Ghajini Movie Review— Not as Impressive as the 8-Pack Abs!

mrinkenti3So finally 25th December has come and it is the day we remember to watch Ghajini for the all the hype that has been pumped in to it. Firstly, lets put aside this bogus comparison that all reviewers (rediff, bombaybitch, etc) are making to Momento. A R Murugadoss’s original Tamil Ghajini (later dubbed into Telugu) stands on its own with powerful mass-massala, high-power action, a touching and sweet love story, and a performance by Surya that no actor in India can match. There is no point running down a massala film by comparing it with an English one, however inspired. Period. Now, coming to the Hindi version, the script is let down by Aamir Khan’s action that does not quite generate the needed power-punch for such a massala film. At the end of it, the film is not as impressive as Aamir’s 8-pack abs, which by the way are only a guest appearance.

ghajini_poster2Sanjay Singhania (Aamir Khan) is a business tycoon just returned from America to look after his father’s business, a mobile phone company. One fine morning, while at a traffic signal he sees Kalpana (Asin), a struggling artist in the ad world, helping handicapped girls and falls in love. Kalpana and Sanjay slowly fall for each other in the backdrop of a funny love story where Kalpana thinks that Sanjay is Sachin, another struggling artist, and becomes a star model faking to the world that she is Sanjay’s lover! The night that Sanjay is about to reveal the truth, Kalpana is smashed to death by Ghajini, the villian, and his goons for rescuing young girls from their illegal activities (organ trade and trafficking). In that very incident, Sanjay also is smashed with a iron rod, but not to death; he develops short term memory loss where he forgets every 15 minutes. From this point on, there is only revenge for Sanjay and he begins to hunt the murderers down by clicking instant photos, tattooing, and writing instructions all over this body and house. And yes, there is Sunita (Jiah Khan) who is interested in studying Sanjay as a medical case, then begins to help him find Ghajini, the villian.

The highlight of the film is it’s narration. It begins with Sanjay hunting them down and as his history is being investigated, first by a police officer and then by Sunita, the love story and it’s tragic end are revealed. The present and past slide past each other. The action is typical of South Indian films, Tamil and Telugu, where the hero has ‘balls’ and the villain is the evil of the Universe. Such action has been missing in Hindi cinema. However, the dose of violence and sadism is disturbing. Jiah Khan’s character plays a vital role in the film, but she is totally uneffective with her acting. Asin is the highlight of the film generating comedy and emotion. Though she goes over the top at times, she has done a great job. The much hyped Aamir ‘perfectionist’ Khan could not carry the weight of his characterization and for this reason you don’t feel the power-punch that you should get watching this person who is nothing less than a wounded lion seeking revenge. He looks more powerfull on the posters than in his acting delivery. He shows his body, but that is only in the beginning when he sees the instructions written on the mirror “REMOVE T-SHIRT”. Why so much hype for these 8 pack-abs that make just a guest appearence? It looked like the body building exercise was more for the hype and publicity and less for the film. The first half is really good—Asin’s highlight performance which gives comedy, a sweet and funny love story, an exciting opening of Aamir and his body, but the second half is kinda flat.The opening shots of Aamir were received with full whistles and confetti! Me included.

The ending has been changed, in the sense that, in order not to leave a bitter taste for the audience, Aamir is shownghajini_poster3 imagining Asin sitting next to him. Kudos to our home town boy, Allu Aravind, for producing a film with Aamir Khan. Kudos also to our unasuming and little-man A R Murugadoss from down South for showing what a mass-masala movie should be like. A R Rahman’s music is a big dissapointment with the songs simply falling flat. Guzarish is the only saving grace. Thus to the sum it up, although the story and narration are unique, the minus points of this film are an unimpressive Jiah Khan and the underutilization of this hot chick (her song was there for hardly a minute), an Aamir Khan who couldn’t deliver the power-punch and wild-madness, and the music. Even Ghajini’s, the villian, characterization is not given much power.  The violence towards Asian and Aamir is disturbing and uncalled for. Interestingly, the minus points of the hindi Ghajini were the plus points of the Tamil Ghajini (Surya, Nayanthara–remember X Y macchi?–and songs!).

Mr. Inkenti’s Movienomics Verdict: Thumbs Down. A flat and not-so special second half, uninteresting songs, strips this film off any repeat value. Forget Momento for now, just watch the Tamil Ghajini with subtitles.



  1. Sundar said

    Now, aren’t you the butt of all jokes to do a review? Plus of Tamil Ghajni was Nayanthara and X-Machi?
    Legion of Tamil fans agreed that she was the minus of Tamil Ghajni who looked fat!
    Okay, it reveals your taste.

  2. Ram said

    Sundar, you are the butt of all jokes to make a comment. This reviewer said that Nayan was one of the highlights of the Tamil Ghajini.

    why don’t you go watch the hindi Ghajini first. you will see that it is totally hyped. the above review is justified.

  3. […] December 24, 2008 at 4:24 pm · Filed under movienomics ·Tagged ghajin aamir khan poster, ghajini, ghajini first day first show, ghajini first day first show public opinion, ghajini poster Read Mr. Inkenti’s Movienomics Verdict on Ghajini […]

  4. Anand said

    Hi Sundar,

    Ram is a looser. Guys Ghajini rocks ignore this joker.

  5. Chaitanya said

    Dunno what’s wrong with some of the critics..
    This one is better than dubbed telugu version…

  6. Mumbai said

    I am still trying to decide whether to watch it or not. So far most of the reviews have been negative.

    I think i’ll skip it and wait for the DVDs

  7. arny said

    LOL MUMBAI…hahaha most of the reviews are negative??? name it 2 man!! Man its up 2u…but ppl who wanna c a film for its actin…c it…u won b disappointed! Loved the film and RAM get a life!!

  8. Ronesh said

    im telling u mumbai bhai dont watch the movie its a total bakwaas……u will regret if u will watch it………..if u really wana enjoy then go n watch rab ne bana di jodi……….im neither sharukhs fan nor aamirs……..i only like to watch good movies…………no matter who the actor or actress is as long as we get a quality and sensible movie……….what has been shown in ghajini is not reality…………

  9. jk said

    Rab ne is the most pathetic movies in the recent times.
    but ghajini , above the masala flavor is terrific movie. reviewers always comparing with classics like rang de, lagaan. i doubt that these reviewers always want their hero to be seen in the same old stuff like SRK is doing.

  10. jk said

    i think the reviewer when he watched the tamil version he never felt that second half is flat. lol…
    everybody knows that second is not that much impressive as first half and how it started. but hindi version they chnaged it. its more natural

  11. ajay NY said

    the reviewer is a joker. he is an srk fan going berserk with the success of ghajini. YES, the movie has many flaws, but not so significant to affect the indian janta which ACCEPTS films like RNBDJ????

    the movie has PERFECT repeat value, the songs are perfect. just listen to ‘kaise mujhe’, have you ever heard a better indian song in you whole life?????? the love story is unbelievable, and so is asin. they are the repeat value, the action sequences are still good, but could have been better.

    i think its stupid to suggest it has no repeat value. yeah the second half can be stupid, but the love story rejuvenates the whole movie. the last action sequence is quite good as well, with the ending.

  12. suman said

    All Aamir fans beside me please dont get stunned by Ghajini it’s just a “intellectual remake of Memento”!!!!!
    Aamir has made us sad though many of us got get away with 8 pack abs
    We would like to see much of ACP Ajay Sing Rathor,Bhuvan,Nikhumb Siretc not a short term memory loss aamir
    & Asin!!! frm Chennai????? not at all matched to Anuska
    and blind fans of Aamir Khan just wait for few months when the iifa weekend comes!!!!!!!!!

  13. Vijay said

    D reviewer iz DuMBo !!

  14. Bubu said

    Dear Mr. Reviewer,

    Did you really review the movie or was trying tell that you are the best reviewer. If not so then why the hell you are talking about taran adarsh, x, y z . As a reviewer you must know your job. Don’t give us bullshit; just talk about the movie its positives, negatives and a summary. How the hell the box-office success matters to an ordinary viewer who wants to watch a movie for entertainment. Does the box office failure of Mera naam joker makes it a bad movie?

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