A Year of Blogging— Rounding Up 2008 for Mr.Inkenti’s Weblog

I just looked up my dashboard to see that I made my first post on January 25th, 2008. As the blog is completing one year, I though it is a good time share my thoughts about this year of blogging. Since then, to this day January 4th, 2008, there have been 167 published, 87,556 hits, 632 approved comments (out of 635). The best thing is, I can only count up to three people (two colleagues and one elder cousin brother) who look up my blog on a daily basis! Thanks, guys. From what I see, a majority of the traffic comes from search engines and WordPress tags. Now, some reflections.

I’ve always been a movies crazy guy watching movies with the neighbors, at Gradma’s (we didn’t have a VCR).  In fact, I would get calls to our house asking me which movies to rent. The craze for movies increased ten fold in the seven years that I studied in the United States of America. Along with my craze for watching films, I began enjoying analyzing and discussing about movie industry affairs. I realized that these discussions can be in academic-style too. I’ve always felt some of the comments I make to myself and friends while watching a film need to be documented and written out. I only learnt about WordPress last year and slowly entered the Universe of Blogs. Now, I am close to being an addict. Family and close friends felt that given my background in Public Affairs and International exposure, I must write about topics other than movies as well. I agreed. I first began writing reviews for my brother’s Tollywood based film website and then focused more on my blogs as the site closed. I wanted my own platform so that I can be as honest as I wanted. Of course, I also wanted a platform that is easy, efficient, and effective to use and WordPress.com is exactly what I wanted.

I never thought managing my blog will become a cause of friction within the family! My preoccupation for checking the number of visitors, comments, and spending time in front of the computer etc…has caused untold irritation to family members. As a result of this, I am learning how to be brief in my writings as I struggle to squeeze out the time to make posts regularly. My new job is busy and at home I need to spend more time with people and not the computer; so where is the time for blogging? I’ve had to tone down my excitement for blogging and come to terms with this reality. Here I would like to thank my wife, Mrs. Inkenti, for patiently and willingly accompanying me to the movies. Although, we are still working out a Deal or Treaty which will enable me alone to go to movies exclusively for review purposes; she is yet to come to terms with this reality as well! She too has began to give a rating and I will soon open a page exclusively for Mrs. Inkenti’s Movie Rating and her one line verdict. Otherwise, all family members feel writing about movies is a total waste of time and energy. One of my aims for 2009 is to write about other topics for which I have created categories for.

I never thought I would be consistent for a year with my blog. I hope the consistency will continue and the blog will host a variety of articles. I’ve enjoyed the journey so far, especially the parts where I have to edit out the expletives used to refer to me in the comments! Cheers to more blogging!


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