Ghajini Box Office Status and Public Talk

5th January, 2008: I didn’t want to write in between constantly, even though the traffic and comments on this post were heavy, but wanted to wait until the verdict is loud and clear. The verdict is that Ghajini is thundering towards becoming an All-Time Industry Record film not only breaking all records, but also creating new records. In the process, it is re-writing box office records and raising the box-office stamina of a pacca mass-masala Bollywood film.

The first week took in 64 crores nett and now the second weekend took in close to 17 crore nett so the total stands at close to 82 crores nett for. This total is just a few crores shy of Om Shanthi Om‘s and Dhoom 2‘s All-Time Industry Collections Record. It will surely surpass this record and establish a new Industry record. The film has held its ground well and did not fall after the intial weekend as I had thought.

Congratulations to writer-director A R Murugadoss and producer Allu Aravind (brother-in-law of MegaStar Chiranjeevi) for giving Bollywood a taste of Southern Mass-Massala!

Why Ghajini‘s Records are Important for Bollywood?

Ghajini‘s records and box-office stamina should come as a wake-up call to Bollywood film makers who are making silly films in favor of the overseas and multiplex market. Critics may not like them, audience who visit their local multiplex for the weekend might put them down, but the masses love films that stick to the basics and deliver the high-voltage entertainment. The industry needs such mass-massala films because these are the only films that work in all centers. Personally, I didn’t like the Hindi Ghajini campared to the Tamil, but (i can understand) the fact that it has become such a roaring Hit just goes to show how starved the Hindi audience were for a full-fledged mass-massala film which all the basic ingredients: a villian, hero, heroine, love, tragedy, comedy, songs, dance, dance steps, etc. Down South, such films are quite common and it is quite common to see films creating hysteria at the box office in all centers. In Bollywood, because of the empahsis given to multiplexes, overseas audience, and wanna-be thematic like Hollywood, films have lost the native touch and just don’t work.

Enough of movies directed by assistant’s to other directors who can only think of a foreign backdrop. I want to see directors like A R Murugadoss, Farah Khan who stick to the basics and deliver the entertainment. Thats the bottom line.


27th December, 2008: The monstor size good news at the end of what can easily be called one of the most difficult years for India, at the box office, borders, and economy, is that Ghajini has opened to Huge, with a capital H, collections all over. Begining with Wednesday night paid previews and the following first two days have been HOUSE-FULL. To put things in perspective, Ghajini is expected to collect in the first five days what Om Shanthi Om, Singh is Kinng, and Rab Ne… did in their first seven days. The number we are talking about is 40, 43, and 44 crores nett, for the three movies listed above (according to  So what does this mean? It means two things: firstly, the film is not that bad to fall flat and secondly, Bollywood’s hype-machine has out-performed itself!

Read Mr. Inkenti’s Movienomics Verdict on Ghajini

Yes, I am surprised that Aamir Khan managed to pull this off.  I must say, it’s been the best gimmick of all-time Bollywood. All the hype around a 13 monght work-out and buffed-up body only to be seen for a few seconds in the film. Why was Aamir not showing the body throughout the film for the fight sequences? It would have only added more mass-power to the film. The real test for Ghajini begins after the initial curiosity and weekend has ended. I remember how Taran Adarsh had gone ballastic when Singh is Kinng released using the same words “earth-shattering”, “unprecedented”, “unparalleled”. But what happened? The film slowly lost fizz in it’s full run. This is where OSO wins, hands down.I expect the same to happen for Ghajini, as the degree of hype around these films looks quite similar. The public talk for Ghajini ranges from too violent-useless to outstanding. There is consensus among even those who liked the film that it lacks repeat value. The entertainment quotient in the film is quite low.

In addition, given the excessive number of prints in circulation, the collections are bound to drop. Also, lets keep in mind that the film was sold for 90 + crores so it has to collect that much and so much more to be called either a hit, super hit or blockbuster. Lets wait and watch how the days go by.



  1. IU said

    i fell upon this site somehow – looks like the person who wrote the review and this article – is a completely biased person and foolish writer like raja sen and khalid mohammed – while crowd is loving the film, these so called critics want to justify their craps which only they call as reviews!!!

  2. jk said

    what r u trying to say. there is nothing wrong in the movie. its one of the best movie. its best entertainer. who told its not entertainer? even actiion is entertainer. you people so want some dance. some drama. some comedy.
    l found u mention OSO. what so gr8 in OSO compared to ghajini. storywise ghajini introduce something new. new presentation. what new in OSO. it is the same old stuff in new bottle.
    Revenge is not a bad concept. even OSO is based on revenge.

  3. Amit said

    I have seen Ghajini 3 times…………Sorry to say but the above review is totally misleading. Some statements are in bold letters and there is mention of OSO………which means that the reviewer is actually a Shah Rukh fan so is contributing his bit by pulling down the great movie and the great star – Aamir.

  4. nimantha said

    ha ha ha who is this dum.. io think srk fan … ghajini break all the records.. & ghajini is the best

  5. Chaitanya said

    Writer is Sick…capital S..!!

  6. arny said

    OSO??? lmao a complete useless film…tbh when i watched the film…i was like…why shahrukh would prolly do such a film? in hand for both…same shit…AND also UR SO CALLED REVENGE..llol He is a big star!!…and Ghajini…i can watch that film 100 times just for the sake of Aamir’s acting!! That face which talks…not his mouth..Woah…Man pls try to write a gd review next time…lol or better don write any!! haha

  7. Pinakee said

    this writer seems 2 b a srk fan

  8. roni said

    Great Movie !!The Critics are Already being CRITCIZED by the bigger critics ,thats the PEOPLE.GHAJINI SMASHES ALL RECORDS

  9. Faisal Khan said

    Its just a tactic of the blog writer to get more hits, no doubt buddy , u succeeding, only i wish that u would have planned to get more hits by writing something sensible , why dont u make a film and let aamir show how he should go about it 😉

  10. Ronesh said

    i just dont know what made aamir khan to do such a bakwaas movie. he should think of who he is and the kind of movies he has given. ghajini is a total flop. i just loved rab ne bana di jodi. sharukh is God and he knows what acting is. i just hate the movie ghajini. i just waited in the theatre when the movie was going to end. total bakwaas aamir.

  11. Rahul INDIA said

    Excuse me all…. even there was nothing new in GHAJINI except AAMIR’s hefty body. That doesnt nean i didnt like the movie. Even I saw it twice. He is a great actor. But this time he disappointed as he didnt do anything new as he followed KING KHAN’s publicity style of 6 Pack abs.

    I do agree that GHAJINI has broken 1st weekend record. But if you look carefully… its 1st weekend is the longest (WED-SUN)… also due to the g88 publicity done by AAMIR (unlike SRK for RNBDJ due to terror strikes) the collection has to be such big. Note RNBDJ crossed Rs.150 cr. without publicity. This is called STAR POWER. SRK is Global KING.

    I am not anti-AAMIR but south indian GHANJINI was better then AAMIR’s.

  12. Vijay said

    Ghajini is a complete bollywood movie and its good. In my view its far more enjoyable than those boring monotonous srk movies. Writer seems to be a die hard srk fan. Amir Khan has proved that he can act better and earn more than lame srk.

    Ghajini ROCKS !!!! Amir ROCKS !!!

  13. anshul said

    hello i saw the film ghajini it’s fantastic film aamir’s acting is too good to be compared with anyone he has shown that there is no one in bollywood who can challenge him even asin role is very good she looks good with aamir
    overall the film is a blockbuster
    hats off to aamir and asin

  14. anshul said

    ghajini is a fantastic film aamir khan rocks again asin is fabulous too her pair with aamir rocks overall film is a great entertainer aamir’s acting is great
    hats off to the film

  15. Rahul INDIA said

    Vijay, I do like both the KHANs unlike u.

    Also RNBDJ is a simple movie and is blockbuster just bcoz of SRK & Anushka’s brilliant performance. Do you know any such simple movie earning Rs.150 cr. in 2 week that too without much publicity? &…. GHAJINI is so far going g88 bcoz of hype created by AAMIR. Revert back after its 2 weeks run.

    I also agree GHAJINI & AAMIR both rocks…. but just imagine what if GHAJINI was released without much hype & publicity like RNBDJ!!!!

  16. Rupesh Kumar said

    Who the hail is this critic ??? someone from that srk camp or someone who just sell their pen for some penny……

  17. Rahul INDIA said

    Rupesh, this critic is neither from SRK camp nor do i sell his pen for some penny….
    I think AAMIR’s fans are too much unsecured from SRK… hmmm…
    Wow this is called STAR POWER. Its gives feeling that you are given some coins for AAMIR’s promotion… hahhaha… try harder bachcha… btu the fact will not change.

  18. Amit said

    Hi All,

    Ghajini is a great movie to watch.

  19. Jatinder said

    Rahul but Ghajni is far better than RNBDJ……..
    Its songs are also too good and Amir’s acting wow….
    Amis can do SRK’s acting but SRK cant Amir’s….
    He can only ….Kkkkkkkkiraaaaannnnnnn…..

  20. Rahul INDIA said

    Jatinder, yesterday i was watching some promotional event of GHAJINI (as usual) & there some 1 asked AAMIR “What if in RNBDJ AAMIR would be the hero & in GHAJINI SRK?” Even AAMIR kept mum. that means even AAMIR cant act like SRK.

    I am not fighting for who is better. I am just saying what are facts. You must except that RNBDJ has made more money (obviously due to SRK’s g88 overseas fan following). Just imagine of RNBDJ’s collection is SRK had done heftl promotion like GHAJINI. Could had crossed 200 cr.

  21. nitin said

    hii everyone…
    what’s all this crap this critic has written…seems as an SRK fan…

  22. Pinakee priyadarshan said

    Abbe rahul … U seem 2 b a srk fan… i agree that rab ne was a simple movie n a superhit… but it released at the wrong time. It would had been a blockbuster if it released in any other month. srk is absolutely no competition 4 aamir. imagine if aamir does more hardcore masala movies like ghajini. 25th december2008 was not christmas day. It was ghajini day.

  23. amarawargaonkar said

    RahulINDIA and the author both seem to be great SRK Fans,
    Yes aamir cannot imitate SRK because SRK is not as good as aamir.
    And please do not shout in the name of RNBDJ it is as bakwaas as SRK.
    SRK should stop doing foolish films like these and concentrate on good films like Chak de. Such type of movies are not for actors like sharukh.
    He looks and is looking old so it is better he starts accepting roles which suit him.

  24. bhal said

    hey guys, aamir is the real superstar of bollywood and if anybody disagrees, plz see ghajini….
    ghajini has all the dimensions that a best film require..romance,action,comedy…
    and above all aamir’s terrific act…
    I am not against srk..I think RNBdJ has a typical content..
    and thats why ghajini rocks…

  25. Ranjeet said

    You must be incredibly saddened that it’s an Aamir Khan film which will be the 1st to cross 100 net crore as opposed to an SRK film, Mr. Inkenti. You really need to get over it though.

  26. Mohsin said

    Are yaar it’s AAMIR KHAN’S movie i am sure it will break the will do gross production which the 3 movies have might not done.

  27. kallu said

    Ghajini is going to sustain its collections for atleast next one month, RDBNDJ like movies generate most part of revenue from multiplexes. Ghajini has been accepted by multiplexes and B,C,D centers too due to obvious reasons. As there are three more holidays by the end of this week, i think we can expect another 40C by end of this week. I am expecting 120-130 crores by the end of this month.

  28. Rahul INDIA said

    Ranjeet & all, if AAMIR is perfectionist then y the hell he is doin such a huge publicity? & what abt his overseas market hnn….. NIL.
    Can GHAJINI touch 100 cr. without such publicity like SRK did. He showed respect for terror victims unlike AAMIR. Even though RNBDJ managed to cross 150 cr. in 2 weeks…. hahhahah… AAMIR cant even imagine this…
    Ya i am SRK fan but not anti-AAMIR. Even i saw GHAJINI twice. U all are AAMIR fans and anti-SRK.

  29. SUSHANT said

    Mr RahulIndia..
    If RNBDJ is doing the business oh 150 corers in 2 weeks that doesn’t mean that SRK is better actor than Aamir.
    For a moment, I might be agree than SRK has more overseas fan than Aamir but also there is no doubt that Aamir is far better in acting than SRK and the movies that he do is far good and having more variety and flavour than SRk movie..
    OSO and RNBDN,both, were full bakwaas movies wid full overdose of SRK overacting.You are saying that wt would have been happened of Aamir’s Ghajini if Aamir had not done that publicity but I am saying that wt would have been happened with OSO and RNBDJ if SRK didn’t have overseas fans 🙂 haha

  30. Rahul INDIA said

    Sushant, i think u r out of your mind. u dont even know what u r saying. think well before you open your month.
    SRK’s oveseas fan following is natural which is due to SRK’s awesome acting unlike AAMIR. SRK doesnt go to everbody’s house to make fans. AAMIR has done hefty publicity and pooled public to see the movie unlike RNBDJ.
    u dont even know RNBDJ had stopped doin publicity due terror strike. u dont have good data base also.
    Also, here v all r talking abt box office collection. even AAMIR is also running behind money. boss accept it that RNBDJ earned more then GHAJINI even without publicity. This is called STAR POWER. hope u understood this. :-):-):-):-)

  31. ashpak said

    Hey guys, Aamir is the real superstar of bollywood and the only actor who performs any type of role.No one can challenge him, if anybody disagrees, plz see ghajini….
    ghajini has all the dimensions that a best film require..romance,action,comedy…
    and above all aamir’s terrific act…
    I am not against srk.But same acting is repeated .I think rab ne has a typical content..
    and thats why ghajini rocks…………..Hats off to one and only Aamir khan ( even not for amitji)

  32. manoj tomar said

    abey pehle us budhe hakle bakre of acting sikhao tab aamir ki khilaf moo khola..aamir rocks though shahrukh only gets repeated. there was nothing in the rab ne to be hyped..there was a lot in ghajni..he rocks

  33. nomaan said

    WOT UR OWN ABOUT MATE????????????????????????wot do u know about cinema or r u srk or sajid khans cousin???????????????????i have seen Ghajini 3 times and didnt get bored so wots da fuss??????///???????u from srk lobby???????/
    come on man atleast have some guts to say truth why ur so biased???????
    Aamir fan from uk

  34. SUSHANT said rahul India..

    Along with ur fingure while typing run ur mind also and accept the fact..
    DO not say that SRk do not do publicity..even he has done advertisement for LUX soap..haha..really shameful to see such type of ads..
    ANd y u are giving the stress on that SRK has not done the publicity for RNNDJ..I think u also know that GHAJINI has broke down all the records even in d collections also but u seems like stubborn nature..its okie..
    SRK always do the big production films and he is called very gud in marketing to create fuss hype of his films but Aamair has the power and guts even to work wid new director and deliver and extraordinary films..

    Aamir generally remain away from awards functions and Tv shows even then his all the movies do good businees on boxoffice and when aamir has come for publicity then why u are feeling jealous for this…Ghajini has style passion,story to make publicity..RNBDJ does have content even for do good publicity 🙂 this is the fact…

    And I think if u watch any news channels apart just from dreaming,,u will be aware that all of them are keeping the Ghajini ahead than RNBDJ..

  35. SUSHANT said

    some facts..guys cheer up..

    Day 1 collections worldwide on Christmas i.e 25th December – 33 crores (gross)! Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi managed about 18 crores worldwide on Day 1.
    Day 1 collections in India is around 10 crores (nett gross) while Rab Ne.. managed 7 crores.
    Ghajini is expected do somewhere between 38 – 40 crores in its intial weekend. SRK’s Rab Ne did 25 crores.

    The full 7 day week nett gross of Rab Ne was 44 crores, Singh Is King was 43 crores and Golmaal Returns was 38 crores. Ghajini is expecte, to hit 65 crores in its extended first week (8 days).

  36. shan said

    Ghajini!!! a fantastic movie. not only being a fan of aamir, but also as a neutral observer, the movie is fantastic. though there r flaws which aamir can rectify but discarding all, its fabulous. many people want to compare it with taare zameen par or rang de basanti, but we should remember that ghajini is not a path breaking movie. it’s all entertainment. there is no messege. and dont take that aamir will only do the exceptional characters. a complete actor shoul do all sort of movies. and remember SRK once claims that aamir will never do better than him in term of collection. but alas!!!! he is wrong. SRK fans dont even claim that SRK is better than aamir, but there point was SRK is better in terms of money. they love SRK without considering the flaw that SRK is overwhelming in his emotions which i dont like at all. Ghajini is fantabulous, but the name should not be Ghajini. coz the villian has not been characterized in that way, so the film could not be named on him. Asin was fantastic though she acted the same character twice, Jia khan was not in the film at all and undoubtedly aamir was at his best. May be the character of Asin demands some changes but she was perfect. so nothing wrong from her but all the flaws belong to the director. I saw the film 7 times bcoz of the unfinished love story as i didnt see the tamil version. Ghajini is a blockbuster.

  37. vishal said

    i m challenging all srk fans………………………compare the total revenue of RNBDJ,gajini or even billo barber……………….the movie who ll get more collection ll b the winner………n that star ll b the better one…………….just wt. n watch guys gajini is goin 2 kill srk…………………..actually srk is already killed by akki…………he is an idiot who has done nothing……….whenever he tries 2 do somethin other than love story he got swadesh, paheli, ashoka,dil se etc. etc. …he has succeded in chak de only( i really liked tht movie)…..i likedswadesh a lot……bud u idiot blind srk fans r tellin that he has done gud actin in RNBDJ or OSO………………………..cmmon guys remove the piece of cloth from ur eyes……….

  38. DHEERAJ said

    HEY just count the filmfare awards of both of them……….. no.’s of hit films……..and no. of blockbuster movies given by them……..
    than compare them
    i think shahrukh is the best and he is the best of rest
    rnbdj is the great movie bur ghajini is a fully pakaau movie
    there is nothing new in that movie so that is why AMIR is promoting his movie like this

  39. Sikandar said

    SRK rocks, i think acting wise no one can beat SRK, Aamir is good but not that much as SRK is….

  40. Sukrity Mondal said

    Mr.Inkenti is an academician, social researcher, observer, blogger……………..UPDATE the GHAJINI status……….lets
    here it from ur mouth if the movie has stumbled on Monday,
    Tuesday as you predicted. Beware, this is no Singh is King or
    for that matter Akhshay Kumar. This is perfectionist khan’s
    movie and it doesn’t die easily. We the fans has full faith in
    his choice of movies.

  41. Ramesh said

    Yaar, this Rahul got mental. He is totally useless person for this section. B’coz he dosen’t know how to compare with Amir. Saruk is a third class actor he hasn’t done anything differenlty.

  42. Mehaal said

    Get a life dude! i understad hw SRK fans are feeling! Finally SRK admits hes become old and so have u become i guess !

  43. michle said

    look guys i am an english man.
    I do understand your feelings about sharukh khan
    but in reality I am a big fan of Aamir khan and Aamir khan is the best.
    please don,t say anything wrong about Aamir khan’s film Ghajini.

  44. jayc said

    At least aamir have the guts to be versatile… dear writer !!!!!!!
    C’mon aamir ..FIGHT THE GOD!!!

  45. sudi said

    Aamir khan is the baap of acting in bollywood.You can’t compare Aamir with SRK.Aamir is way way ahead of Srk .Srk always does the same role.He is so boring that nowadays he is doing item number in some movies!Disgusting.
    I have seen ghajini 4 times, yet i am not bored of Ghajini.Ghajini rocks and isthe blockbuster movie

  46. Tajuddin said

    i am fan of three khan,s (Amir, Salmaan, Sharukh) But Amir is the best Actor.
    Amir’s Gajini is the best movie. it is the blogblaster movie. it can break all the records of bollywood.

  47. Rebel_Raj said

    For all those critics.. go and watch GHAJINI again..

    Aamir Khan is the undisputed king of Bollywood..watte a fantastic performance in the movie. It surpassed the Tamil version.

    GHAJINI Rocksssss..

    Cheers to Aamir..

  48. Deepa said

    I haven’t seen the movie… But I need to comment on Aamir and Ghajini:
    Aamir is not only a good actor but also intelligent person. He knows how to make money work for him rather than him working for money. One must admire his strategies. Also he he went ahead and made sure that Bollywood does not collapse due to some terrorists… A big applause to you, Aamir…. You proved to the terrorist that nothing can destroy the enthusiasm of people. Yes… and the people of India stood by your side… I am from the UK and am very happy that India is so upbeat inspite of all the problems you had to go through… This is heartening.
    Even the name of the movie “Ghajini” stands out… Normally most Hindi movies follow a said pattern in naming a movie… a long name shortened using syllables!!!
    Nothing can wipe out the fact that Ghajini is a money-spinner… it is the end result that matters… (publicity or no pubilcity!!!)… Ghajini is definitely a cut above the rest…
    I also forgot to mention… Asin is also a wonderful and very talented actress and also very beautiful (I have seen her in the Tamil movie)… Hope to see more of her in future in Bollywood movies.

  49. i really like your site i read it daily

  50. win jose said

    the critic is a bloody srk fan……..who told u man oso is a good movie is a good movie its a total waste……….srk is no competition for AAMIR KHAN ….srk knows only one type of acting……..he is a waste………GHAJINI and AAMIR KHAN rocks… one can deny its massuve success……….

  51. Anindya said


  52. niraj said

    Oso sucks man.It was really boring.I slept in between the shows.
    I have watched Ghajini 4 times and want to watch it again many times.
    Seems like blogger is a fan of Srk.

  53. Mark said

    Alright folks.
    Lets get to the bottom of this crap.
    I like Aamir and i used to like SRK. I have to add i understand cinema very well. I may not understand what makes people like movies eg. How come a Classic like Dil se was a flop.
    I’ve realised that SRK plays very safe. As he mentions in his interviews all he needs to do is give 1 hit movie a year and his income from Ads rocks his bank balance. Nothing wrong with it. Good Business.
    Aamir makes or should i say is making great movies in the last 8 years or so that includes Mangal Pandey. I never liked him before as i thought he was too methodical an actor while SRK was more spontaneous. But as i started cinema i realised what great cinema he was creating not movies.
    I leave the argument cause when you are old and sitting bored at home(albeit a bit wiser) what would you prefer watching movies that SRK made or Cinema that Aamir crafted. I rest my case.

  54. RAVi-MUMBAi said

    There is always a golden era, there is a king and he has challenges too. Aamir is a challenge for Shahrukh. Challenge… Which, he can’t even meet. Shahrukh does everything for money. Com’on Shahrukh you have lots of money now concentrate on acting, I think you can do it. But you have to show some efforts, which I am sure you are not capable of doing. That’s why Aamir will always ROCK. Good Luck Aamir.

    HATS OFF TO Taare Jamin Par & SALUTE TO Ghajani

  55. Man said

    Well, the film was sold for 90 crores which includes domestic & international theatrical market, DVD rights and satellite rights. Satellite rights of most big budget films are usually sold anywhere between 10-20 crores. Now the movie has already made in the region of 60-70crores (source Times of India, Mid-Day & in Indian market in the first week, International market for the first week was $4 million=18 crores ( source Times of India, Mid-Day & All this in the first week. Second week is also reported seeing 70-80% bookings. Now do the maths!! In terms returns it is BIGGER than both the movies..

    One needs to understand that the people who liked and made Singh is King or OSO a HIT are the same people who have liked and made Ghajini a hit, not the Germans!! People like good/fun cinemas thats the bottomline.

  56. kk said

    cmon guys admit it
    srk is cool……romantic
    but amir is d king……………….
    he is versatile and can deliver anything……………..
    i just dont need 2 write anything more………………..
    and critics………………how in d world can u compare oso wid ghazini??
    oso is one of d most forgettable films ever made……it jst ran bcoz of
    diwali realease
    nd lack of any competition watsoever

  57. swathi said

    If ghajini’s sucess is becuase of the publicity that aamir did then what about om shanti om shahrukh was all over the place not to mention deepika was constantly in news even in cricket matches shah ruk was taking about oso so much so that bcci wanted to ban him. For years aamir stayed away from media and yet his movies did well and just once he does publicity you attribute the sucess of the movie to publicity. Aamir has to promote cause he is taking lot of risk by doing ghajini when was the last time you saw an all out action film with a proper villian in it. exactly what was novel about srk in rab ne. oso and even main hoon na does not warrant a second viewing

  58. nn said

    If u r a srk fan, then u try 2 forget the film oso, bcoz that is da one of the film make him down his rating, its run better but peoples s realy disapointed with dat film. one film that totaly “bakwas”, baki sab thoda, kuch acha film bhi hai. show chodo, acting main dyan karo srk like “chak de”.
    Aamir is once again rocked

  59. ritwik said

    very good movie…what a bad review …

  60. Ashpak,mangalore said

    Though aamir always stayed away from media…. his movies always did well….but in this film he followed shahrukh who is always doing media publicity.
    shahrukh always wants three or four great heroins like kajol,rani mukherjee,preity zinta,juhi chawla etc…, even they may not in hi movie… he has beed putting them as special…..he creat special roll for them….why? cos he cant rise his without them,even RBJD als,he included four actress…as well as OSO (30 actor 30 actress)

  61. al mamon said

    hi ruhal i
    think u r so stupid coz ghajini was a finest movie we have seen ever.
    so no need for ur explaination .ok amir is best for us .

  62. AJAY said



  63. Vinod Mandoliya said

    Common guys AAMIR KHAN is the best actor in bollywood. Shahurkuh khan is average actor. Moovie like Ghajini, Taare Zameen Par, Rang de Basanti, Lagaan and many……………………………… Aamir has done different kind of role and Proof himself that he can do any type of role, but shahrukh can do only romantic moovie like rjbj, ddlj, ……………….. He can not do different kind of role. So who is the BOSS of Bollywood …………………….its


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