1. sridhar said

    Dear mr inkenti!
    I am glad some one has the guts to say the truth and call spade a spade .
    I hope star struck youth wont be violent with their reactions to your very well written truth. We are living in a city in which MLAs can get away with practically anything They can fire in air and threaten GOVT officials from stopping child labour. WE also have a MIM leader who says carrying jihadi literature is not a crime and a proven terrorist an innocent he also is audatious to say that he is MUSLIM first and then only he is INDIAN . EVEN A FOOL CAN MAKE OUT where HIS LOYALTY LIES Iam sorry from diverting from your topic but my heart burns when i learn that now he is got a LASHKAR to support him. Whre are we going At this rate Filmy CHIRU cannot help us ONLY the REAL CHIRANJEEVI THAT IS HANUMAN CAN LIFT US FROM THIS MISERY.

  2. kimjun said

    Looks as if you are too harsh on the mega star. Social changes are not bought about by politicl parties. If prp manages to run an honest government not withstanding all the scums who ae joining the party Cherinjivi s dream of working for the poor would have successed. After all the schemes for development are already in place no body needs to reinvent the wheel. What is required is sincerity and honesty in implementing them which prp is promising and the other two parties have failed.

  3. […] original post here: Why Chiranjeevi Cannot Bring in (Social) Change to Andhra Pradesh Related ArticlesBookmarksTags Chiranjeevi Chiranjeevi born as Konidela Siva Shankara Vara […]

  4. zouk said

    I agree with you on this .. it’s clearly the script written by allu arvind .
    However i’m relived that i no longer get to see his stupid and half assed movies ,but he is a good actor .

  5. ezdollers said

    Thanks for the nice post. If he is really a real leader to help people, he can do without politics also. What he so far did is established blood bank, with the help of government land and fans generated funds. I never known a poor helped by him. He says mother theressa as idol, but she is not earned money. she spent all her energy to poor. What he is ! and his back ground as a peoples leader! My heart felt sad to the poor people of Andhra Pradesh. Even If he would have spent the money he gets from a single film, one village could have been prosper. Frankly, he didn’t do anything to andhra people or to the village he was born. If he really wants to do good to Andra, he can do without joining politics. Definitely, he joined politics with his family members, to EARN not to help for sure.

  6. Puranapanda said

    Good post! just to share few thoughts- A new wave of change can only come when current epic-center of AP politial scene is shifted. Would you think other than PRP, is there any other party in the state could have dented TDP or Congress (I) in these general elections ?

    Ever since YSR came in power in 2004, It’s not a secret that Chandra babu kept telling his partymen to wait few more years to see TDP back in power! as long politics rotate around two parties, political leaders like CB Naidu keep thinking the same way.

    Look at Tamilnadu, same story, if people not happy with Karunanidhi, they bring Jaya lalitha, and bring him back to power when they become unhappy with Jaya. People of TN do not have viable alternatives to choose from!

    look at UP, for several decades congress was number 1, now its nowhere! Congress (I) and BJP have learnt wrong way that it wouldn’t take up a long to loose credibility, especially when an alternative comes in picture as BSP or SP etc. Can you guess how this was achieved? just the emergence of new political parties made it happen.

    It doesn’t warrant in anyway the new coming party or its leadership could be any better from an out-thrown party, thats what the case was with UP, mulayam – or mayavati, they race to supercede with new waves of curruption and inaction!.

    Now, coming back to PRP, its duely stirred up the spice element in AP politics. With PRP’s entry into AP politics, CB Naidu no longer enjoys the sole-benifeciary status from any negative vote against YSR Govt. YSR also cannot take some sections of population under his belly for granted!

    Would a hung assembly is in store, or could PRP form a govt is just a matter of time to clear the things up a bit.

    In the event, if people’s verdict is in favor for PRP to form a govt with Chiranjeevi as CM, this would not just be an opportunity bestowed to him, but would be a calculated chance AP voters have taken to try for a change in AP political arena.

    Ultimately, the common man (voter) is more vigillent than the political leaders that try to lure them with liqor or monetory gains. With PRP in power, if not great things happen, at the bare minimum, looting of pulic money or land grabbing as was done under TDP and Congress govt’s – won’t be that prevailant! at least for few more years in the worst case scenario!

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