Read Mr. Inkenti’s Movienomics Verdict on Ghajini

25th December: As expected, the film has opened Big and is attracting mass audience, primarily youth. Aamir Khan’s first appearance on the computer screen, as the doctor explains his case, received great response. Next, Aamir’s opening scene where he beats up a goon (whom Telugu audience will easily recognize as our Yadu stars in most Telugu filmsghajini_poster1 as the star rowdy) and pushes a tap into this stomach is received with whistles. The songs did not get much response, but the starting tune of Guzarish when Aamir sees Asin for the first time took the theater by storm with screams. Jiah Khan fell flat on her face. In the climax fight, when Aamir suddenly forgets as he is beating up the goons got great response. On the first day first show, the usual dus wala versus pachaas wala comments took place. Overall, the second half did not impress and my group of friends felt that Aamir was looking like a small kid who got angry and he could convey the intensity that Surya had in the Tamil version. Also, Asin dominated with her awesome screen presence.

The film has all chances of being a hit because of the 8-packs hype, but there is nothing much of the body in the film. Repeat value is missing because of unimpressive songs and taking of the songs. Family audience might not patronize this film. Lets see how the opinion shifts.

24th December: As this post goes to press, the paid previews of Ghajini have began, news channels are beating about the court case which looks like it is resolved and the film will release on 25th, Taran Adarsh from Indiafm.com has gone ballastic and given the film 4.5/5…and the film’s poster seems to be generating a sort of mass hysteria! Keeping in tune with that hysteria, I am preseting to all fans an Aamir Khan cut-out on my blog as well. I will be watching Ghajini first day first show on 25th December, 2008 at Sri Sai Raja 70mm, Hyderabad and it will be evening by the time Mr. Inkenti’s Movienomics Verdict is given. In the meantime, visitors and friends of Mr.Inkenti’s Blog can post their comments and views.

A lot rides on the success of the film. Yes, the 90 crores that it was sold for, but more than that it has to join Rab Ne…in exciting the box office and finish of the year in mass hysteria. And most important of all, it’s success will spark off the Khan vs Khan war that will be taken forward in to 2009! The film will see a thundering opening, but it all depends on how it will sustain. The masses will love the fighting, but families who usually patronize a film after the initial days of euphoria might be hesitant; the film might not also have that much of a repeat value.

Anyways, wishing Allu Aravind, Aamir Khan and team all the success!



  1. nimantha said

    ghajini is the best

  2. Pranab Khurana said

    Gr8 Movie! By far the best of 2008.

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  4. gr888 said

    tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood ghajini is….N it has broken all d records of d year N has earned almost equal to RNBJ’s total income in jst issue of 1st day’s advance booking…..AAMIR rockZZZZZZZZZ…SRK suckZZZZZZZZZZZ

  5. ankur said

    backwas bakwas buck wapas do aamir ? how could u make such a movie , compared to rnbdj this is a complete waste of money

  6. mehboob khan said

    rab nai banadi jori is a sooperb film i love it shahrukh jano award is your ghajini or yuvyraj kuch nahi kar sakti aap ka

  7. mehboob khan said

    Shahrukh khan ap kal bi king tai aj bi king ho aur hamesha raho gai jab tak mehboob zinda hein meri duaoo sai ap hamesha king raho gai i love you phir milengai chaltai chaltai

  8. s...positive said

    ghajini is totally flop film bc no story,on sch topic many movies have been made n jst look like in 8pacs not a big thing ,,bc of this v cant say movie is good,,yeah a little bit love story seemd gud bt overall a flop……..srk u r king n no need 2 b worry

  9. BHARAT said

    Very good movie……comdedy, tragedy, action….what more??? all is there…..Great acting by Aamir Khan & new face Asin…the scenes are so directed that one can’t forget easily….I have watched movie 5 times…..& still hoping to watch again & again & again……after 26/11 in Mumbai, we can see some smile & relief on our face….it’s great movie……

  10. Ronesh said

    i just dont know what made aamir khan to do such a bakwaas movie. he should think of who he is and the kind of movies he has given. ghajini is a total flop. i just loved rab ne bana di jodi. sharukh is God and he knows what acting is. i just hate the movie ghajini. i just waited in the theatre when the movie was going to end. total bakwaas aamir.

  11. Ronesh said

    i just wasted my money and time on ghajini. i still consider rab ne bana di jodi to be the number one movie of the year and sharukh deserving the award. i think aamir and the producers just wanted to make money and to break all the records but didnt think of giving the audience an excellent movie like Taare Zameen Par or Lagaan.

  12. Atul said

    ghajini is totally faltu movie.Aamir sucks…akshay kumar also reclaim his flop show in jumbo.i earged u pls dont watch ghajini and jumbo,both r bakwas.SHAHRUKH IS THE BEST. akshay kumar sucks . . .

  13. sahil said

    i think amir is best actor in this industry………….nd he has a fabulous work in ghajini …………….no one can stop u from reaching the apex amir ,

  14. Ziab said

    Gajni is one of the most superb movie of Aamir Khan. It Refelects the efforts made by Amir Khan. The story is totaly change.There is Love, Fun, action. and i think it is enough to make a perfect movie.

    SRK once again failed to rose his self after making couple of flop movies like, CHak de india, kabhi alvida na kehna, OM shanti. Rbndj is limited acting movie.no story no lively acting, i think this is such a bakwas made by SRk. Srk is too old now i think he should act as DAD, or Big bro of Heros in the movie.

    after all Gajni is the best

  15. Santosh said

    After reading comments from ppl about claiming SRK is better than Aamir, i really pity on choice. Here one is with content and second is just an entertainer.
    I think people who like Aamir for his work, are thinkers and belong to intellectual category. And i should not say anything about them who are claiming SRK better than Aamir because they can not understand the difference and thats why they are that.

  16. Atul said

    ghajini is biggest flop of this year.the film having normal story and aamir gives disapointed performance.and i have to say SHAHRUKH IS THE BEST & aamir deserves SUCKS.SRK IS KING OF KINGS… I love u SHAHRUKH

  17. Atul said

    I saw this film wid lots of expectation, and i felt this is d worst movie i had ever seen. Its copy of MEMENTO & also boring.aamir khan should take retirement as he is no longer perfectionist.I was d fan of aamirs acting but no more after ghajini.i think ghajini is biggest flop of this year.the film having normal story and aamir gives disapointed performance.and i have to say SHAHRUKH IS THE BEST & aamir deserves SUX.SRK IS KING OF KINGS… I love u SHAHRUKH…u r d real actor all d stars as they called himself should take acting lessons from u.SRK U R D No 1 ,no doubt. And i always pray for u SHAHRUKH…& i know u will rock 2009…so dont worry dear “atul” is here…

  18. SUSHANT said

    Atul..pagal hoo gaya hai..isko jagao bhai..
    Ghajini ko flop bata raha hai..hehehe..
    Lgta hai isko bhi koi bemari hai…dreaming all the time..hehe

  19. vivek kumar said

    such a wonderfull acting by amir khan..
    i won’t say story is so good but it was wonderfully acted by both couples.and last thing wanna say to those who told this movie as bakvass and so on..that this is one of the best acting did by amir khan…
    on the other hand apne SRK, RNBDJ bnaker bahut bda teer maar diye hain kya…
    SRK’s every movie except some exception are totally targated on the audiences, not on the theme…he is not a real king.amir khan is the real king..

  20. vinay said

    I think that people who are blaming Aamir and srk are sucks.I think both movies were pretty good.But if i have to vote for one, I will vote for rnbdj.
    These movies are the best of 2008.

  21. Rupa said

    Such a Bakwas film, so bad, total waste of time. I even regret buying a duplicate copy of the film. worst than any Govinda film, at least Govinda films are little funny. this film just sucks, so bad. waste of celluloid film and camera.

  22. radhe said

    sharukh ka din gaya,ye sare film bade director ke sath hi karte hai,but aamir kisi bhi director ke sath ho unki film oro se hat kar rahti hai,ye perfetnist acotr hain

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