Arundhati Theatrical Trailer—This is Blockbuster Material!

The first timearundhati1 my wife and I saw the poster of Arundhati, a completely differet Anushka like from a horror-thriller-period film, at Sabdhalaya Studios in Banjara Hills, we decided this one has to seen. I’ve only seen Anushka as a glam doll, but from the looks of this one it appears that Anushka has been asked to act. I was in for a surprise that blew me away when the theatrical trailer of Arundhati was shown during the interval of King at Devi 70mm, RTC X Roads. Blown away, I am. The trailer has blockbuster material and it is nothing like what we usually see in Telugu films. The look, feel, cut, and intensity of the trailer are truly pushing the envelope.

Just check out Anushka, she is breathtaking! (her expressions in the sword fight scene). No wonder, it is produced by Shyam Prasad Reddy (remember Anji?) directed by Kodi Ramakrishna. It is being reported that this film has cost 13 crores. Expected to release in January, I really the makers did aggressive promotion and marketing for this film. I am rooting for this one…Go Anushka…Go Arundhati!



  1. joylynford said

    this trailer is worth discussing and appreciating. a one act play. good excellent and what else can i say.

  2. sathiya said

    i became great fan of arundathi film … i like anushka as arundathi… it suits her very well

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