Chandni Chowk to China is a Freemake of Kung Fu Panda!

The makers of Chandni Chowk to China have begun this really silly promotional and curiosity campaign (read bullsh*t campaign) that CC2C is a kind-of-a-biography of Akshay Kumar. Why? because Akshay began as a cook and now is now a big star (please, he is at least a century away from being a super star) just like the protagonist of the film who is a cook and then goes on to become something really big–he goes on to fulfill a Chineese legend to save the locals.

Firstly, it cannot be a biography because in real life Akshay is not fullfilling any legend or prophecy and is not saving any country. Secondly, it is not a biography of Akshay because the film’s story seems to be cleanly lifted from the international blockbuster Kung Fu Panda where Po, the panda, is a noodle maker in a village, but it turns out that he is picked by the master as the destined leader to save his people form the evil tiger.

I hope the makers of CC2C stop bullsh*ting and raising the curiosity around the film for it’s openings by saying that it is Akshay Kumar’s biography. I certainly do not hope that they will instead turn around and say that Kung Fu Panda‘s story is actually inspired by Akshay Kumar’s life journey. Although this has not come out in the news, I am sure there are others who have smelled the similarity!

just come clean, say it is inspired and provide a good desi-style masala entertainment.



  1. Adheeth said

    This is clearly a remake of Malayalam Movie YODHA. The trailers speak!

  2. rakesh said

    remake of kung fu panda,worthless filmmakers!!!!!!!!!

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