Slumdog Millionaire Releasing in Hyderabad on 23rd January, 2008

slumdogmillionareFinally, the much awaited, cirtically acclaimed, and award winning film Slumdog Millionaire will be releasing in Hyderabad, India on 23rd January, 2008. The film has won three Golden Globe Awards, including an award for A R Rahman for the music! Anil Kapoor plays Prem Kumar who hosts KBC and Irfan Khan plays an inspector. The film is only set and shot in India, it is not directed or produced by an Indian. However, the film is based on a novel, Q and A, written by an Indian diplomat Vikas Swarup. The film tells the story of a young boy from the slums, how he wins at the KBC, wins his love, and his adventures with law enforcement. The film is high drama and worth a watch so don’t miss it. Shah Rukh Khan was invited to present the award at the Golden Globes. Incidently, SRK was offered the role of Prem Kumar in the film, but he couldn’t do it. If only he did the role, the film would have been carrying more hype and curiosity in India. Anyways, don’t miss this award winning film.

I love the tagline of the film: Born to Lose, Destined to Win



  1. gejooment said

    Hello! How hard is it to get the year in your date right! dumbass!

  2. Sridhar said

    Give us details about the music in the film. Oscar maaaaan. Its great. After all we are successful in selling as well as winning the accolades of world of our brand of movie making.

  3. i see this movie yesterday..and now i know why this movie won the Golden Globe this year.

  4. I love this movieeeee is a tipical story of a beautiful young boy!! from the slums, how he wins his love, and his adventures with law enforcement.

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