kids headed for the Oscars and how their life has changed (sponsored education)? instead of focussing on the silly outfits of a silly model.



  1. sajitha said

    hey you are absolutely correct that there is no need of so much hype on what aishwarya is wearing where. she does not know acting and the thing which makes me hate her is her ridiculous dress sense. Among it the pink gown which she wrote was just awful as ever.

  2. Shwetha said

    Mr Inkenti, this is exactly what I felt about the issue……. its so strange that our views are same.

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