Luck By Chance Review— Slow and Boring By Script

mrinkenti6Having moved in to a new house, what with all the work going on it has become extremely difficult to to catch a film. Honestly, I am having to squeeze-in a film between office work and house work (and waking up at 3:30am for Baba Ramdev’s Yoga camp). One look at the posters and lead actors of this week’s two releases you know they are the multiplex-types. Given my constraints, I choose the film that is supposed to have various guest appearences, including Shahrukh Khan and Aamir Khan’s. At the end of it, I didn’t feel lucky; not even by chance because Luck By Chance is painfully long, boring, uninteresting with the same types of movie industry based jokes we’ve seen and heard before.

luckbychance_movieposter11It begins with glimpses of the movie industry: spot boys, ticket counters, make-up artists etc; it would make a good Lonely Planet picture book on Bollywood. Vikram Jaisingh (Farhan Akhtar) is the son of a businessman in Delhi and has joined an acting school in Mumbai to become an actor. His roomates too are struggling in theater and as assitant director. Vikram wants to make it big and so does his next door girl friend Sona (Konkana Sen Sharma) who has been close to (at least they haven’t shown anything physical) a producer who has been promising her a lead role. One fine day, out of sheer luck/ by chance Vikram’s photos land up with Bollywood’s top producer Rommy Rolly (Rishi Kapoor) and he gets called for an audition. He clears it only because prior to this he happens to meet, flatter, and flirt with Neena Walia (Dimple Kapadia) in a party whose daughter Nikki Walia (Isha Sharwani) is making her debut. The debut film was originally planned with Hrithik who wants to leave the project for Karan Johar’s because one of Karan’s hero breaks his leg. The first half is a drag with most scenes depicting life in a producer’s world and a good number of scenes with Hrithik Roshan as Zaffar Khan, the current big star (I wonder why even he accepted such a silly role). The second half is a really big drag with really nothing going on expect showing the shooting, completion, post production of Vikram’s film and the romance, and rumors of the lead actor’s affair. Only towards the end, somethings happen (only to end the film as it was going no where) and our hero Vikram Jaisingh realizes that he has made some mistakes in his arrogrance (yes, his film becomes a super hit) and asks for forgiveness, but this girlfriend Sona asks him to get lost. The film ends with Sona reflecting on life and life in the movie industry.

Firstly, the film is too long with nothing of substance going on. The jokes are again sitcom style and most ofluckbychance_movieposter2 the jokes or pokes at the industry are those we’ve seen and heard before. There is no novelty here; we all know that the industry today is dominated by star kids and family members. I wonder what exactly the film is about? It begins with Vikram’s story and ends with Sona’s reflections. The film’s title suggests that you need luck to make it big, but apparently our hero Vikram thinks that he struggled hard to get this role. Such nonsense, I tell you. The pace of the narration is too slow. The guest appearences are nothing to baost off–same type of appearences where they speak a line or two. Aamir Khan makes an appearence in the very begining  shooting for a scene. SRK gets a vital scene where he advices the new star on the block that stardom should not go to one’s head and one must not forget the peopel who were there with and by him before he became a star (and so the film moves quickly towards it’s end, thankfully). The life of this film is really Rishi Kapoor’s spirited performance as Rommy Rolly, the superstitious producer with a curly hair wig and a big tummy. Dimple Kapadia looks ravishing. Juhi Chawla is fine, and so are the others. Farhan Akhtar and Konkana are fine. Sanjay Kapoor, whom we all forgot, talks exactly like Anil Kapoor in a comic role.No song remains with you after the film has ended.

I wonder what this film would be had Zoya Akhtar not been a star kid herself. Zoya too is lucky else no body would even have picked up her project. There is no story to tell. We’ve seen moves with industry backdrops before and they are thoroughly entertaining, like Rangeela, with a story to tell with a protagonist having a strong characterization. What is the reason for Vikram to leave Delhi and come to Mumbai? The biggest problem is there is no main character; in the first half you feel the main character is Hrithik Roshan and Rishi Kapoor while in the second half you are not sure, but in the end it feels like Konkana is the main character. Such films should be made for and released on TV only.

Mr. Inkenti’s Movienomics Verdict: Thumbs Down. Save you money, and watch it on DVD or cable TV later. Don’t be deceived by the desinger posters.



  1. TheVolts said

    Great movie. What a talented family.hats of to the makers.. hail to the new wave cinema. I was thinking about the combo of Farhan and Abhay with direction either by Zoya or Anurag under the banner of Excel(lent) Entertainment or Powerhouse UTV.

  2. joylynford said

    After Rock On its the second hit movie delivered by Farhan. the movie was excellent showing some real fact about the industry. can watch it twice.

  3. Bushra said

    I agree tht the movie was slow.. and u cannot have every movie with a faster pace.. there is a different demand in different roles and tht movie demanded that..
    whoever wrote this review … should not have been so critical.. u should learn to accept the work people do.. the good things that were shown in the movie rather than only highlighting the cons..
    i liked the movie.. why ppl donot appreciate true actors in the movie and the hard work they do,…. why the movies like singh is king.. namestay london.. om shanti om…. and the list goes on, get such a big audience… can u tellme wht did hey show new in there movie rather thn just showing crap n fiction… which are far from the reality ..
    audience say tht we want to watch sumthing new….. so i would recommend this movie for the brilliant acting by each and every character in the movie which we dont c in the hindi cinema..any more ….

  4. Disagree with most points mentioned here, but that is just my personal opinion. My 2 cents here on my blog at

  5. Raj said

    The review is very harsh and does not spell out the good qualities of the film.Yes,it is overlong,but well observed aand acted by all stars. Konkona is superb as is Farhan. Perhaps he should see it again and appreciate its finer points

  6. raj m said

    This is a harsh review and like others above ,I disagree with it.The movie is zillion times better (well made and performed) than some recent so called “bolywood super hits” that boast of so called top list stars of bollywood!I guess bolllywood fans have lost their senses to even figure out the difference between a quality film and some crap that we are made to watch.This is a good entertainer,not one among the best but watchable with some actual sense.Farhan has done a decent job and appears “natural”.So is Konkana.Give it a shot and watch this movie

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