Google Ads on My Blog!

googleadsonmyblog2Having Google Ads on my blog has always facinated me. I like the ads. There is something about having Google Ads on your web page. I tried hard, but I just don’t have the technical stuff in me to pull it off.  Yes, I even tried, but failed to understand it. And then….one day…just to see where in the search results my review sits when I clicked on my own review…I found GOOGLE ADS!!!!!  


googleadsonmyblog1Well, what can i say. I am proud of this page. It looked commerical, live, and kickin! Yea, I know that I don’t earn any money, but I love WordPress (the reason why I din’t shift to Blogger even though the latter allows Googel Ads with the press of a button) and I don’t mind if WordPress earns through ads on my blog’s page. I remember reading about this and always wondered whether ads would be placed on my blog. My wish is fullfilled.


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