Vinayakudu Movie Review—Watch it for the Big Guy!

mrinkenti2There are times you are unlucky enough to watch a worst film in a hurry and somehow miss out a really feel-good flick. After watching total trash (read Neninthe), my brother-in-law and me neededVinayakudu to de-toxify ourselves. Morevoer, when you have a simple-flick with new actors playing in close to 9 single screens + multiplexes in it’s 5th week in Hyderabd, you know for sure that the film deserves a watch. Although the direction, plot, and performanes are nothing much to boast about, the Big guy makes this film enjoyable!

vinayakudu_poster1Set in Hyderabad’s Madhapur hi-tech city the film revolves around the characters of a advertising firm. Kalpana (Sonia, Shravs of Happy Days) and her friends are living the usual lives shown in so many such films—pubs, useless looking guys with bekar looking girlfriends, and wannabe cool attitude (can somebody please show this lifestyle in a better style?). Their routines are in for a refreshing change when Karthik (Krishnudu), a big, huge, cool guy from the Godavair district enters as their fellow employee. Karthik is innocent and finds that even as he is being natural, all those around him are too artificial and superfial. Karthik and Kalpana slowly become friends and Karthik begins to like-like her even as she is busy dating her potential husband, her fiance. How this unlikely pair comes together forms the remainder of the film.

Yes, this film is totally refreshing in the sense that there are no villians, unnecessary comedy, and comes as fresh air amdist the current lot of smelly rotten Telugu films. However, the story is not that great and some of the threads are either unconnected or not properly weaved into the story. For example, Ankitha’s thread is useless and the reason for Kalpana breaking up with her fiance is  not convincing. Why does he she break up?—when she and her fiance are sitting in a park the police come and round up all the youngster obviously suspecting red-light work. Kalpana’s fiance, poor chap, in order to settle the issue bribes the polic and for this Kalpana flips out saying that this shows he thinks she too is of cheap character. From here on, she begins to get drawn towards Karthik. Nay, not convincing at all. And the direction is really amateurish and there is no style. Then what is that makes the film appealing? It is Krishnudu’s superb act as Karthik–the Vinayakudu. If a Star is someone because of whom a film runs, then Krishnudu is  a Star. His accent is adorable, his dialogues are hilarious (watch out for the discussion on pre-maritial relationships and when he asks Kalpana if she would be ready for it!), his innosence and honesty is infectious. You feel like crying when he does and feel like smiling when he does. If only the story, plot, and situations were better this film would have been a must-have DVD collection. Notwithstanding that, Krishnudu makes several sequences enjoyable for you.

Mr. Inkenti’s Movienomics Verdict: One Thumb Up! This year, 2008, is the year of small films in Tollywood…Ashta Chemma and now add Vinayakudu.


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  1. Pavan said

    i stay in pune,after a long time i watched this movie and this is really heart touchin movie..heros action is su cute and heroins is cho chweet

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