Will SRK’s Billu Barber be a Blockbuster Flop?

Produced by Shahrukh Khan’s home banner and featuring SRK himself, Irfan Khan starrer Billu Barber is a pre-destined Blockbuster-release. The film will be Irfan Khan’s biggest opener and his career’s biggest commercial film, but if the news I gathered is corrected the film is on it’s way to become a Blockbuster Flop.

The film is made on a modest budget of 18 crores, which means this entire cost can be recovered in the first weekend itself combining domestic and international markets (by banking on the SRK factor). However, I read that the film has been sold for an astronomical price of 50 crores to Eros International. This means that up untill the 50 crore number is touched the film is not even safe. Now, keep in mind this is Irfan Khan starrer and not an SRK starrer and the film was an utter flop in Tamil and Telugu, which featured none other than Rajnikanth himself. I’ve seen the Telugu version and looking at the trailers, the music album (SRK has 4 tracks for himself), I have a feeling the film will lose steam on it’s first Monday. This is a weekend-family film.

I am surprised that SRK, for all his claims of being a student of economics and understanding the economics of film making (he said he doesn’t charge much, but takes a share of the profit), has sold the film for such a high amount. I was hoping all along that the film will be sold for a modest amount (say 25-30 crores and the rest could have been a share of the profit). Had that been the case the film would have gathered super-hit talk within three days as it reached it’s break-even and anything more than that would have only added to the film’s stamina at the box office. Yes, SRK’s production house could have just taken a share of the profit.

Our film makers need to understand that the below-average remake material they present is not worth the astronomical prices they are sold and brought for. Anyways, lets wait and see if Billu Barber will deliver a hit hair cut at the box office. The key to success for any film, big or small, is the rate at which it is sold.



  1. Abdallah said

    I feel you are one of srk’s haters, waiting for him to make a mistake…but your superhero akshay has had a disaster(jumbo) and flop(cc2c) already, so he’s out of the race!!relax dude, srk will always remain the king of bollywood!!!

  2. The microblogs on dilkholkebolo.com simply inspired me to go and search more masalas on it. In doing so, I even got a chance to watch its trailer. It is a nice movie – a typically ‘next door’ type of movie. The foot tapping songs to which Bollywood babes Kareena, Deepika and Priyanka shake a leg is definitely worth a watch. I am searching for more details on the movies. Do watch out for Garma Garam Billu Barber microblogs at dilkhokebolo.com.


    hey……wat all changes come in world…..srk remain’s as the king of bollywood…not…akki..ya aamir….so….billu is gonna rock….sumtym’s…der can b a chance…4 a break of the movie…tat doesnt mean’s srk is nt going2 b out….me an srk fan…..feel’s billu barber will b a vry intresting movie….& i am sure it’s gonna rock de screen’s…!!!!!>….

  4. harry said

    Billu is sold for 35 crore not 50 crore to Eros International

  5. hello friends i am from nepal. i watch the movie billu barber. the movie is too much emotional ie fantastic fren. The movie is all about friendship that we have in krishna and sudama in a very good way. This film is vvvvvv good. 5 in 5 rating.
    Shahrukh khan is my favourite actor. He has done shortic but very sincere role. irfan is so good lara too. The movie will be super hit that is so clear. It ll earn more than 70 crores or more.

    Fren why you have posted billubarber flop i don’t know. U should not even write in negative pessimistic for such superstars.

    Respect the superstars as shahrukh is the superstar of bollywood. He is the only all time blockbuster of the hindi industry and priyadarshan the comedy movie blockbuster. Both are no.1.

    instead of flop u should title super hit or not like this

    In nepal shaharukh film’s are always hit this time this movie too .

  6. Imran Mir said

    The review is toooooooooo BIASED…A good critical review is the one which writes both positive and negative aspects of a movie…but in this review, the writer is just thrashing SRK and Billu. It seems to me that maybe SRK must have refused to sign autograph for Mr. Inketni (the author of this blog)…We’ll know in the next 3-4 days where Billu stands…till then everyone is welcome to PECULATE…I guess…

  7. nadia said

    best movie i have ever seen

  8. al mamon said

    dear friends
    it was a telugu film which was a big fl;op.
    and about srk;s billu barber is also a big big flop. coz story and acting of srk is very flop.

  9. al mamon said

    dear abdhalla
    are u crazy about srk.dont think
    srk is king coz king is here the
    amir.ok u think srk is best then
    compare him with amir and i think if amir is
    getting 20/25 at a same time srk ll get 5/20.

  10. Northen said

    fl;op at all…such a stupit srk….

  11. kalsom said

    i watch the movies last nigt (fullhouse) interesting movies i enjoy srk is the best

  12. John said

    I think you are such an idiot to give such an verdict prior to release of the film.

  13. hi said

    it was awesome!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Abdallah said

    awesome movie, awesome acting, and akshay is not out of nthe race–he was never in the race!!!

  15. Naveed said

    Mr.Inketni it seems u r an akki or ny other actor’s fan..u must be highly disappointed on seeing cc2c’s boxoffice verdict…dats y u r trying 2 do d same wid billu..but pls remember whatever u do..u cant ever make billu a flop…its 1 of d best movie ever made in recens times..nd SRK is d king of Bollwyood nd will always remain so..billu is superb nd so is SRK….we luv u shahrukh….u rock!!

  16. Aron said

    Obviously those of you who are huge SRK fans would overlook any comments which call his movie a flop. But, from my view, and what I’ve researched this movie is a flop. I’ve watched this movie, and it doesn’t explain the essayed role of the characters. SRK is given so much attention in his songs, in spite the fact that Irrfan Khan is supposed to play the pivotal role. The movie itself doesn’t justify its storyline. I’ve seen way better films of SRK and like others had high expectations. Just because SRK has starred in numerous hit films doesn’t conclude that his following films won’t be average. In my opinion, even if this film has done well in the box office, is only based on its songs. This is my view about the movie, not SRK. SRK is a wonderful actor, but this movie could’ve been better.

  17. HARI said

    Ok movie, but Malayalam version was the best, and its irrfan movie, not shah rukh’s, shah rukh is jus hvng guest appearance, Irrfan has done well. Bur cant beat sreenivasan in acting that role

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