Blockbuster Posts of 2008 on Mr.Inkenti’s Weblog

Now, sharing some Dashboard information with you. Movie reviews are what I write as a matter of schedule and structure for the blog, but there are some articles I just scribbled on what I felt interested me. Interestingly, if you look at the Top 8 Posts on this blog, 7 are non-reviews. These 7 articles were not something I wrote hoping that they will increase the blog’s visibility, but they did. True to the nature of Blockbusters, these posts became big for no particular reason; they were popular at that time and contained elements that attracted the masses. Presenting the Top 8 Posts on Mr.Inkenti’s Weblog for 2008, as on January 4th, 2008:

#1 Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan Fight on Kat’s BDay! (16,620 views): I read about this on one afternoon and a day later I just wrote down a few points only because I felt it was quite an incident. As it turns out, more than any event or movie, this fight was the talk of Bollywood in 2008.

#2 Dasavatharam Box-Office Status and Public Talk (10,380 views): Without a doubt Kamal Haasan starrer Dasavatharm, Tamil original and later dubbed into Telugu (and Hindi?), created 10 times the hype any movie artificially hyped film of 2008 did. The film, it’s expectations, and just the mention of the film meant excitement. The hype was far bigger and grander than Singh is Kinng and Ghajini.

#3 Singh is Kinng First Promo Song Video (3,962 views): I really liked the video and just wanted to scribble some notes.

#4 Ghajini Box Office Status and Public Talk (3,074 views and still ticking): For obvious reason.

#5 The Angel Charmi and her 16 Days (2,369 views): This one is a total surprise. The wallpapers were hot and I am not sure if the film has released yet. But web surfers were infatuated with Charmi looks like.

#6 Karzzz (Karz 2008) Review: Fails to Pay it’s Karz to Fans (1,934): Ok, the craze at and of Himesh Bhai. I guess people wanted to read rather than go through the torture of seeing the film live.

#7 It’s Official Now…Why Amir Khan Doesn’t Attend Award Shows  (1,741 views): This one too was very random. I saw an interview of Anil Kapoor and penned this down; the curiousity behind Aamir worked on this post.

#8 Singh is King: Theatrical Trailer Analysis (1,605 views): A shining example of how to promote a faltu film to make it receive blockbuster openings.


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  1. joylynford said

    good statistic. in fact by this article i got to know about teh3 best that happened in 08

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