Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi Box Office Status and Public Talk

64th Super Hit Day and 10th Super Hit Week: In Hyderabad, not only has Rab Ne…sustained exceedingly well in spite of Ghajini, it has now beat it in terms of number of days. Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi has now entered it’s 10th week and is playing daily 4 shows at Ramakrishna Glitterati and daily 1 show at Prasadz multiplex. The film started with mixed talk on it’s first day first show (it opened at Ramakrishna Glitterati and ran for 5 weeks) and is now still running. Clearly, this demonstrates the box office stamin and power of Shah Rukh Khan who can create magic if given a good script and/or a super character. In this case, SRK’s Surinder ji Sahni character is the super highlight for the film. It ran solo (daily 1 show at Prasadz) during it’s 7th, 8th, and 9th week. We will have to wait and see how much longer Rab Ne...will continue. Next week, Delhi 6 opens at Ramakrishna Glitterati. Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi…is a blockbuster and would have been an All-Time Mega Blockbuster if only Aditya Chopra had stuffed it with a solid story and not just left to Suri to do all the work.

4th Super-Hit Week:

rabne_4thweekposterIn spite of Ghajini storming the box-office, in Hyderabad, the position of Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi in it’s 4th week is super impressive. Currently, the film is running in 6 single screens and 3 more single screens will be added as it enters it’s 5th week. Untill the release of Ghajini, Rab Ne…held the first week record of 42 crore nett surpassing Om Shanthi Om and Singh is Kinng (yes, even without all that hype and intial mixed talk). As of today, the film has taken in 31 crores in 24 days in the Overseas market, which means, I am guessing, the film has recovered all it’s costs from the overseas market itself. As of December 23nd, 2008, the film took in 57 crores in India and this number must have risen. In terms of collections, Rab Ne…is a Super-Hit film. All thanks to SRK, if only the film had more meat it would have created more fireworks. Period.

The bottom line is Rab Ne…continues to impress with it’s collections and has not been washed away by the Ghajini wave. Once again, SRK proves that he is the Super-Star of the box office by taking a film that released with no hype, in troubled national times, and an initial mixed talk to a super-hit range. Lets see how the film goes forward. Given the relatively low budget (SRK said he didn’t charge any), economics-wise the film is a Blockbuster for Yash Raj Films as it stands as one of the most profitable films this year featuring the biggest star and biggest production house.

The collections of Ghajini and Rab Ne…will depend on CC2C coming in mid-January.

Second Weekend

December 23nd, 2008: Rab Ne…performed impressively at the box office by generating around 15-17 crore nett (boxofficeindia.com) and taking its ten day total to 57 crores. Firday was slow to medium, but business picked up again on Saturday and Sunday. In Hyderabad, the second week also is showing good bookings. Without a doubt, the film that began with mixed talk has sustained and performed better than expected. Once again, this shows SRK’s power at the box-office. There will definitely be a dent when Ghajini releases, but given that Rab Ne…is a family film and Ghajini is a violent-gore mass flick, I am expecting Rab Ne…to hold well even in the third weekend and the holidays will help Rab Ne… as well. No two doubts about it, SRK starrer Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi with it’s better than expected performance in the second weekend, is slowly moving from Hit to Super Hit range.


All those who didn’t get tickets in the first weekend and didn’t get time during the first week have begun booking their tickets for the second weekend. Rab Ne…is all set to register HOUSE-FULL collections in Hyderabad in all the multiplexes and the main single screens. The film began with 26 single screens and the second week will see at least 15 single screens. Given the film’s economics, it is a sure-shot Hit.

The future run of Rab Ne…depends on Ghajini’s fate at the box office.

First Week Analysis

It will be one week tomorrow, Friday, 19th, for Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi (RNBDJ) and the film is a Hit, but before we go into the roller coaster box-office ride of this film let me briefly recall the days preceding it’s release. Apart from the stunningly different looking Shahrukh that appeared as the film’s first look, what took me by surprise was the film’s relatively low publicity. I mean, after all, it stars the man who is considered Bollywood’s best marketing guy (read SRK) and the most priemier production house, Yash Raj Films (YRF). Not that publicity is necessary for a film’s success, but then the entire nation’s attention went towards National Security in the back drop of an economic worry that mainly hit the multiplex going audience. With all this combined, Rab Ne released like a loner with only four songs in it’s audio album, which did not make the nation swing to it’s tune. Thus, not withstanding the SRK-Aditya Chopra jodi after a haitus of 8 years, the film did not storm the box office on its first day first show and, even worse, it began with a mixed talk.

The public talk is more or less unanimous that the concept is good, story is half baked, and SRK has saved the film. Lets face it, the script looks brilliant from a love-concept point of view, a husband with low self esteem willing to do the most daring for his love, but the treatment of this concept is not supported by an engaging story. The screenplay rotates between the dance practice and the dining table, for the most part. The first twenty are great with Surinder Sahni winning the hearts of the audience and earning whistles for his silent antics and shows of love (placing the flower and replacing it back, hugging the yellow colored tiffin carriage etc.). The story hits a plateau after Raj arrives. In fact, the transformation of Suri to Raj also is received with explosive applause at the single screens. Again, when Suri makes the final appearence as the dancing jodi is received with whistles clearly indicating that Suri had connected with the audience. Alas, if the story was better then Surinder Sahni would definitely have become the new romantic icon of Bollywood. He almost succeeds, but Aditya’s story and treatment makes him fall short of this acheivement.

There are movies which have a solid script and it adds value to the star featuring in it and vice versa (Chake De and OSO for SRK) and then there are movies which border on average to above average and depend on how the star carries the film. Rab Ne falls under the latter. SRK’s presence, let me state here that it is the presence as Surinder Sahni only, has lifted this film from the average range to the Hit range. SRK as Raj is useless. Without a doubt, fans of SRK will celebrate and boast that their favorite is the Star—someone who can carry a film on his shoulders and make the audience come inspite of a mixed talk (no range, it is either hated it or loved it) to make it a hit. Yes, SRK has done that and proves that even in this day and age in Bollywood, a Hero is still relevent. So the film does not fall flat, it is the most profitable film of 2008 (even if you don’t take in to account SRK not taking his renumeration) and SRK has another Hit, but deep within it must still dissapoint the ‘Badshah’ because he couldn’t topple the opening records of the other ‘Kinng’.

They say that SRK postponed Karan Johar’s reflective film on religion, communal harmony etc and gave bulk dates to YRF to get Rab Ne…released by the end of 2008. This was important because Singh is Kinng managed to closely beat Om Shanthi Om‘s opening records (not the full-run records). Perhaps, the biggest dissapointment for SRK must be that Rab Ne… has opened below his rival’s Jodha Akhbar and Singh is Kinng. In the ideal scenerio, SRK and his fans, would have wanted the film to open bigger than OSO and once again trounce the head of he who wandered around the King’s territory. Regardless, if you look at the consistency of SRK films at the box office he  is indeed the King of Bollywood Box office as his movies rake in the money even though the stories sometimes are half-baked (like Don and now Rab Ne…).  The success of Rab Ne… at the box office just goes to show that the masses (read majority) love to see SRK on screen. Period. In Hyderabad, Nizam area where Om Shanthi Om ran 100 days daily 4 shows and Chak De ran close to 100 days, the film is doing quite well. On day two at Sensation Insomnia, who is happily selling the entire theater in black and not even opening the ticket counter, the going rate was Rs 30 ka Rs 150.



  1. priyanka said

    bakwaas movie.nothing to talk about.useless.same sharukh never seen such amonotnous actor.he does not get bored of repeating himself.

    • Mahtab Ali said

      Sala andhi hai ka film chasma tina pehne hui thi kya? Tum jaisa kuch log a jaye to achche ko bure bana dogi kaun planet se ayi ho

  2. Imran Khan said

    It’s really a good movie with great ending..

  3. Srk is the best. no doubt in that. and anushka also the same. rab ne… is the most best film that released in this year. and i am sure that gajini cant break the records of rab ne. i love srk. again and again srk is the best. and i ask from srk please be friend with salman khan. coz he also one of my best actors. and please be kind to release my name is khan movie very quick. god bless srk. you are the best. from haaziq.

  4. Fatima Majeed said

    With the release of Ghajini and Rab ne bana di jodi around the same time. It kinda puts the viewer in a bind. Personally I like both Aamir and Shahrukh khan. Aamir always makes it a point to get totally into character whether it be growing a moustache for Mangal Pandey or Working out and weight training for 10 months for Ghajini. Shahrukh on the other hand is classy! acting as it seems comes naturally for him.

    Rab ne was pretty decent the “dancing jodi” thing was stretched a bit too long. The songs were good “haule haule” and tujh mein rab” being the 2 best ones for me. Anushka is more than just a pretty face. She seems to be a promising new comer.

    Ghajini was a very emotional and deep movie. Aamir does an awesome job portraying a short term memory loss victim whose struggling to avenge his lovers death. Asin does a fair job in carrying out her role.


    May the Best Man and movie win 🙂

  5. srklover said

    rab ne bana di jodi is a true winner at the box office because it is a quite different story and is a sweet love story.Whereas ghajini the same as old bollywood violent movies with some special effects.So i think srk is the winner this time also.

  6. Harsh said

    SRK is the best ..ye kehne ki koi jaroorat hi nahi hai…He prooved himself as a king khan again by acting in this film.rab ne..beated the ghajini very badly..
    I m so sorry

  7. Bhanu said

    Rab ne bana di jodi is much more better movie than Ghajini, After 2 wek, Ghajini will be an average movie, Rab ne…. will rule the Box Office…………..SRK is Best of the Best……………….

  8. Abdul Hafeez said

    ghajini is a bakwaas movie ..i think rab ne bana di jodi is exellent movie…

  9. Shurovi said

    i completely love the movie.Shahrukh is the best.n for amir he sux 2 the bottom of the core
    n whoever is this priyanka girl howdare u say Rab ne…is a bakwaas movie..shahrukhz movies cant be bakwaas.itz u whoz bakwaas….

  10. Vijay said

    Rab ne….Lame Movie !!!!!

  11. Muskan said

    Great movie by SRK, i love to see it again on multiplex.

  12. Masoom said

    Amir looks like a girl with half developed chest in Ghajini.

  13. suman said

    SRK is King Khan and Aditya Chopra is King Director
    Now it’s Crystal Clear that only “Srk-Aditya-Sukhwinder” Jodi is 100% sucess among all Films

  14. imran said



  15. hesham said

    i am desperate to watch rnbdj. seen ghajini, it was a good movie but not excellent. aamir’s role of businessman was good and that of memory loss patient an average one

  16. debashis said

    rab ne was awesome!!!go n watch it again!

  17. Rohit said

    ‘SRK’ perfection personified, so wen a perfectionist does smethin its alwz perfect… Wel done king khan.. RNBDJ rocks.. U rock..

  18. SRK HATER said

    ‘RAB DE’ is a lame movie, can u guys tell what is new there? the same type of script, done that see that. And please whoever says that Amir has a bad body structure please don’t b so foolish. SRK wil hav to take another lifetime to build such a body, his six pack in OSO was so disgusting. SRK maybe a king but kings make mistakes. Amir is MR. Perfectionist, he has no room for mistakes. Perfection overruled. GHAJINI has everything. Romance, action, sadness. No doubt Amir is a far better actor than SRK but he has shown to everyone how acting is done.. And SRK please start doing some differnt movies, work on different scripts. I’m just angry at Amir because when Salman was beating up SRK why did Amir stop him. Wel that also proves of his greatness. Enjoy New Year & may God give u guys some sense

  19. SRK lover said

    Hoooowww dare you ( SRK HATTER) with your USELESS & FOOLISH COMMENTS and to said that SRK was disgusting in OSO film…. he is alwayssss best and theee best actorrrr in bollywood. Go and operate your brain too cast out that foul words about SHAHRUKH KHAN KING KHANNNNNN. His movie Rab ne bana di jodi was awesome heeeeeeh no doubt that Rab ne bana di jodi wasss more more more more better than Ghajini film and SHAHRUKH KHAN IS THE BEST IN WORLD……… heeeh you joking with me Aamir is better than Shahrukh noo at all. How many time I say that Shahrukh khan is the BEST can´t you understand. No one is better than SHAHRUKH KHAN, KING KHAN and he gona be always besttttt. Kept up KING KHAN and god bless you and I waiting for your new film have a god day KING KHAN from your biggestt biggest fannnnnnn

  20. shoaib said

    hi guys i m shoeb i live in hydrabad its true that the rab ne bana di jodi has the bigghist hit of 2008 once again srk prove that he is the king of bollywood !

  21. Abu bakar said

    according to my point of view rab nae bana dae jodi is the best film of that time and it will break the record of Sing is king

  22. sanjay nathany said

    king khan again proves himself…………he is the most talented actor in the bollwood……..with such a simple looking and new actress anshukha sharma the movie is superhit……..this all is bcoz of shahrukh khan………….. the most simple and sweet possible love story in indian cinema………….. thanks to shahrukh that he still made such sweet filsms……….rab ne bana di jodi is much much much better movie then chandni chowk to china and ghajni………

  23. shakil khan said

    no one execute rabnebanadi jodi like aditya chopra

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