Ghajini Advance Booking Status

It is nice to see that we are slowly consuming what we like the most: movies. Even as Pranab Mukherjee and team held the first ever meeting of all 120 India Mission envoys to discuss about options, the general public’s attention has been diverted to the box office. From the attacks and India’s intelligence lapse, the public talk shifted to Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, it’s initial mixed talk and later “hit” talk, and even before we knew it it is now all about Khan vs Khan with Ghajini round the corner. As expected Ghajini has generated tremendous excitement, primarily because of Amir Khan’s fully-buffed-up-by-steroids body only. As of this point, Amir Khan’s body and hair cut are the only pulling factors (songs are a dud).

In Hyderabad, Ramakrishna 70mm and Venkataramana Megaplex 70mm, the two main theaters, have been booked by the distributors, Indra Films, from Thursday to Monday. Advance booking is only available from Tuesday at this two theaters. I wonder what this means and how will the tickets be sold. Clearly, the distributors have paid the rent for the theaters and are confident of making up that money; perhaps by selling in black.  From what I see, advance booking on EasyMovies is lukewarm. is reporting unprecendented advance booking in some centers of North India; select paid previews for Wednesday are sold out.

For all the blog spots and one upmanship over SRK, Aamir Khan has resorted to more or less the same sort of marketing gimmicks that SRK did for Om Shanthi Om. The highlight of Aamir’s star power, all these years, has been his silent nature and allowing the films to speak for themselves. No media interaction, interviews, silly promotion activities etc and his movies always boasted of strong scripts and all this made him the star he is. But now we see him doing haircuts–it is the height of silliness really.

Anyways, Ghajini will open Big, but now openings cannot be seen a marker for a successful film (more on this in a later blog). As of now, the only USP of Ghajini is Aamir’s body and haircut. Lets see how the film has shaped up and how it sustains. The good news is that towards the year end, the box office is celebrating with Rab Ne…and Ghajini.



  1. nimantha said


  2. Dipan said

    RNBDJ is same old stuff by SRK , boring movie. GHAJINI ROCKS its goin to be the biggest blockbuster of 2008 AAMIR rockss

  3. Ikram said

    well,RNBDJ has became a blockbuster,but no doubt AAMIR’s ghajini will become all time blockbuster as the film is running’s a greatest movie,i have no words to discribe AAMIR KHAN’s work,simply he’s awesome….

  4. king samir said

    no doubt aamir is the king of bollywood

  5. osman said

    Their is no match between GHAJNI and RNBDJ,look at the acting done by master aamir and asin acting on its peak,AAmir is real actor and clearly give movies who are logical.

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