Ghajini and Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi’s All-Time Industry Records

ghajini_200_croresThere was a time in Tollywood, when the war was not about quality or success of movies, but about the quantifying the success of every film featuring a Star. It was perhaps the best time for fans with each film’s producers publising records that seemed unbelievable, but we had to beleive them because we are fans. This was the time when we had Narsimha Naidu vs Indra, Indra vs Okkadu, Tagore vs Simhadri etc. It didn’t matter how the film was; the only thing that mattered was the records: openings, centers, 50 days, 100 days, 175 days etc. Even mediocre films could boast of “records”. Those days are gone now and everybody knows that not all these “records” can be cannot in to record. This excitment is back again with Ghajini and Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi contesting for that All-Time Industry Record.

In the weekend of 10th January, 2008, producers (Allu Aravind) of Ghajini, in typicallrnbdj_blockbusterrecord_poster Tollywood style, began a publicity campaign that Ghajini has collected at the box-office Rs. 200 crores, which is an All-Time Industry Record and that it has surpassed Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge‘s full-run record in just 2 weeks. Only God knows whatever happened to the inflation adjustment, no. of ticket sales and shows etc. As a counter to this, on 11th January, 2008 Yash Raj Films (YRF), the producers and distributors of Rab Ne…have given a very sweet respsonse by saying that Rab Ne…is the highest ever grosser for YRF. What this means is Rab Ne…has grossed more than DDLF (pre-multiplex era) and Dhoom 2 (post-multiplex era). So where does this leave Ghajini? I guess, the producers of Ghajini too had a short-term memory loss. Currently in Hyderabad, in it’s 3rd week Ghajini is playing in 11 single sreens and Rab Ne…is playing in 15 single screens in it’s 5 week (a unique record even for hit Telugu movies in Hyderabad).

There is only so much one can believe about records and collections. With Bollywood’s advanced hype machines, even faltu films like Golmaal Returns can baost of big openings. People don’t remember numbers, collections, and records, but they do remember how a film performed and as time goes by we all know what is a hit and what is not. Most of the numbers that get published as records are mainly from multiplexes that from metros; is this any indicator? Personally, both Ghajini and Rab Ne…are below average movies by any standards. It is sad that by virtue of advanced hyping tools, an all-pervasive media, and silly multiplexes we are being told that the record of DDLJ is broken by these two below average to average movies. Even two years from now, I doubt who will remember these movies that are opening to record collections. DDLJ is an ever green love story and that it self is it’s All-Time Industry Record.

All this aside, are we to believe that the producers are publishing honest numbers? this is not Hollywood, you know.  Lets not get carried away by the numbers and spoil the images and memories of such all-time classic mega-hits like DDLJ, Hum Aapke Hain Kaun, Gadar, etc. Numbers are only numbers, they will change. Memories are memories, they will remain constant.



  1. joylynford said

    thought the whole year started with a a upset these final two movies helped to start 2009 in a fresh mood. these records will be broken within few months thanks to the good movies coming up.

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  3. Rab Ne is a far better movie than ghajini, the only thing good about ghajini was its publicity….

    No doubt DDLJ was an awesome movie but thought this time period the director has developed the depth of Rab Ne, which is still to be recognized by many.
    As you’ve said it will remain in memories too !!!

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