King Movie Review— Hotch-Potch Khichadi that Entertains

mrinkentiMovies that work the most are those that you know are bound to fail as you look at the posters, but spring a surprise by making you laugh and entertain you at any cost. The cost could also mean borrowing from a wide variety of films– English, Hindi, Telugu etc. I realized this theory as I went through three full hours of King. I really thought this would be another disaster like his previous Don looking at the posters where in some he was good and in others he was an unfit and unkempt. What really drew me was the eight-heroine song, but at the end of the show King does manage to entertain you.

kingposter1King (Nagarjuna) is the successor to a royal dynasty and even as a young teenager he has all the qualities to be called King and take care of the dynasty and their industry. Yes, even this King has family members (read uncles) who dislike his control over their finances and want to get rid of him. Astrologer tells the mother that some twenty years later there is a threat to life for King, but regardless King grows up to be a sort of He-Man for the family. Twenty minutues into the film and you see schemes being plotted to finish off King and he is shot by an unsuspecting person. Next, we are shown Bottu Seenu (Nagarjuna in tapori-don get-up) in Hyderabad area as a up and coming don who does work if it creates public value and his business is a competition to the already established don, Gnaneshwar (Sri Hari). Now, forget King and his story and be entertained by Bottu Seenu and Gnaneshwar’s episodes where we are introduced to the never-fail team of laugther: Brahmanandam as a copy-cat-wants-the-lady-singer-at-this-guest-house music director, Venu Madhav as Gnaneshwar’s right hand ban and Gnaneshwar’s band of dumb-thugs, Sunil as Bharath who has to deal with giving up his identity to Bottu Seenu to become Bharath to impress upon Gnaneshwar and his sister, Trisha.

Just as Bottu Seenu is enjoying his life as Bottu Seenu and Bharath and playing around with Gnaneshwar and his sister,king_nagandheroines we are re-introduced to a band of goons in blood-search for King and mistake Bottu Seenu to be King. From this point on, Bottu Seenu is taken in place of King and there in the palace ensues a drama where there are several twists and turns beyond the scope of this reivew. And by the time you are finished with the film, although entertaining, you too will realize that the twists and turns are beyond your scope to fully understand. There are several interesting twists—who actually kills King comes as a total surprise, the entire Chandramukhi-type drama and it’s outcome also is a surprise,=. The songs are fine, typcial Devi Sri Prasad, but O Manmadhuda (hearing this song in Devi 70mm’s super sound system was awesome) is cool and groovy, the eight-heroine song (where Nag does an SRK in Om Shanthi Om) is a blast, and the classical song’s taking is good.

Honestly speaking, Nagarjuna does not impress. The mass-hero-elevating dialogues seem funny coming out from Nag, but he does the comedy bit fine as always. Truth be told, Ravi Teja as the hero would have added that extra mass-punch to the film. Trisha doesn’t look fresh any more, and her telangana accent is pathetic. ‘Real Star’ Sri Hari is simply superb and he is like strong pillars supporting the film. Looks like Sreenu Vytla decided to go the David Dhawan-Anees Basmee way by making a film which really requires you to not question the logic and just enjoy whatever is shown on screen. As usual, the Chandramukhi-type scenes are received with screams all over. There is enough comedy going around to ensure you never get bored; thank you Mr. Vytla for not showing gory violence even though the mandatory Scropio jeeps make their presence flet. Towards the end, twists and turns are simply dumped on you.

Mr. Inkenti’s Movienomics Verdict: One Thumb Up! This is not original or great stuff, but this mix of comedy, twists and turns will definitely make you have a good time.

ps—our story-screenplay-dialogues-direction man Yadu (Supreet), the villian, but appeared like the hero from Neninthe has a limited role in King, but we see him all neat and trimmed up with a suit. I think he is all set to become a hero soon. When he first appeared on screen, my brother-in-law and me both quickly looked at each other and excalimed “Yadu!”



  1. joylynford said

    Nagarjuna is a good actor and going by his recent movies this movie is there to be watched. great year for Nagarjuna

  2. teja sundar said

    he is the real king 4 tollywood

  3. teja sundar said

    no one can dare 2 beat him

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