Sasirekha Parinayam Review— Pointless and Useless Parinayam!

mrinkenti1However disasterous the year gone by may have been, one always hopes that what is coming in the new year will bring cheer and joy. This also applies to movies as well. So when a Krishna Vamsi, for whatever he is worth now as a creative director, film with hearthrob Genelia is releasing showing green paddy fields and traditional posters is coming on January 1st, you expect that the makers of the film have planned a proper family film with good story as a new year gift. Far from it, Sasirekha Parinayam is a totally pointless and useless effort with absolutely no, new or old, story to tell.

sasirekhaposter1Sasirekha (Genelia) runs away from the house in full bridal get-up as she doesn’t want this marriage being forced upon her overnight to a guy whose father is demanding several laks and paddy fields for dowry. She bumps in to a guy who calls himself Anand (Tarun) who continues to shadow her till the end imparting several functions in the process: protecting her from men who are out-to-pounce-at her, a lorry driver who wants to rape her, helps her find the theives who stole her jewelry, arranges for her to go to Hyderabad by bus/taxi, counsels her, consoles her, takes her for a bike camping trip with his friends to Nagarjuna sagar from Vijayawada, and even finally her to the hospital when she is injured in a conflict between citizens protesting inflation and the police. Yes, of course, in this entire process the two fall in love and get married. Meanwhile, we are also shown the parents on either side warring with each other and mouthing profanities over the phone, in the hospital, and in a court of law. Towards the end Anand brings the warring parents to their feet and once agian proves how evolved and superior the youngsters are. (phew…the same Tollywood exercise over and over again.)

The only twist that is there comes before the interval. It turns out that Anand is actually Abhimanyu, the guy who is sesirekhaposter2supposed to marry Sasirekha before she decides to elope. He falls for her stand on the reason for running away and continues to pretend to be someone else lest she run away again. The film is a big drag and a bore. In fact, the film is so idiotic that when MS Narayana makes an appearence as a taxi driver, there was a huge applause for him and one chap in the balcony of Sandhya 35mm even got up to clap. Thats how desparate the audience were for a break. M S Narayana’s explanation of how alcaholics are contributing a major chunk to the State’s revenue is the only hilarious moment in the film. The music is fine; typical Mani Sharma. Tarun must have done this film for free and it is time for him to quitGenelia is made to deliver her career worst and her overaction is pathetic and awkward (i don’t how’s Jeevi liked it in his review).There are several instances in the film where you feel Genelia is acting like a psycho or a retarded childish person (like how she did in Bommarilu). Sorry, acting deranged is different being innocent.

This is a stale film and Krishna Vamsi can officially be dethroned as creative director. The only creative stuff he does is with the camera angles and speed of the frames. I mean, cummon man.  Sasirekha and Abhimanyu are legendary names of a couple and bring back memories of Maya Bazaar so if you want to preserve that memory then don’t watch this film. Perhaps the only good thing about the film is that i learnt a new world in telugu called parinayam, which means marriage. My cousins and myself were among the many who left when the last song began. There were several who were laughing and heckling towards the end. If Mental Krishna and Sasirekha Parinayam are the kind of movies with which Tollywood has began the new year then God help 2009! Just go watch King instead for some fun, which is what movies are for anyway.

Mr. Inkenti’s Movienomics Verdict: Two Thumbs Down! Don’t be fooled by the traditional looking posters.



  1. jonny said

    Chettha Review .

    Neelanti Chetta reviewers undabatti manchi movies miss avutunnamu. endukura neeku ee buddulu.Meeru Valla kinda Begging to Batukutunnaru.
    Inkosari addamina review Ivvaku.

  2. raja said

    Babu review is absolutely true. jab we met ki run away bride remix laga undi movie. chetta movie

  3. vishnu said

    movie is not dat bad…and how ur comparing dis movie with mental krishna…dont u have sense???
    reviews rayadam raakapothe just keep ur mouth shut….dont give this type of reviews… is a feel gud family entertainer….
    king cinema lo eamundi ra……..daniki vellamantunnavu……

  4. canil said

    nevu cinemz chusava ra, cinema bagundi ra

  5. Harish said

    What D ____

    Waste Review…….No Words To Scold Dis Person

    The Movie Was Absolutely Good…

    A Gud Family Entertainer…..N Above all…Genelia Did A Fantastic Job….

    Don’t Believe In These Reviews Guys…

    Enjoy D Movie….

  6. Harish said

    Mr.Inkenti…..What Kind Of a Person ur???

    Do u Study d Environment???Hahahahaha

    None Of His Reviews Are Good On D Films…

    He Described Gajini As a Bad Film !!!!!

    Guys…..This Man Is Damm _______

    Don’t Believe Hi Reviews….

  7. Harish said

    Please Prefer The Jeevi Review At

    Which Was Absolutely Good

  8. malli said

    annaya ee review rasindi evaro kani krishna vamsi antenu and genelia antenu istam ledanukunta… dont dare to tell genelia does over action…. she is a gud actor… she is the best among heroines nw in tollywood….if u feel the movie is not gud… just tell movie is not upto ur range… underline this sentence…..u dont say this movie has nothing to watch… neways it’s ur feeling… but don’t juss vaguely tell that genelia does over action and commenting on krishnavamshi tooo………..

  9. malli said

    Ban This Review….

  10. Ram Reddy - Jenilia Fans said

    Ore review rayatam chetha kakapothe paniki raani reviews raaayaku

  11. rajasri said

    movie average…………idi chusinaa chudaka poyinaaa parledu….
    nothing to watch in king….soooo boring …as usual same old scenes of seenu vytla…encourage cheyyakandi…kothha ga alochinchadam manesi same thoughts same scenes vth diff.. stars tho hungama chesi ruddestunnaru….
    so DON’T WATCH KING…..

  12. Hari said

    You don’t know meaning of “Parinayam”. But you are proudly telling that. You are writing reviews for Telugu Movies. They have spent a lot of money & efforts.Please do not conclude with in minutes.

  13. santosh said

    man mr. inkenti
    many ppl loved genelia’s performance n u say its pathetic..
    what kinda looser are u man…..jus stop writin reviews…….

  14. ramlaxman said

    I complete agree with the Inkenti review. Genelia was full ovvvver action and HHHHOOORRRIIBBBLLLEEE. All those you are supporting the film or genelia are crazy.

    move is UTTER FLOP!

  15. govindan said

    good movie i did loveed the action!!!! its funny!!!! genelia’s performance was not so good.

  16. JoyLynford said

    the action is excellent . 33333333cheers. i loves this Movieeeeee

  17. Suharsha.. said

    Mr. Inkenti…
    Entha teesukunnavu raa Boss Producer degira… dhaniki vellamantunnavu…
    Neeku cinema nachaka pothe…palana scene baaledu ani raayi… addamaina comment rayaku.. Krishna vamsi talent ni velu ethi choopette antha vundi neeku… Voorike creative director ani title eevaru. Daniki ayana entha kasta paddado nee lanti vaalu kalalo koda voohincha leru…
    Folks andariki manavi…. Meeki cinema nachite choodandi… Review lu chadivi mosapovadhu.. Review raasedhi meelanti naalanti Manishe.. Vaadi abhiprayam andari janalatho kalavalani ledhu kada…
    Eg… When my friend told me Godhawari cinema is too dumm..I believed. Later when I saw after a few months, it was good for me. My friend likes only action movies…So he told what he likes… I believe you got my point.

  18. Radha said

    Hey..Movie wasn’t that bad yaar…li’l lenghty..But Genelia was looking gr8…
    I liked it…

  19. Gopi said

    Mr. Inkenti…

    …the movie was good…don’t blame ppl who love watching movies…don’t comment on either kirshnavamsi or genny….one is grt director we have and one is good actress around….don’t be fool urself calling ppl watching this movie as fools…btw, it’s not the over action’s just so called character involvement….don’t u know that? and u writing reviews?…don’t be dare to comment on genny…

  20. venugopal said

    sasirekhaparinayam film was very good but krishnavamsi cemara panitanam ekkada ledhu and jeniliya acting is very very good.

  21. venugopal said

    hi this is charan fil is very good and no boring vijayawada gurinchi baga chepparu.

  22. Chandru said

    Dear viewers,


    Movie review rayalante theatre lo anni age group tho interview theesu koni rayali. Its not too good and too bad. Its a family entertainer without comedy track. 2nd half koncham dragging. In this movie I could see Genelia in different mood expressions and that’s not over acting. I would say she has done better than Bommarillu.
    My score: 8/10 (-1 for comedy, -1 for songs)
    Public score: 7/10

  23. Ravi said

    Movie was not that bad Tarun, genelia baga chesaaru…… kani story lo inkonni twists unte bagundedi locations bagunnaai……. Tarun action climax lo superb ga undi….. dressing anta kuda decent ga undi…….

  24. don said

    great review man wat a pathetic movie i was laughin at myself for watchin this movie

  25. Deepa said

    Excellent movie and also good family entertainer.Genelia and tarun were performed well.

  26. geeta said

    i tink the was good. i liked the was she stood up for girls
    the person who dubbed for genelia did a great job, and genelia too.

  27. Ash said

    I liked this movie… well done.

    Pity Tarun has been losing hair…. he is a sensitive actor who has been boxed into standard college roles… he could have been #1 in Teluu had it not been for his height and hair loss….

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